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On article CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor (252 comments in total)
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John Crawley: When is the industry going to learn that more MP isn't the answer.

Diffraction is the ultimate resolution killer whatever the quality of the lens.
For wavelength between 400 and 800 nanometers (visible light), the radius of the circle of confusion depends on the aperture A. Its size is between A/2 and A in microns. For example, if A=5.6, the radius of the circle of confusion is 5.6microns for red and 2.8microns for blue. To take full advantage of the resolution of such a sensor (2.2 microns pitch) the aperture should be below 5.6, with consequently a depth of field extremely small.
This makes sense for aviation or space applications (focus set to infinity=>no depth of field problem).

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Well, 24MP with an APS-C sensor means less than 4 microns pixels, means diffractions starts at f/4 in the red and f/8 in the blue, and means also that this camera requires perfect top-grade lenses, which are much more expensive than the camera itself. It might also penalize high iso performance.
It's a pity that DSLRs enter the MP race.
Very good video specs. Beautiful LCD screen. But apparently no exposure bracketing, which is quite unbelievable if true.
Will probably be a hit in the entry level market but probably not for the good reasons.
PS: no way it could ever come close to full frame sensor cameras regarding image quality. Elementary optics.

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