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olyflyer: Very nice image, and a nice plane. Never seen one for real, but I guess it is a fire fighter. It would be nice to see one landing and taking off from water, as well as filling the water tanks skimming the water surface, assuming that is the way it does it.

At the next challenge, mate ;)

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motomanDK: Great picture!!! Can you tell what it is?


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Don't you think about using telescope?

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wus: All tablets that I know lack a couple important features which I think are really mandatory before they "rightfully" deserve the term "tablet for photographers":

- a full size SDXC card slot (in addition to a micro sized one!), capable of UHS-1 speeds - and yes, I am aware that this requires accordingly fast and big internal memory (SSD), this is a sub-requirement which follows as a conclusion,

- an HDMI input plus app allowing to use the tablet as a larger (full HD) monitor on a DSLR when shooting video.

There's a couple more requirements but as long as these 2 aren't available I won't buy a tablet.

Did I overlook a tablet which offers these features?

MSI WindPad 110 - fullsize SD slot + full size USB port + Win7 capable of PS and LR running.

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jsandjs: There is a voice detector missing. For instance, whenever an OMG was heard, a picture was taken.

Also it may recognise "Look how I can..." and instantly send photo and video to sites collecting "fails of the month"

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Automated Cartier-Bresson.

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