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  • Per the instruction manual, page 115: Select OFF to disable the speaker, flash, and illuminator in situations in which camera sounds or lights may be unwelcome. o appears in the display when OFF is ...
  • I played with the idea of a Leicavit crank baseplate charging a super-capacitor that would take thto power the camera.  I expect that  it would take 10-15 cranks per shot, however. Eric
  • So I forced myself to use just the 28/1.4 on the M10 with the Leica grip attached for a week in Florida.  The 28/1.4 does make the M10 nose-heavy, so I added the excellent Leica grip.  My concern, ...
  • The modern designs will focus down to 0.7m, older designs to 1m, and cover a field of view approximately that wide.  If you need something closer, the Leica Macro adapter can help, but a dedicated ...
  • Replied in or 'ron or 'rit?
    Really hard to go wrong with a Leica 35.  Maybe generation would be a better differentiator.  Classic, pre-asph or modern FLE. Rent or borrow, experiment and have fun. Eric
  • or other objects too, that is the pricey lesson I learned a decade ago.  Theme parks can be a challenging environment.  Those characters play rough when you try to take a picture! Eric
  • When I know I will be subject to spray, fog, and kid spittle, I use a Leica filter like a clear lens cap, protective and easy to clean repeatedly.  Of course there are other uses like polarizer ...
  • Your concept of a larger "base camp" kit along with the daily "kit-of-the-day" is how I always travel.  Typically it's a Fogg Lyre or a simple ever-ready case for the daily kit, a messenger bag or ...
  • Good morning to the X100F owner and considerer community. Background - I shoot a lot of different cameras as a hobby.  Don't panic if you see a post here and a different post in other brand ...
  • Replied in One word
  • I use mostly modern Leica UVa filters on my lenses when there is risk of dust and splash.  My mental model is to think of the filter as a clear lens cap that does not require removal to be ready ...
  • Replied in Send it in
    I would recommend sending it in to Leica for service.  If it is a known wear weakness, they may even fix it for free.  I had my battery retaining clip replaced gratis. Good luck. Eric
  • Replied in Need a 3rd cat
    Something with grey tones, I believe.  You have color and ortho covered. Eric
  • I noted in the linked video that Mr. Yoxall is a hero for saving a law enforcement officer's life, and a Leica fan.  Just look at the T-shirt: ...
  • My three M8's still soldier on without a sensor or screen issue.  The oldest one, the first one I purchased, arrived with a broken shutter which was fixed under warranty.  No problems since. Assumi ...
  • I purchased mine from the Los Angeles Leica Gallery, although the M-D before this model I purchased through B&H as they had it first. Eric
  • My wait was 5 days from announcement on 1/18 to delivery on 1/23.  I ordered the silver chrome model.
  • The M6, M6TTL, M7, and MP all use a sensor cell behind the taking lens, on the bottom of the opening, pointed towards a white circle on the shutter curtain.  The net result is strongly center ...
  • My MP's are now 13 years old, and will turn 14 next year.  They were from the first batch, so had to return to have the eyepiece sealed from dust, a free service.  Otherwise, no issues, so I would ...
  • I would offer a different opinion on the light box recommendation.  I would use a point light source, even a flashlight shining from across the room, to light any of the stones with sparkle.  You ...
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