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motomanDK: Great picture!!! Can you tell what it is?


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Don't you think about using telescope?

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wus: All tablets that I know lack a couple important features which I think are really mandatory before they "rightfully" deserve the term "tablet for photographers":

- a full size SDXC card slot (in addition to a micro sized one!), capable of UHS-1 speeds - and yes, I am aware that this requires accordingly fast and big internal memory (SSD), this is a sub-requirement which follows as a conclusion,

- an HDMI input plus app allowing to use the tablet as a larger (full HD) monitor on a DSLR when shooting video.

There's a couple more requirements but as long as these 2 aren't available I won't buy a tablet.

Did I overlook a tablet which offers these features?

MSI WindPad 110 - fullsize SD slot + full size USB port + Win7 capable of PS and LR running.

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jsandjs: There is a voice detector missing. For instance, whenever an OMG was heard, a picture was taken.

Also it may recognise "Look how I can..." and instantly send photo and video to sites collecting "fails of the month"

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Automated Cartier-Bresson.

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