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JEROME NOLAS: I agree on many points why it's not selling so well outside of Asia. In America, everything is big- big Mac, big cars, and very big people :) and Olympus and Panasonic are trying to sell them vegetables in Geo Metro package....try 100 years later when we really run out of all resources!

MacBook Air is a big success and, despite Steve Jobs claim that Apple would never make a small tablet, the iPad Mini is also very popular. As for stereotyping Asians, the large phablet phones are very popular in Japan & Korea and GM has trouble meeting demand for Buicks in China.
Your argument also doesn't explain why yearly mirrorless shipments to the Americas were 45% lower in 2013 than in 2012.

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Markol: What I don't get is pricing- The first 3 generations of PENs were sold at a 50% discount some 6 months after they were released, the P5 is still at the original price after 9 months, the PL5 dropped by less than 15% in much over a year. Compared to many competitors, they are just too expansive and the policy is confusing. I understand that for lenses, but cameras?

Olympus has also kept the E-5 at full price or close to it.
Based on poor sales of the E-P3, they may have decided to produce a much smaller number of E-P5s with the aim in mind of selling to a niche market that is willing to pay full price.

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JDThomas: The market had downturn and it won't come back up. It will eventually plateau. After the digital boom of the 15 years companies are used to making money hand over fist. They're not "losing" money, they just aren't raking it in as fast. And it's unlikely that the business will ever boom like that again unless a radical new technology appears again.

It's always good to be in a business that makes products that are rapidly developing. It's an exciting time and technology is growing by leaps and bounds. People are thrilled by the fast pace of change and want to have the newest and best thing out there.

It's been 15 years since the digital photography revolution started and the technology has reached a point of maturity. They are running out of amazing new features to add.

As others pointed out, cameras are now good enough that most people don't need a new one every year. And contrary to popular belief the majority of consumers aren't on the forums geeking out over the newest junk.

Well said. Your only point that I would qualify is that Canon and Nikon are the only companies that are clearly making a profit on their cameras.

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SteveNunez: The Smartphone has killed the camera market and I see no resurgence coming......same for the camcorder market- the Smartphone is what everyone carries and uses for their photography needs.....only enthusiasts and pros will continue to desire the higher end models.

I would make that the smartphone plus the social media sites where most people post. Most people are also satisfied with smartphone images viewed on their iPads.
There will still be a substantial number of people who will buy a better camera for special occasions. However, if my two sons are any indication, they will use one or two kit lenses and keep their cameras until they die.

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MayaTlab0: It would have been interesting to see manufacturers breaking down in more details their sales. Especially regarding mirrorless ILC, I'd really like to know how the higher-end models (OM-D, A7, NEX 6/7, etc.) did in comparison to lower-end ones and if the fall in sales was as strong in that segment as in the lower one. I'd bet these higher-end models sold pretty well and resisted better the downturn in the ILC market than the entry-level ones.

Unfortunately, I don't think we will ever see break downs by model. As far as MILCs are concerned, I think it is a mixed bag. For example, Oly OM-D models have been well received, but I don't think the same can be said for sales of the PEN E-P5. While I think we will companies focusing more on high end models, the deterioration of low end models implies that camera companies will become smaller.

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reefdreams: Seems like a very nice camera, I think if it would be APS-C instead of m4/3 with the same selection of lenses it would be even more successfull.

It is true though that with Sony pushing the full-frame pricing very low it might hurt the sales of a 4/3 sensor camera regardless of how good it is!

If it were APS-C or FF, the lenses would be larger and heavier. Beginning with the E-M5, many of us have decided that m4/3 provides the optimal combination of IQ and size. I don't feel the need to go on threads about APS-C or FF cameras and criticize them for having larger and heavier lenses, and fail to understand why some people feel the need to criticize m4/3.

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YouDidntDidYou: The Reuters article says that PEN sales are 12% below expectations (we do not know what they're expectations were in the first place they might of expected sales to rise 20% and only got an 8% increase), also it doesn't mean Olympus mirrorless sales are down (they probably aren't).
How much are Nikon 1, Canon EOS M, Pentax Q and Samsung NX sales down?

Olympus didn't say that PEN sales are down 12% from last year. They said they were 12% below expectations. Without know their expected sales for this year it is impossible to tell how PEN sales compare with other mirrorless.

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marike6: Now that this camera got a Gold Award, maybe Canon will use this same sensor for another five years.

But seriously, I handled this camera at Costco the other day, and the body is really quite nice. IQ is behind it's competitors but at the entry level this may not matter since images at lower ISOs do look very good.

The problem is lenses. The lenses I'd be interested in mounting like the new Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 or the excellent EF 70-200 f/4 would balance extremely poorly. The shallow grip helps keep the SL1 small, but ultimately hurts ergonomics. In this case a standard Rebel T5i / 700D or 70D would be a significantly better choice.

Many assume (including DPR) that small size is desirable, but it only helps portability. That's it. And since the SL1 is not pocketable anyway, the sacrifice in handling is really all for naught.

I think most of us appreciate lighter weight cameras even if we can't fit them into our pockets. I don't think I'm the only one who frequently tosses a small camera into my day pack.

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MichaelKJ: "This highlight capability is paid for in the shadows, where the RX1R clips to black rather sooner than some of its rivals."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the graph would appear to indicate that the only camera that doesn't clip to black as soon as the RX1R is the D600.

I stand corrected ;)
The 645 appears to be equal to the D800 & D600. Olympus E-M5 appears to be better at not clipping to black than all of those cameras. Am I missing something again (is gradation normal equivalent to DRO off & ADL off)?
Are there any cameras that beat the RX1R in terms of not clipping to white?

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"This highlight capability is paid for in the shadows, where the RX1R clips to black rather sooner than some of its rivals."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the graph would appear to indicate that the only camera that doesn't clip to black as soon as the RX1R is the D600.

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Albino_BlacMan: Has DPR reviewed a camera that hasn't gotten at least a silver award in the last 2 years?

Awards lose their meaning a bit when everyone gets them...

Cameras reviewed so far in 2013 (excluding group reviews)
Gold = 7
Silver = 9
No award = 3
Lake Wobegon effect?

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deleted_081301: "Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad is finally shipping the 'Lunar'."

Hasselblad LONG AGO ceased to Manufacture Cameras... and long ago ceased to be SWEDISH .....Most of thier Cameras are made in Japan by Fuji as are the lenses for them

Now they are rebadging SONY's with a wood Veneer

In this day and age, where a product is manufactured has little meaning (think Apple & Samsung manufactured by Foxconn in China). I think Hassys are still, in some way, based in Sweden. A Hong Kong company acquired ownership rights in 2003, but Venitz Capital--a German and Swiss-based private equity firm acquired the company two years ago. While a prive equity firm calls the shots, they obviously don't design the cameras. The company's R&D people may still be in Sweden (although, given this camera, that may offend some Swedes).

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tkpenalty: Why dont they just make a mirroless D3x00 with on sensor phase like the V2 and the same aesthetic?

Much less R&D, much easier engineering, and each camera would be cheaper. The V2 isn't even small anymore....

The smaller sensor size of the V2 translates into about a one stop difference, so low light ability of f1.2 on V2 is similar to f1.8 on mFT.

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Zvonimir Tosic: I don't understand Olympus. Why they issue an E-Px camera, then also an E-PLx camera which is basically bastardised and cheap E-Px? Why they follow the logic, or the lack of it, of the DSLR manufacturers?
For example, why they don't keep the value and the appeal of the E-Px cameras by issuing a separate line of fixed, quality retractable lens cameras with the same sensor and in the similar design (but a camera category that is more like the Coolpix A and Ricoh GR, or even Fuji X100s)?
The small form factor of the mirrorless offer would really show its truer potential, and would not devaluate the appeal of the Pen camera. (And then on top those two lines, have an OM-D like offer too). In retrospect, by now they could practically own the market which Fujifilm, Sigma, Nikon ad Ricoh try to create and establish themselves with their fixed-lens, large sensor enthusiast cameras.
I appreciate your answers.

Are you referring to the past and present executives at Olympus?

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marike6: It looks very similar to the EP-3, but with a tilt LCD. They just wrote "Olympus PEN" in all caps on as a nod to the original PEN.

The country club, polo shoes, cologne theme makes me NOT want to buy it at all. I cannot think of a more square marketing theme than "country club chic".

It's also not nearly as beautiful as the X100s, nor as small and utilitarian as the Ricoh GRD V. So I'm out, but I'm sure it will do well with m43 users.

I have my doubts about m43 users. I'm on my third mFT camera and don't think it makes much sense to own both the E-M5 and the E-P5. I prefer to shoot with an EVF and, after using the excellent VF-2 with the E-PL1, have no desire to own another camera with a removable EVF. This is clearly an excellent camera. However, I see it as appealing to a niche market and doubt it will sell that well. I think most E-M5 users are willing to wait for the next OM-D to enjoy the improvements that have been incorporated into the E-P5.

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gandulfc: basically, when I read the video specs, this is a panasonic gh2 with slight photo improvements

It has 1080/60p and focus peaking. Andrew Reid is quite impressed with it.

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 review (297 comments in total)


It would be helpful if DPR could make it clear how the dimensions coincide with the weightings. For example, you have a movie/video dimension but this is not a separate category in your weightings pie chart. Thus, we have no idea if it is considered part of "features" or "other" or something else.


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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 review (297 comments in total)
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agentul: so the GH2 gets 79% and a silver award, while the GH3 gets 79% and a gold award. why?

Both are obviously subjective. The scores on each dimension and the overall score are based on subjective judgments as are the awards.

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Tim F 101: Great news for micro 4/3. Sounds like a killer app for people who want to do great video with minimal (sized) gear. The GH3 will do just fine, since this little thing does not look like a great tool if you also want to take great still pics (or at least the best that the m4/3 lens mount can deliver).

This will probably hurt GH3 sales since some people will prefer its video capabilities and opt to go with separate cameras for stills and video.

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On article Just posted: Hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 100D/SL1 (379 comments in total)
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Ag_Paladin: just look at this and tell me that Canon's strategy makes any sense?


A comparison of equivalent lenses (18-36mm equiv):
Olympus E-M5 + Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6 -- 555g Filter size 52mm
Canon 100D + Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 - - 1077g Filter size 82mm
And the Olympus lens is slightly faster! but has no hood.

Looks to me like this is just one part of their strategy to gain small ILC market share. They will compete with their brand name recognition & marketing muscle and superior AF for moving subjects. This camera isn't aimed at those who want a 9-18. It is aimed at the average P&S upgrader who will never own more than one or two zoom lenses. I expect them to emphasize the fact that the 18-55 only weighs 7 oz.

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