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You wonder if these marketing, strategic execuitve bureaucrat types ever go out on the weekend with the 5D or 750D or whatever and actually take some shots. Lots of product placement talk, very little passion.

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expressivecanvas: I'm actually surprised that so many comments below mention predictions of Nikon being bought by another camera manufacturer. What does Nikon have to offer that would interest any camera manufacturer?

Nikon seems to have backed themselves into a corner, precariously close to positioning themselves out of competition. It seems to me that Nikon is following more closely in Kodak's footsteps of terribly poor management resulting in products nobody really needs including other camera manufacturers rather than continuing to build a portfolio which could be desirable to other camera manufacturers as well as consumers.

when all we wanted was a follow up to the D300 and D700 series, they went into almost MF territory with the D800s and the Leica analog body with digital sensor thing with the Df and Nikon boutiques, only releasing replacement products to their most succesful platform perhaps a bit too late.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS 77D (441 comments in total)
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ttran88: Canon is killing Nikon!!

Nikon killing Nikon?

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On article New Canon EOS 77D sits between Rebel T7i and EOS 80D (50 comments in total)

how many more price points do they need to cover? Same stuff with a few more or less plastic bits and new model number.

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spatz: If I posted these pictures on facebook after a trip to Iceland, my friends would wonder why I bothered taking a camera. I don't particularly like Steve Huff's reviews, but on the same trip, he seems to have been able to take some much more interesting photos.

Have to agree, was there 3 weeks ago,(other end of the Earth from Tasmania) with 2 cameras and my phone (S7), and some of these don't look much better than what the S7 gave me. Perhaps they didn't have much time to set up, and it can be crowded, but the way highlights are blown at the Skogar waterfall for example doesn't fill me with confidence about this camera being an improvement

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any explanation on the RAW processing (will it be supported by Lightroom for example?) my S7 has RAW shooting but needs an app to view them. Sorry if the question has been asked already, I couldn't find any comment on it.

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On article Hasselblad to announce 'game changer' next week (454 comments in total)

game changer = film camera?

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Paul JM: Really tried hard to like MFT. The lenses are generally great, but having bought both Olympus and Pana MFT bodies, I sold them all. The image quality just doesn't measure up to top line APSc bodies, let alone FF. Much happier with the image quality and colour rendition that Fuji delivers, and only a little more heft

Fully agree, made the same switch (EM1 to XT1) for that same reason.

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wailsound: If I had the cash I would buy this. I would have more fun shooting this than any other digi camera I have tried in the last 10 years. Isn't that the point of this?

you do know you can turn the rear LCD off in your camera if you wish, don't you.

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Appreciate them trying to be the poor man's limited edition Leica option, but it seems to signal digital cameras are becoming commodities. Is the Olympus boutique next? Don't get me wrong, visually it appeals.

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jaxson: Are those from New Zealand?

Third one looks very much like Queenstown.

First photo, clouds in sky, moss covered rocks/grass in front, looks like s hit?!

yes I thought also Queenstown.

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Sure if they can sell more product by suckering emotion and national pride from the moneyed Chinese that's all good, but also remember that the money being paid to acquire this "rare and desirable" version of the M-P was made on the back of poor wages paid to the average worker in China.

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Reinhard136: sack your marketing people pentax, you are just annoying people now. i felt guilty leaving you, but you are making it easier with these antics.

exactly my feelings, procrastinated for a long time until I pulled the plug, right decision now

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agree, refreshing, and a very good communicator

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Joe Ogiba: My last DSLR purchase was the Pentax K-7 in July 2009 and after getting the GH2 in December 2010 and using my K mount lenses for 1080p I never had a desire to purchase another DSLR. My current cameras are the NX1, GH4, A7r and VG900 full frame camcorder. My guess is DSLRs will be mostly gone from the consumer camera market within the next ten years.

I don't see too many soccer mums, tourists and recent retirees taking up photography buying Oly EM1's or Sony A7's. Most, if not all, have the Rebels or 5 series Nikons with a kit lens, seeing an "SLR" as the ultimate in serious statement of intent. "Upgrading" means getting a zoom lens. The surge in recent Sony sales (in the USA anyway, not the majority of the world), probably more to do with the brand?

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Canon executives need to understand there is a thing called credibility, that no amount of "marketing" can buy. It's hard to gain credibility, but it can also be lost very quickly.

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a Nikon D400

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Onur Otlu: So Leica is one-upping Nikon's "pure photography" Df, which omitted the movie mode? :)

either that or just like the omitted IR filter on the M8 perhaps they forgot to put in a rear display and now offer an ISO wheel to make up for it

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D1N0: Next to that bottom anything looks good.

yep, classic marketing mistake, nobody will remember the product

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On article Zeiss launches Loxia full frame lenses for Sony E-mount (269 comments in total)

great but some of us also shoot at other focal lengths besides 35 and 50.

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