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Just move telescopes to orbit, so simple.

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gokhankaya: I don't use smartphones because they over-process images. A tiny sensor could be enough if there is enough light. Old P&S cameras have tiny sensors and I can happily use them for my daily needs. But, smartphones do "clever" things on the image and most of the time the end result is garbage.

Depends on brand, the best processing for jpegs you can get from Mate30pro or P40pro ultrawide or normal fovs. If its raws, Sony xperia got the best hw, but also samsung - there you can even choose between better resolution or colors.
Some clever things got better like bokeh or night shooting of even stars, galaxies. Photoshop like features or dream like colored person + bw background can do only phones too.
You also cannot compare slim 200g with multiple lens with backpack of lens or bulky camera. Even if you just go to work or to the shop, you have it on you unlike full sized cameras. It makes big difference between nothing and something.... with that something getting better.

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Just imagine taking 64mp ordinary bayer raws, possibly hdr raws with google camera, on s20/+ note20, FF alternative is so pricy and bulky in comparison.
Though its not about just Mp, but phones are on road to Gp and last time I saw some event, it was documented on the phones, it means something.
Phones got more competition and upgrades to cameras, basically something new every half to 1 year.
Compared to like sony's apsc cameras, they stay at 25mp with only slight difference as opposed to phones that went from 8mp daylight shooters to 108mp lowlight capable + other FOVs like ultrawide, tele, super-tele. And they still grow. Just where they will be in few years...

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Cannot also forget there is jpeg+raw shooting mode, so you may as well not care about processing.
Wonder about video camera though, can you zoom-in-out while shooting? What about bassy loud audio recording(is it like huawei mics)?

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On article Sony Xperia 1 Mark II sample gallery (123 comments in total)

camera is not supersharp but ok, super wide and tele is worse,
bad light is way worse(detail). Colors are perfect.
Processing is ok but detail is lost anyway. I thought it was supposed to be sharp no matter the situation.
Still, if there is no comparison, hard to judge anything.

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Seriously, hdr on quad bayer even more on huawei is something else, so are big ryyb all sensors, 10x zoom and ability to capture in pitch dark.
Hand tripod, AI video and shadow/person disappearing like features not to mention.
So lucky for all they are not yet in full frame space, or not for customers?
Sony got better, you wont be able to capture 50mp+ raws though.
Just so you know, 150mp is coming to midrange, imagine the raw stills.

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FP camera brings something like sony A7 to size of a6100, and how I hate mechanical shutter when you need quiet one, not all cameras got this and its the future, forget mechanical one if its in the way of usability.
What I wish though is more apsc only sensors, quality super wide, fast tele, f0.8, fast tele prime, all of that is missing, forget competition when I use the sony a5100 apsc and the likes. Is it dead? Maybe I should move to FP.

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Diapers award incoming.

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I expect higher res, new bayer and higher iso. Hopefully it does not affect those.

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16 /64mp with remosaic would be great if combined with raw shooting. At least in good lightning.

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hopefully also something for apsc only

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the smaller package - the harder to survive. They just fly at sme centers, personal experience. So called - in training - is very common.

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I won't be just nitpicking and going just against sony, all full size cameras lack something what smartphones got - 1.big hi res screen where you see the focus easily, 2.fast start-up-to-shoot and obviously lens cover is full-manual so one more obnoxious thing before shooting, 3.because its priced heavily with cheap ones giving the obvious output, there are little to no upgrades in technology as compared to whats happening in smartphones(now quality even coming from hi end to mid range).
Few years back were phones good enough for selfies sharing, its not anymore so.

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As for macro super wide with focus of few cm or tele camera are the best option, 2mp is just not so great in comparison.

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For now got mate30pro the best output - hi res +good optics + ryyb sensor + great processing.
High resolution phone cameras are great move, more detail, less noise, bigger sensor, but to be the best, quality of colors is the most important.
As for me there are only 2 options regarding output with satisfying colors: sony 3layer sensor and huawei ryyb.

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