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  • @lawny13 …. Why didn’t you just use ImageCapture?

  • If you’re using any kind of external device, like monitors, disk drives etc then I advise extreme caution in upgrading. Search for “Big Sur watchdog timeout”. Seems to be a bug carried over from ...
  • You may have mentioned it once or twice :-) (and I agree with you)
  • Do they by aany chance stock a special version with 4:3 crop mode? 😉
  • @FV, it would be very interesting if you could share the full minutes of those Fuji product planning and design meetings you clearly have access to!

  • Maybe not, but there's quite a spread in prices from where I'm sitting,   Here the price for what is now for me a pre-order converts to $1250 (and its already charged). I could pre-order from B&H ...
  • This doesn't surprise me - files from my GR II hold up pretty well against my Hasselblad X1DII.  Not just detail but also colour. I would attribute a lot of this to the GR lens - it is almost ...
  • Mine was supposed to be sent today (in Switzerland), instead I got this message: "This article was not delivered to us within the agreed time. We will update this message as soon as we hear from ...
  • No, no, that can't be right, EVERYBODY knows that the GR II is useless for landscapes!!  :-) (beautiful shot.  Nothing renders high altitude sky like the GR lens)
  • Created discussion thread While waiting for my GRIIIx...
    Apparently my GRIIIx should be being despatched today. In the meantime, despite being reliably informed by various DPReviewers the the GR is obsolete, is no good for landscapes, and is generally ...
  • You might stand a better chance with Sony, asking for that amount of gadgetry.

  • I've owned various GRs continuously since the GR1. Street photography is one genre I do not do and feel very little desire to do. And yet I have over 10'000 useless" landscape and architectures...

  • Replied in B&H
    Interesting ... at B&H, the GRIII is $100 more expensive than in Switzerland, and the GRIIIx (pre-order) is $150 cheaper. So the gap is far from constant.   Note, the IIIx is currently offered as ...
  • I think it came up in the context of things they absolutely will NEVER do with the GR :-)
  • Replied in GRIIIx price?
    Ok, I'll stop whining and click on "Pay" :-).  ....  Love your Flickr, btw.
  • Replied in GRIIIx price?
    I don't disagree with you, but this does seem to be a bit of an outlier. Still, I suppose I should count myself lucky that I even have the option :-)
  • Replied in GRIIIx price?
    I don't honestly remember, as I was not all that interested in the III, but the price I'm seeng at present for the IIIx (approx USD 1150) seems higher than any other GR price I've seen. Kind of ...
  • Created discussion thread GRIIIx price?
    I've been dithering over the past few days on ordering a GRIIIx from a reputable supplier here in Switzerland, who promises delivery next week.  I've been a GR user for over 20 years (started very ...
  • Well, this is the DPReview that called Live View, introduced on the Olympus E-330, a "solution in search of a problem" ...

    I haven't looked, but I imagine they called the Simulated OVF introduced...

  • as LCT already post, 11th November is Armistice day, end of WW1, which Germany played a fairly key role in kicking off (although they had some help...) In some countries it has a similar ...
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