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Imager of: The good news is that there will be no bottlenecks on their site trying to get these firmware updates. Let’s be honest folks. Who really buys these overpriced Leica cameras!!
Stick to lenses Leica. Thanks.

I own a Q and quite enjoying it, I also shoot pen-F and Fuji's, and as we are talking about honesty, these are all good cameras for different days, tasks and objectives.

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On article Nikon D850 sensor confirmed as Sony-made (575 comments in total)
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Big Stick: It's nice to see Nikon fanboys eating crow, but the real icing on the cake is that Sony didn't trumpet its complete domination of Nikon from the rooftops, but instead was very modest and gentlemanly about it, allowing Nikon and its users to save face for this long!

Bravo Sony!

read the article again... Sony manufacture sensors, and are very good at it, but their technology is licenced from Aptina. So basically Nikon selected the best cost/performance option from a manufacturer to supply this particular part... Nikon doesn't make the battery either, and didn't make film - you get the idea? (and for the record I use a Sony and don't have Nikon). It's a bit like Porsche using Audi/VW engines on some of their cars, so are they a Porsche or a Beetle?

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jst13: No 24mm so a no go lens. It does’t matter how sharp it is. I never would buy a Standard zoom starting at 28mm.

it's only just one step back and you get 24

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is the coffee free?

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esmoxd: I wonder how Sony's digitally uncorrected lenses perform in analogue?

was wondering that also, based on the sample images much like a Holga? early days, I know...

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vesa1tahti: Again: very small buttons, difficult to operate with large hands. All problems including in mirror less systems. A toy compared to D850, for example.

I have large hands, I also travel more and further nowadays and go on long treks, but I'm also getting older... Carrying heavy DLSR's (I use a Canon 5DsR and a bunch of their L glass) is becoming an inconvenient task that I don't look forward to. A small capable camera like an A73 coupled with two small primes and a zoom is all I long for and will do 90% of my needs, so I will probably getting this toy soon, with a smile.

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No Gold award, again?

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BobT3218: I wish they had thought more of system portability when they went from 4/3 to m4/3 but that's history now. I'm glad they are not considering a move to a larger format. The mirrorless FF and APS-C market is about to become saturated. In terms of IQ, the Achilles heal will always be the sensor size so I would encourage Oly to remain at the forefront of sensor technology. However, as mentioned above, a small sensor is much easier to move so IBIS becomes a great advantage. A sensor of 1/4 the mass of another is 16 times easier to accelerate. It appears Oly is going to push this as far as they can.

fully agree, they should focus on improving sensor performance and improving their affordable lenses. Their F1.2 primes, while interesting and attractive, simply too expensive (and big) when you look at the whole system in balance, and don't fully overcome some of the inherent sensor limitations.

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DesoloZantas: I blame Smart phones....

The new Samsung S9 is being advertised as a camera here in Australia, no mention of "phone" features, so this is certainly a factor. But leaders like Canon releasing new products with 8 year old tech is not exactly helping either.

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Mrrowe8: Still a bit pricey if you are not a Fuji owner .. I really like what I am seeing but when I can get a D750 with lens for cheaper or D500 for same price with a body and already have several DX lens I may sadly have to pass on what looks to a solid camera ..Especially since this summer -early fall will be upgrading from well loved and extensively used D7100

@ fotomotovfr I don't think he wants a camcorder...

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Marty4650: I wouldn't mind having one of these little cameras in my bag... if I didn't already own too many cameras....

I wish I could own them all, but my wife would object to living without food and electricity.

tell her you are on a diet and into energy conservation..

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cprevost: The most amazing thing is how relevant the GX8 still is. If it were released for the first time today it would comfortably sit near the top of mirrorless offerings.

all Panny had to do is fit the improved shutter, the 5 axis I.S. and new color/processing engine to GX8 and leave the rest alone. But I guess it would probably mean the G9 sales could suffer.

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whakapu: But.... manufacturing can't be done in a high wage country...can it?

looks like the cameras are final assembly, all the subcomponents probably made by third party suppliers or imports. Labour cost of final assembly is unlikely to be a big factor, keeping intellectual property at "home" is more valuable.

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whyamihere: Wondering out loud: Does anyone know what the target market is for the photo filter effects? As someone who lives in North America but follows photographers of various demographics and skill levels, I don't see these sorts of filters being used all that much. I mean, I'll see the occasional "selective color" or black & white conversion, but I've not seen anyone use things like "pinhole" or "tilt-shift" in a long while.

I ask not to criticize, and I'm not anti-filter (and, please, don't respond with a "this camera is for dummies who don't know any better, so why are you asking" statement -- that would be unnecessarily degrading and glib), but I ask because I wonder why Olympus keeps ladling on filters, when that ROM space and processing power could possibly go to something else.

have a look at the promotional video ("enjoy - click - repeat") - it's not a camera aimed at someone that would read DPR, and quite frankly overpriced - higher than an EM10 III?

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selwynbr: Built in battery!! What if you want more than 350 pics?

it comes with a battery and charger...

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If the movie flops, blame on the iPhone? (hope he had it on silent when shooting).

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A Owens: This is actually rather modest as far as tourist indiscretions committed against New Zealand. Amongst them the piles of faeces and toilet paper left in the most beautiful and iconic spots by campervan tourists and so-called freedom campers, appalling driving resulting in many fatalities, bathing and washing clothes in (formerly) the world's purest mountain lake water. I could go on but ......
Mass tourism is a scourge and not worth the environmental impact on delicate ecosystems. There are simply too many people on the planet for this type of activity.

Sadly that is true not just for New Zealand but many other places around the world. Take Bruny island in Tasmania, many reading this would have no idea where it is, but it became popular through Lonely Planet books and tourism operators, completely swamped by tourists and the local people have been unprepared, no facilities, no public toilets, insufficient accommodation and rubbish, human waste and other varieties left everywhere. And no local or even State government planning to deal with this, just happy to collect the tourist taxes. And yes the place also has its own Instagram page with long traffic queues of selfie takers waiting to be loose on the place.

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Sezano: Looks like the perfect lens for the garden variety perv: not flashy, good enough sharpness, light, reasonable in price.

If you think for a moment it ain’t you, you got to reevaluate your priorities.
Personally, I’m doing it right now.


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tkbslc: haven't they released this same camera every year for 10 years now?

It's model number 130, so yes...

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Juksu: To be fair, we are not talking about Canon, we are talking about Canon Italy and Spain. I've had a series of bad experiences with NIkon from around 2005 -- I was at the time reciding in Sweden, where their customer relation and service were about as disasterous as Canon's reply posted here -- I did switch to Canon as consequence -- In oreder to not have to go through the same thing while I was still in Sweden. But at the same time as a long time very content Nikon UScustomer, my experience with Nikon Sweden does not reflect what I think of Nikon as whole.

These companies are huge, and there will always be people who F^ locally.

Well Canon is well known for their copier business...

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