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I wouldn't give them one more dime of my cash,,,I bought into Wacom about five years ago and have had nothing but problems with compatibility and popular raw editers. It was not just me, it is well documented throughout the editing field, and they wouldn't even respond to our problems.

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forpetessake: Kodak, ThinkPad, Jeep -- such wonderful Chinese names. Chinese Communist Party can be proud of such achievements, as their ideological teachers used to say: Capitalism will gladly sell the rope used to hang itself.

the writing is on the wall, read till the end,,,,,,

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Thank you for the comment

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Abby is thinking,,,just keep stacking them up,,,when they hit the floor they are all mine !!!!!

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Where are the m4/3 fanboys (you know who you are !!!) to argue the superiority of the mirrorless wonders to this behemeth.
Sorry had to do it

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A freind of mine who has a business archiving movie film in Hollywood has told me that these med format cameras are used a lot in movie productions.They can achieve better resolution for set backdrops digital and stage, also for billboard prints.There must be a market for them or no one would make them.I will just stick with my lowly ol 4/3 Olympus format.

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brentbrent: "Only the 5 best photos will be voted upon"

Nothing prevents "friend vote solicitations" among the top 5. This just prevents all other entries from receiving feedback via votes. Sorry, I think the concept just doesn't make sense.

Select judging is an excellent idea, I think that past winners of challenges should be on the judging panel.I have seen too many challenges were first rate photos were not in the top five and winning photos were less than steller.Thats a sign of mass voting by freinds of facebook.

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the water drops are laying on top of the disc, the feild of view only shows the few drops in focus.If you look close at the upper left the whiteish silver part is the center of the disc

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