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  • Thanks, Vernon.  I look forward to whatever information you can pass along. Jack
  • Wow!  I feel kinda stupid.  All these years I just assumed the checkered area below the colors was for the two black inks.  I guess I never noticed that blacks were part of the other lines of ...
  • Created discussion thread Epson R800 Question
    When doing a nozzle check with my epson R800, everything looked fine except that the square that that shows the condition of the black ink was a solid color rather than the checker-board pattern. ...
  • A good many of the updates for the apps I use require either iOS 7xx or 8xx, but as mentioned earlier, updating the iOS would probably slow down the performance to an unsatisfactory level, so I ...
  • That's exactly what I was told years ago and is the reason I never upgraded the OS.  Thanks for the info.
  • Created discussion thread iOS Update For iPhone 4S
    I have an iPhone 4S and I have never updated the iOS.  I'm currently running 6.1.3.  I never updated because of problems others claimed they had with updates.  I like the size and feel of the 4S ...
  • Some routers do not have much range, and if there is too much distance between the router and a wireless device, or if there are too many obstacles between them, a connection can not be made. ...
  • It's been a while since I set up my Pro-100 for wireless operation, but I can tell you that you do NOT have to use wires to set it up.  I have a Linksys router, and while I don't remember the ...
  • Replied in Find the cat
    I have both the S90 and S95 and love them both.  Still images are about the same on both cameras, but the video on the S95 is hi-def (720p).  Terrific little cameras!  I hardly ever bother to use ...
  • Your original quote was, "If the printer is operated over wifi it stays on always."  I took that to mean that the printer could not be turned off if used wirelessly, which is not accurate.  Seems ...
  • Are you saying that it can't be turned off, because I use mine wirelessly and I turn it off when not in use.  I know it's off because the wireless icon is not lit.
  • I leave covers on my printers when not in use.  Do those of you who leave the printer on all the time use dust covers?  Any concerns with overheating with the printer on and covered when not in use?
  • Sounds a little like the "Change Battery Pack" message I use to get on my S90 and S95.  The problem was that either the battery was sending faulty state of charge information to the camera, or ...
  • Replied in Pixma Pro 100
    No, I don't.  I don't print that much so it's not that big of a deal for me. Jack
  • Replied in Pixma Pro 100
    I have both the MX922 and the Pixma Pro 100.  For photos, it's no contest -- the photos from the Pro 100 are stunning!
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