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  • Canon will keep producing underwhelming cameras until people stop buying them. Please don't buy this camera. There are MUCH better options out there.

  • A 2.56x crop in video makes a system without ultra wide lenses almost useless for video. You can't even use the excellent dual pixel AF in 4K video mode. This camera is just absurd at this...

  • DNG Converter does support the GH5s now. Thanks for that. That is just what I needed.

  • I am getting some really interesting results with my GH5s. It appears that ISO 160 is the base ISO for CineD Low with ISO 1600 being the base ISO for CineD High.

    However, both HLG and Vlog-L are...

  • I am having difficulty opening the 14 BIT RAW files from the GH5s. What programs can open them right now?

  • I stand corrected. I have evidence that would suggest that in HLG mode ISO 400 is the base ISO for Low and ISO 3200 is the Base ISO for High. Both are simply outstanding but the ISO 3200 is...

  • Richard, for not being familiar with Resolve you did an unbelievable job with this review. You taught me several things I didn't know about Resolve and also tested a few things in ways I hadn't...

  • I confirmed what you reported in the review last night. Vlog-L is definitely 128-768 in 10 BIT form with Resolve. I think Barry's White Paper did some rounding to make it sound less complicated...

  • I did some testing with the GH5 last night and HLG is definitely recording in a “Limited” space. However, I believe Davinci Resolve displays it as “Full” data levels if the clip is tagged with...

  • Thanks for checking. My GH5s comes tomorrow so I can look into it more then.

  • No rush. Thanks for checking. Ultimately it isn't that big a deal for how the video looks. However, when designing LUTs for HLG it could make a significant difference.

  • Yes, it is not that big a deal. Ultimately, the camera still captures essentially the same dynamic range. However, it is good to know what is the true value and I am sure Richard can get that...

  • Barry Green’s white paper on Vlog-L(From the Panasonic Website) defines the upper limit as exactly 4 stops above middle grey. That is a value of approximately 730. However, you define the upper...

  • In the GH5 the HLG mode is reported as "Limited" when you examine the video file on a computer. Also the camera itself even shows that the Luminance Level is limited to values of "64-940".

    Is the...

  • There was a lot of interesting information in the GH5s manual. It does appear that ISO 160 and ISO 800 are the "Base" ISO values for the GH5s. Using any other value besides those will limit dynamic...

  • @Richard Butler, thank you for that explanation. It sounds like the GH5s is different than the GH5 in that respect. With the GH5 the "Native" ISO values are also the "Base" ISO values. Anything...

  • Are you certain that ISO 160 isn't clipping the highlights early in RAW mode? It may have less noise than ISO 400 but the highlight clipping would retard its ability to capture dynamic...

  • That kind of sounds like a dictatorial government. Doesn't it?

  • Why not adjust shutter speed to DOF match instead of ISO? Just increase the shutter speed instead of the ISO.

  • When you say "709" in the video does that mean you used the "Like 709" profile? That profile clips highlights early in the GH5 and should be avoided at all costs.

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