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NOWHITELENS: I do not understand why people think this lens is heavy or expensive.
Weight and price are totally normal for a lens in this category!

Or, someone could buy the 5D4+100-400 II + TC1.4 II for $4429 giving up a third of a stop and probably very little IQ.

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ozturert: If you are a keen reader of DPR, you all know what takes to take a good photo:
Number 1: ISO invariance
Number 2: Dynamic range (i.e. recover shadows by +5EV)
Number 3: Performance at ISO25600+
All others come after these key points

I see the I League, Ignoramuses, Idiots & Imbeciles. has shown up.

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The only way to do it.

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Which Kodak is this?

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roblumba: Perhaps my eyes need training. I don't understand what makes the portrait or street photo a master level. What am I not seeing?

A lot.

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fps drops to 3? Is this normal for all adapted lenses, certain brands or this particular combo?

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On article A letter from the Publisher (332 comments in total)

"Simon Joinson, Barney Britton, and Allison Johnson listen politely as I attempt to explain something."

Their eyes look kind of glazed over. You must have gotten too technical for them. :)

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I wish the article included the location of the shots.

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On article Grand Canyon time lapse records rare cloud inversion (127 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: actually, such cloud inversions are so common, it is a nuisance for tourist industry to this locale

there are calendar schedules for best days of year to avoid it, so as to have clear view of canyon minus the clouds

also common are the typical morning clouds filling the canyon

and in certain seasons, BROWN SMOG upwind from California spill over and mixes with downwind lower Grand Canyon fog/clouds

I couldn't find the calendar schedules you speak of on Google. If you have a link, I'd appreciate you posting it. Instead of avoiding the phenomenon, I'd like to be there when it happens.

By the way, the featured video isn't all that original. NPS has a time lapse video of a cloud inversion that posted to their website in 2014. This video does improve dramatically on image quality, number of locations and general artistic content.

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On article Should you upgrade to a Nikon D850? (660 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Apart from Video use very high resolution sensors occupy a lot of hard drive space, demand the best graphics and processors and fail always to match expectations because , if you are a reportage photographer dependent on zooms to function normally, no zooms come anywhere near this resolution: and very few primes. So to put them to best use you do need fixed focal length lenses with extremely accurate autofocus, as manual focus lenses are unuseable with DSLRs (unlike LeicaM lenses with a rangefinder) , out of the posed fixed studio and still life/advertising setups where Nikon and Canon both must compete with genuinely larger sensors in bespoke cameras that are made for the job, and which come with their own RAW software designed for moire reduction etc from the get-go. You can , agreed, with zooms produce impressive results, but unless resolution is a match they look like uprezzed lower resolution photographs, because in fact that IS what they are: 16MP or 21MP say on 46MP.

Too many ridiculous statements to take apart piece by piece. I simply recommend ignoring this post altogether.

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On article Season's Greetings from DPReview.com (86 comments in total)

Hi Simon, you'll miss banning me. Good luck to you.

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Imager of: Well I for one agree with the ban. You pay that kind of money to live in a nice neighbourhood and then have to deal with a bunch of pro photographers constantly outside your house. I bet most of you would change your tune if you lived there. Take your clients somewhere else.

It would be annoying to someone living in a hovel.

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A lot of information missing from the article.

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razorfish: This 35mm sensor hype has gone too far

Are you saying it is time to move on to medium format?

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Trump hasn't declared dark skies a hoax perpetrated by Hillary and the Fake News outlets yet?

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Joed700: Besides the sensor tests, I think DXO Mark should test some of Leica's legendary lenses. It would be interesting to see if these expensive lenses can hold up to their reputations.

HowaboutRaw, I think it is pretty clear you have a limited experience with "better lenses". Of course I was referring to Leica's entire catalog, not just a few cherry-picked examples that, by the way, are so expensive as to be laughable to consider. I have made every effort to own M series lenses but Leica's low resolution cameras or the lack of adaptability on a decent camera (without modding the camera) keeps getting in the way of that.

Surely you are aware of DxO's recent report that Leica cameras compare well only to APS-C cameras. Why would Leica allow their cameras to fall behind the rest of the industry unless they are afraid that some of their lenses would not hold up to 40-50 MPs?

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Are these Cosina lenses or Zeiss lenses? The article portrays Cosina not Zeiss, as the driver of the bus.

Be this as it may, maybe Cosina will have more resources now to move Milvus closer to Otus. Or produce some Fuji/Hasselblad/Pentx-mount medium format lenses, of course, slapping Zeiss' name on the lenses.

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Joed700: Besides the sensor tests, I think DXO Mark should test some of Leica's legendary lenses. It would be interesting to see if these expensive lenses can hold up to their reputations.

Could be is why Leica hasn't moved to a higher resolution sensor.

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Leiduowen: Typo: Down in the price list, the first item is obviously meant to be SliderOne rather than StandOne.

On the Edelkrone website, the StandOne is listed as a new product:


The last paragraph in the article above addresses the StandOne.

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Karroly: "Cons: there is no connection to the camera."
Then how this can be possible : "Pros: the adapter allows you to change the aperture of the lens FROM the GFX." ?

The Canon lenses I would adapt to the GFX are the 24-70 II, 11-24L & 100-400 II and I may try one or more of the new tilt shift lenses.

Yes, that's the Techart that that can't tell the difference between the 63mm and Canon lenses. Techart told me they are working on a fix but couldn't give an ETA. Steelsring had something else going on with it. Someone suggested that every Fuji FW update uncovers a new issue with these adaoters

I ordered the Kipon . I have my camera set to MF anyway even with Fuji lenses. If I need the help, the AF-ON function overrides MF. If I can MF the EF lenses, I don't mind saving $200.

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