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  • A normal lens then, is one that renders a printed (or otherwise displayed) photograph of a scene that when held at 'normal' viewing distance (usually arms-length) in front of the original scene ...
  • Replied in E-M10 Died
    Unfortunately it was an Olympus Reconditioned item. Only had a 90 day warranty. Probably not work fixing. I'll likely sell the camera for parts and the grip, batteries, and chargers as separate items,
  • I prefer the 25mm focal length for people pictures with 3/4 or 1/2 body length shots or small groups. I like the wider focal length (I have the Sigma 19mm) for walking around streets shots, or ...
  • As I understand it, the reason 50mm (or 25mm) is considered the standard focal length is not FOV related. It is due to the perspective of relative size of near and far objects that is most similar ...
  • Created discussion thread E-M10 Died
    I have a roughly 2 year old E-M10. While on vacation last week, the shutter suddenly stopped working properly. At any shutter speed, the shutter closes but never reopens. The EVF goes black with ...
  • Replied in VF4 deals?
    I picked one up on ebay for $150. I was too slow on the trigger for a $120 deal. I paired it with an E-P5 that I got for $192. I'm glad I did because my E-M10 died yesterday while on vacation.
  • The 17mm is not a similar focal length to the 35mm on DX. A 25mm would be closer.
  • I use a sling strap connected to the tripod mount of the lens and have the peak design lugs on the camera. I can swap between a neck strap and a wrist strap using the common lugs.
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    I don't see how Olympus can leave an $850 hole in their lineup. The Pen F is $1200 and the E-PL7 is currently $350. They cannot possibly leave that open. They will likely release a new E-PL camera ...
  • I suggest keeping an eye out for a discounted E-P5. $350 combined for the camera and VF-4 is hard to beat. It has 5 axis stabilization, 1/8000 max shutter speed. 1/320 flash sync, twin dials, ...
  • I also find the current Oly site interesting. They list the Pen F, E-PL7 and E-PL6. No mention of the E-P or E-PM lines. Seems odd to completely drop them if there are successors lined up. OTOH, ...
  • Time is your friend. The E-P5 original price was $999. The VF-4 is $280. The combined price was more than the Pen F.  I recently paid $192 for a reconditioned E-P5 and $150 for a VF-4. $342 for an ...
  • I use the Joby convertible neck strap. I really like it. Comfortable as a wrist strap and neck strap. Nice looking too.
  • Replied in Geez, indeed.
    Can someone please tell me why the notion of equivalence is so controversial? I understand the basics of the argument of why the aperture should be expressed as the equivalent aperture when ...
  • I am waiting for the next time they are in stock and on sale on the Olympus reconditioned site. I regret not doing it a few weeks ago. $575 is a good price.
  • The TC is on my list. My primary use of the 40-150 will be soccer and outdoor basketball with the 13 year old. I'm right on the side of the field/court and the TC will likely be a hinderance as ...
  • By the same token a 14mm lens is a 14mm lens is a 14mm lens. It is not a 28mm lens.
  • I have just recently gained an interest in visiting potential raptor sites in the area. I have been to both the Occoquan Bay Wildlife Refuge and the Mason Neck Wildlife Refuge in recent weeks. I ...
  • The "problem" only arises when people are converting focal lengths. It is fine to leave the aperture at f2.8 when referring to the 12-40 f2.8. The problem is people want to call it equivalent to a ...
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