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AbrasiveReducer: I hope a business student somewhere is following this. We'll never know but it would be interesting to compare the cost of admitting the problem up front vs. denying it and having to fix it anyhow.

Even more interesting would be the thought process that led them to believe their customers would accept the situation. To be fair, the intensity of Nikon fans may have misled them somewhat.

I wouldn't be surprised if the EU played a role in this too, because they are far less forgiving of warranty shenanigans.

Andy Grove's "Only the Paranoid" is a riveting admission of how Intel once faced a similar situation, tried to dodge the bullet, and eventually became a better company because of it.

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And to think I was once clobbered in the Nikon forum when I shared an internal knowledge that Nikon knows the D600 had a design defect yet was brought to market! The D610 corrected the design flaw of D600. Semi-conductor manufacturing is a lot of quality test and failure analysis. I wonder how the D600 ever got the "manufacturable" go signal, which eventually led to them putting it on high volume manufacturing mode. It should not have been brought to market without having fixed such flaw. However, delaying the D600 release would have meant that Nikon would not have had any model to compete with Canon 6D. The Canon 6D came out in the latter part of 2012. The corrected D600, which is the D610, came out just months ago - thus imagine the amount of time that would have past without a competing model from Nikon on the entry level FF camera model segment. Hence they chose the greedy path, sell as many D600s despite the design defect.

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)

Apple's designer once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." This photo deserves my applause.

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)
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Ron Wischer: Migrants and Cell Phones ?
Isn't that like
Poverty and Savings Bonds...

Really? Last that I know, the mobile phones of people in Thailand are much more updated than those found in the US. I think the US is still half a generation behind the latest and the greatest mobile phone models. It's probably because of the stupid carrier subsidies mentality. Hardly anyone buys subsidized models in Asia because it's so easy (and it's much cheaper) to buy unlocked ones.

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On article Nokia Lumia 1520 camera review (102 comments in total)

I own a Nokia 1520. It is an amazing smartphone, for its camera and for watching videos during my travels. I own three DSLRs (one FF, two cropped), one mirrorless camera and a Galaxy Note 3 - that I eventually gave my wife. All criticisms hurled at DPR for doing this and towards the device itself - I had to personally use the phone for a few hours before I decided to buy one. It fits my usage model (60-70% business which means lots of emails, editing native MS Office files and web surfing). It is great for instant photo opportunities with friends when I don't have my DSLR with me. It takes HD videos like a number of other smartphones. It excels at everything I want it to do. I will never be rich enough for a smartphone to be custom-built for me :) But after using the Nokia 1520 for a month now, it's the closest smartphone that ever came to that! Thanks DPR for this review!

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On article Sample Gallery: Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone images (64 comments in total)

I have been using the 1520 for a couple of weeks now. I have been able to take really decent photos with it so far. Outdoors it would be hard to tell which photo is taken by a "proper" P&S and this phone. In darker scenery it runs into usual noise problems (but I can shoot with it through ISO1600 with really usable images, which I had hardly been able to do with my previous smartphones). This runs on Windows Phone 8, btw. It is also a centimeter taller than my Galaxy Note 2. It is as big as HTC One Max but thinner. I have relatively long fingers so I find the phone comfortable to use and hold. But clearly a phone this size, plus WP8, is not for everyone, so it is best you try for a few minutes before you buy. I got a black unit with a matte body not the "slippery" red body that was featured in this review.

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On article Want to remember something? Don't take a photo (183 comments in total)

Say that to me when I'm 85 years old!

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On article Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? (257 comments in total)

Full frame camera the size of 100D - that will be worthy of an unveiling.

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On article Nikon D610 real-world and test scene samples (59 comments in total)

How come the drop-down box for camera comparison in your studio scene does not include the Canon 6D? It includes APS-C models such as 700D, yet omitted the direct competitor from Canon. Error of omission or commission? Afraid that just like in your review of the oily slimy Nikon D600, that the Canon 6D will actually prove to have better image quality on high ISO, against your judgment?

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On article Nikon D600 In-Depth Review (23 comments in total)

Cheers to DPR for the gold rating of D600 - a clearly defective camera by design and component. The link above is the implied admission from Nikon. Next time raters from DPR, it is better that you state "we withhold any final rating on this camera at this time until we see a conclusive fix from Nikon" or something like that and save yourselves the embarrassment.

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Olympus Camedia was my first digital camera ever :) It sucked battery life like there's no tomorrow, would wipe out two Alkaline double As after about 20 shots without flash, but hey - it bought me from film to digital! Also with technology limitations then, I sometimes feel people were actually compelled to take better photos, hence they produced better photographers than the crappy ones who live and die on post-processing today.

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Hey it's just that I need to upgrade, you know! :P

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 700D / EOS Rebel T5i review (178 comments in total)

Right camera for its target market, not for most of us airheads and arrogant, self-proclaimed photographers that gang up on newbies in this forum. If solely on the basis of comments, Nikon and Canon should have both been out of business for a very long time. They make shabby cameras and are the relative personification of all things evil in the digital imaging world, with images that are noisier that the noise in this forum. But lo and behold, Nikon and Canon continue to make tons of money as they have over the past few decades.

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On article 2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (50 comments in total)
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harry: Why winning photography has to do with human brutality and suffering?

They should get an award for risk-taking, not photography.

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On article 2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (50 comments in total)
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harry: Why winning photography has to do with human brutality and suffering?

There are more subdued "wars" happening out there that are worthy of awards too, such as the daily war against poverty, human trafficking, etc. That both winners had to be from the same war zone is truly strange to say the least.

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On article 2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (50 comments in total)

I find the photos nice but I don't think I will remember them after seeing them, which means to me they don't stand out. Nice, but not impressive. The subject or subjects? Do they really need to pick photos from the same war in the same country? I guess that seems to be the favored theme, which is kinda sad.

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (240 comments in total)
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Wilmark: "We covered this issue in our in-depth review of the D600, last year."
From the review final page "We're working with Nikon to understand (and further test) this issue and we'll update this review accordingly as we use the camera over time."

First off the problem seems to be OIL and NOT dust. Big difference. The other point is that I see you did consider this issue in your D600 review and yet you awarded it your GOLD AWARD. I cannot see how one can recommend this camera with this problem - it was prevalent in the model you tested, yet you gave it one of your highest ratings for a DSLR. Now you will understand why I never look at DP review for buying choices, I just come for news. How can anyone trust your reviews, when you have highly recommended a camera that probably has a serious design flaw, even when you picked it in your test model. Your high rating is that with oil or without? (a la Mc Donalds combo)

Exactly the point I made when they rated there Canon 6d silver, not to contest the silver but to challenge the gold for the D600. And while we are at it, Nikon when will you formally admit an internal packaging design mistake, in semicon speak? Come on guys it is bleeding obvious.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (531 comments in total)
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topstuff: Nice camera. Lovely image quality. Loads of lenses available.

In many ways it is a "no brainer" and an obviously safe purchase.

But here's the thing - and I know this is unusual here on DPR, but these days I prefer using an EVF. I prefer the EVF because I don't chimp after the image, but instead get it right before I shoot.

For ME at least, I don't think I am likely to buy another traditional mirrored DSLR again.

I would personally welcome seeing more FF cameras with EVF's.

An unusual opinion maybe, but some of us prefer the road less travelled.

You can always attach a field monitor on any DSLR if you thirst for the EVF. Superb implementation of live view also works. I own the Sony NEX-5, it is a wonderful camera. But hell no, it is nowhere close to the image quality of FF DSLRs.

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