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Carl Mucks: The resolution seems to be fine on 4k, no moire. It's too short really to notice much. The only noticeable thing is that the dynamic range looks very poor, completely black shadows and completely wiped out highlights. Need to wait for more substantive reviews before buying.

Yeah, I double that. Ever since the X-T2 was introduced, I've been searching the web for footage of someone showcasing what it looks like when shooting video with shadows and highlight compensation. All video coming out of this thing, even FujiFilm's own flashy demos, look soo extremely digital, with these crushed blacks and high contrast. @Richard Butler Looking forward to seeing this! And perhaps also the DigitalNegative profile? It might be good profile for grading? The fLog in h.264 is perhaps a bit too flat for the codec, after all...

And @estarkey Confusingly enough rising the shadows two steps is called -2 in fujifilm language. Less shadows, I guess.

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