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Stephen_H: Just another thought, if I'm art-directing the photographer, how can the photographer claim to have created the image?

I've conceived the concept
I've chosen the message it needs to convey
I've set it up
I've chosen the lighting scheme
I've hired a stylist to fine tune everything else

All the photographer is doing is making sure that all my efforts aren't wasted by being technically skilled and proficient in his art.

If I can't to claim to have "created the image", then I'm going to give Nikon more credit for making the image than the photographer who trusted his light meter, followed the manual that came with his camera and pressed the shutter.

Perhaps there needs to be a distinction between commissioned commercial work where the photographer is just doing what he's told to do, and the more creative, self-inspired artistic photographs where the photographer has genuinely created everything in the final content?

When you have all the talent you can click the shutter also. That makes it easy. Having Canvas paint and brush cannot make you an artist. Owning a Hasselblad does not produce great pictures.

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