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Newbie4Life: A much more interesting video for the crowd here would be the "Making of" video:

Among other things it gives you an idea of the type of rigs they have encasing their iphones.

Why not emphasize the "how" instead of just another variation of an "I took a picture!" post????

In other news I've always thought these advertisements are a bit misleading as folks are led to believe that any bloke running around with an iphone can generate this content.. No where does it state "shot on the iphone" with the help of many $1000's of extra gear and some pro post processing.......

Thanks for posting that. Was great to get some behind the scenes info.

Link | Posted on Dec 5, 2019 at 20:45 UTC

I found that to be a fun little concept wonderfully directed and edited.

That it was captured on a cell phone (with surprising modest extra gear) is really amazing.

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The Fat Fish: The cheapest computer in the Apple lineup that let's you add your own storage and GPU is $6000.

After 11 Macs, 6 iPhones, 4 iPads, numerous iPods and accessories and an Apple watch, it's finally time to abandon the sinking ship.

The price however absurd is not the issue here. The lack of choice is.

I'm also frustrated at the lack of choice Apple is offering those of us who want to be able to control/customize our computer but aren't working at the bleeding edge. Many of us long-time, devoted Mac users and Apple fans.

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Jacob the Photographer: I'm still working on my 10 year old MAC Pro - recently upgraded to 3.06 Ghz 6 core Intel Xenon. Maxed out system. In those 10 years most of my friends on Windows machines had them replaced once or twice. Mine will be happily purring for at least an other 5 years. The second hand retail value of my machine still hovers around $2500 . I can easily process image files of 15 Gb and more.
Thanks to Apple choosing quality over quantity back around when they launched my good old Mac Pro. Yes they got it wrong with the Mac Pro Trash can , but as far I can judge they will have a hit under REAL professionals with this new Mac Pro.
Coming at an age where I deliberately have to slow down it is not be feasible for me to spend that money , but if I look back in in time (1980's) when I owned around $75000 in camera and lighting gear (computers were for word processing only) I would not hesitate to invest in a machine plus monitor like this long term investment to save on time and frustration !

I'm still running a mid-2010 Mac Pro for my professional graphic design business and for personal stuff. Some added RAM and few swaps of hard drives but otherwise, the base model still running strong.

I knew the new one was going to be expensive. I was holding out hop that Apple would provide a range but they haven't. My machine cost approx $2400 CDN at the end of 2010. Run through and inflation calculator that's about $2,800 in today's dollars. It's a bit frustrating that Apple has made this choice but I get it. I guess it's an iMac for me when I finally upgrade.

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JackM: I was hoping for different lenses. 35/1.8 sounds great but I hope it's not huge like Nikon's. 50/1.2 sounds huge and expensive. I would want to build a kit of compact lenses around this new compact body. No 24mm prime? 28-70 is disappointing, I am at 24mm a lot on my 24-70. And at f/2 it will be huge and expensive.

If I'm reading the rumors right, the RF mount sounds like a perfect solution - perhaps convertible from short flange distance to EF flange distance without a separate adapter? That would be great.

I'm with you. I will be looking at all the options this fall and selecting something. The 35 and 50 were actually the most compelling items for me in Nikon's Z launch (and the coming 85). Really well performing 1.8s. Probably a little bigger than I would like but not bad.

I have the EF 50 1.2 and want to get smaller and more reasonable so I'm not at all excited by the launch of a new version of that (which may well decrease my resell value).

But I know I'm in the minority on that point.

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On article Report: Apple won't release the next Mac Pro until 2019 (216 comments in total)
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PaddyC: The timing is probably going to be good for me (knock on wood). However, I would love to get a sense of what they are planning in advance.

Really hoping that they offer a range of price points. The iMac Pro makes me nervous about the possible new Mac Pro pricing.

Yes, these are a very small part of Apple's business, but there's no reason they can't, or shouldn't, continue to serve this segment.

The dates don't align. The Bloomberg article says "as early as 2020" for Apple design processors in desktop/laptop.

This isn't a co-develop. This is using apple's internal chip team that has been extremely successful with mobile and scaling it to desktop/laptop. So Apple will be developing and using its own processors across all its products.

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On article Report: Apple won't release the next Mac Pro until 2019 (216 comments in total)

The timing is probably going to be good for me (knock on wood). However, I would love to get a sense of what they are planning in advance.

Really hoping that they offer a range of price points. The iMac Pro makes me nervous about the possible new Mac Pro pricing.

Yes, these are a very small part of Apple's business, but there's no reason they can't, or shouldn't, continue to serve this segment.

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ABW: And for those wondering how stills work out with anamorphic lenses on the iPhone - check out this set of pics on my Flickr (link below).

I shot hundreds of pics with the Moondog Labs lens on my iPhone 6 Plus and loved how they turned out. It wasn't just the anamorphic dimensions (full16x9 stills) but the glass was really flattering too.

Obviously I also edited these in post but only on the iPhone. I must admit de-squeezing them was a pain util I found the CropSize app which does batch re-sizing...

I did however later use Photoshop to get the images up to approx 23" x 13" which I printed, framed and sold at an exhibition. All this from an 8MB jpeg out of an iPhone. No its not a 42MP A7RII but it was pretty good.

Nice work. Thanks for sharing these.

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Soderbergh: Hold up...I can save you $30K.

Link | Posted on Mar 28, 2018 at 18:16 UTC as 28th comment

Perhaps slightly tangential. Chuck Close said: "Photography is the easiest medium with which to be merely competent. Almost anybody can be competent. It's the hardest medium in which to have some sort of personal vision and to have a signature style."

Digital cameras, software and web (+social media) have made it even easier to be a competent photographer. I see it every day on Instagram, tubmlr, flickr, wherever. Loads of photographers taking the same types of shots, processed in the same way. Loads of photographers trying to make a career looking like everyone else. They are all nice images, nicely composed, nicely processed and I genuinely enjoy viewing them (and take some myself). But they are all the SAME.

You need two things to make it (or one of them in spades):
1. A unique photographic vision/sense of story
2. Connections (or the ability to constantly network)

Followers, likes, etc ultimately amount to a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing as far as a career goes.

Link | Posted on Jan 20, 2018 at 15:00 UTC as 70th comment | 8 replies

That wasn't over-the-top at all...

Link | Posted on Jan 18, 2018 at 01:23 UTC as 22nd comment | 2 replies
On article DJI announces Osmo 2 Mobile smartphone camera gimbal (85 comments in total)

Bought an original Osmo Mobile during the black Friday sale. Given the discount I had a feeling they must be bringing out a new model.

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On article A fully loaded iMac Pro will cost you $13,200 (572 comments in total)

If you have to ask...

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Great Bustard: I'm really surprised at all the hate being posted here. I suppose the commenters here feel the same about the Isle of Man TT race, Luke AIken's 25000 ft jump with no parachute, base jumping, extreme surfing, etc., etc., etc..

So, I guess I'll be the lone voice here and say that what happened was a tragedy as opposed to the "that's what you get" attitude that dominates these comments.

I'll respectfully disagree. What happened was not a tragedy. What he was doing was incredibly risky, likely illegal and just plain stupid.

I'm not suggesting he "deserved" to die, but when people engage in really high-risk activities I'm not going to have much sympathy if things go wrong.

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scotthunter: I can't see myself uploading 184gb of RAW images to the cloud anytime soon, so Lightroom Classic it is

Me too. For now. The cloud is simply not a viable option for, I would assume, the vast majority of current LR users. I have a relatively small catalogue of photos going back to 2010. It's probably similar to yours. About 200GB.

Uploading this amount of data, plus all the new photos with my current connection would just be unworkable.

Link | Posted on Oct 18, 2017 at 14:24 UTC

So LR CC seems like an app designed to compete with, for example, Apple Photos. IE one clearly aimed at the "average" user – someone who doesn't shoot RAW, doesn't do a lot of heavy duty work, doesn't generate a lot of big files. For the time being.

I guess I don't understand where Adobe is hoping to go with this. Does Adobe have a lot of casual shooters who:
A: don't already use a native solution (Apple, Windows or Google)
B: are willing to pay for a subscription

Who is the target for this product and do they really expect a lot of uptake?

Calling LR Classic CC is almost condescending. I guess they wouldn't dare call it "Pro" and offend all the casual users. But that's clearly what it should be called.

I'm slightly concerned about where this may be headed but will stay put for the time being. I would have to think this will be cause for concern for those developing and selling LR presets.

Link | Posted on Oct 18, 2017 at 14:19 UTC as 301st comment | 1 reply
On article Shooting with a used DSLR kit that cost me just $80 (282 comments in total)

My first digital camera was a Sony NEX 5N (2010). Meant for more casual use as I thought I was going to keep shooting film (that didn't last long).

I've sometimes wondered if all the money I've spend on gear in the intervening years has really been worth it. That 5N was a really great camera despite some issues and I was always very happy with what I got out of it.

Take-away for me is that I need to hold on to what I've got and just use it. Forget new stuff for a long while.

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On article Shooting with a used DSLR kit that cost me just $80 (282 comments in total)
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tinternaut: I know a couple of people who still take fine photos with this camera. However, if you’re happy to spend a bit more, there’s far better for your money out there. Look for the first DSLRs thay used the first Sony 16MP sensor that changed pretty much everything in terms of DR. The Canon XXDs are also very well priced.

Yeah that 16mp sensor is probably a sweet spot for value/quality.

Link | Posted on Oct 13, 2017 at 17:37 UTC

I make my living (self-employed) in the design biz. And have used Adobe software for some 20 years now.

I'm paying more on the subscription model than before and, to be honest, I'm not dipping into new apps because I just don't have time or need. Which is to say that I think the "you get access to everything" pitch probably doesn't mean much for a lot of subscribers.

But, I can't really complain about what I'm paying on a yearly basis for my software given what it allows me to do. Many other professions/jobs require heavier overhead.

I'm frustrated at times that the key, long-standing pieces of software (Illustrator, InDesign) that I rely on seem to get little love. That some bugs never seem to get fixed and that simple innovations that many who use this software complain about never get taken on.

But for now, I'll stick with Adobe. I could see a time where, if my workload was to change and/or the subscription price went up, I might consider alternatives.

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2017 at 19:55 UTC as 99th comment | 2 replies

So does this mean the i-1 and all the various films that Impossible offered are done?
(note that I don't particularly care but was always intrigued). I might actually pop for the OneStep.

Link | Posted on Sep 14, 2017 at 21:58 UTC as 30th comment | 1 reply
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