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Preternatural Stuff: @hoggdoc - "All for a few bucks more"? - Typical BS about the M4/3 value proposition (or lack thereof). I used to want M4/3 to succeed but no more.

Products with smaller sensors and less glass @ equivalent focal length costs more? What kind of fool do the M4/3 makers take consumers for?

M4/3 will never beat a larger sensor for image quality. Look at the comments by your kind of M4/3 users filled with stuff like "nearly as good", "almost as good" qualifiers.

M4/3 will never beat the 35mm or APS-C system for sensor image quality (bokeh, depth of field, noise). Ditto for range of lenses - something any photographer worth his salt knows is what ultimately matters. Please - no nonsense about using the best M4/3 prime lenses to compare IQ with 35mm/APS-C bodies with kit lenses. The best 35mm prime lenses on a 35mm/APS-C body, will blow your measly minds.

M4/3 should be cheaper but instead costs more on an IQ-per-dollar basis. Understand why I refuse to get M4/3 yet?

Not perfect but the vastly superior colour compared to my previous Pana GH2s yellow look makes it worth it

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