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Primarily shooting now with Canon 5D Mark IV. Landscapes, cityscapes, street photography, portrait and macro are my main interests. The 80D and M6 are also part of my arsenal for work and play.

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  • CCD whatever - no one buys your argument. Canon lenses, both EF and EF-S, have been widely used and accepted as standard for cropped bodies. If you put down a camera system, try harder next time....

  • No one is trying to convince any one. Someone asked about our experience in shooting with the 6DMII, and we simply replied. I don't care what camera you buy with your money indeed, and if you ...
  • I did not see a magenta cast. It is almost the same as the original 6D. High ISO shots, NR off, is very slightly better than the 6D. The time lapse 4k video, btw, is usable even at ISO3200. Now ...
  • The original 6D's image quality was one of the best in its category. I sold mine a few weeks ago and got the new 6DMII as back up to my 5DMIV. Better focusing, better video implementation, 4K time ...
  • EF-S 18-200mm; EF-S 15-85mm; EF-S 17-85mm; the 50mm f/1.8 STM is EF btw. So is the 40mm pancake.

  • Funny. A month ago, I was in a really dark location by the sea. The sky was beautiful. I wanted to get to photograph a slice of the Milky Way (my phone app said it's right in front of me). I placed...

  • The best photos I have taken using cropped bodies like the 100D, the 7D and the 80D are all with EF lenses: 17-40mm f/4L, 24-70mm f/2.8L USM II, 70-200mm f/4L IS USM. In some ways they perform...

  • Worse, it cannot do 24fps which is supposed to lead to the extinction of every high-end DSLR sports' photographer gear by 2018!

  • In the two instances we traveled as a family to Europe, I had my 6D and the SL1/100D as back up. Shared same lenses, same external flash units. If I did not have the M6 right now, I would...

  • The M6 is now my standard back up to my 5DMIV when I am on travel. With an EOS-M to EF adapter, I can use the same EF lenses across both bodies. It is so small that it fits into my camera bag,...

  • On my 5DMIV, big difference whether I use Live View a lot or not. Power is outstanding if I don't use Live View at all. Same with my 6DMII, btw.

  • Look at the M6 before you decide on the SL2. The M6 with an adapter that makes it use any EF or EF-S lens is better in many ways, and smaller.
  • Commented on article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8

    Read the news. Samsung is the ONLY supplier of display for the iPhone X. I was personally surprised because LG was a bit ahead of Samsung on OLED for a number of years. The magic of software needs...

  • Commented on article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8

    Samsung is the ONLY manufacturer of OLED on this scale. It's not like Apple had any other choice to bring their magical iOS color blah blah blah elsewhere.

  • Though it does not have IS, the EF24-70mm f/2.8L II is my favorite these days. It's a choice of bumping up ISO a bit versus slower shutter speeds when I don't have a tripod, of course.

  • I did notice the f/2.8 shots. Colors were good and chroma handled well. However, the background blur was a bit too noisy. The blurring around the girl's face - outwards towards her hair, was very...

  • Commented on article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8

    That new iPhone X display is made by Samsung by the way.

  • Nothing to write home about. The 6D's high ISO image quality and ability to focus on lowlight using the center point - they remain good to this day. But its video recording capability, no.
  • I was in the Rebel series then the 7D for 5-6 years, after I got frustrated with digital point and shoot. Then the 6D presented to me a value-for-money full frame option which I quickly grabbed. ...
  • Canon's mirrorless on the higher end are the M5 and M6. Their Full HD video is dismal, btw. It has nothing visibly better than a high-end smartphone's full HD recording.
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