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On article HDR for the Rest of Us (196 comments in total)

At last, natural looking HDR pictures. Excellent article, thanks. I will read and absorb.

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On article Researchers follow the noise to find composite images (38 comments in total)

Excellent. Maybe we will again be able to rely on photos as evidence ("the camera never lies") by being able to prove a photo has NOT been manipulated.

This meshes with an item on Australian ABC-TV Media Watch last night (www.abc.net.au/mediawatch) about Google Images being able to match almost any image with other images on the web, so proving or disproving an image's veracity. They used an image asserted by a newspaper to be of Osama bin Laden to prove that it was a fake - it was of another similar looking person.

So, two new tools come together to provide truth. This is good.

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On article Behind the photo: Apple's Retina MacBook Pro zebras... (28 comments in total)

Even before I read the comments below, my first thought was, "Take helicopter, fly over herd of zebras, take shot."
Yes, it's a nice photo, but I have seen FAR better images to the right in the Challenges from amateur readers. There's nothing special about this one. There's not enough in it to make it stand out from the er, herd.

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