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fredmason: I miss Modern Photography. Popular Photography was always the "other" magazine to me. Never liked it as much.

I preferred Modern Photo. When it was absorbed into PopPhoto it just wasn't the same, but I kept my subscription for a long time.

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rgwaller1: I am glad you put this article in. I just got my March/April issue last week and then a couple of days later I got the renewal notice. I was planning to send in my check tomorrow and would have lost my money.

I was debating whether to renew after the subscription notice showed the price going way up for 6 issues per year.

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Great news! It seemed to be inevitable if Pentax/Ricoh was going to continue in the DSLR market. Maybe by waiting so long they will be able to offer a great product with great features at a great price!!! :)

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The strength and durability of the camera strap is another thing this camera could advertize... 8 months in the swamp on a gator's foot and still holding!!!

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Generally, I think digital photographers can get by w/o using the Zone System, but it's another tool that enhances their knowledge and ability as a skilled photographer vs. being a digital photo hack, especially in high contrast scenes. The Zone System gives digital users an eloquent way of thinking about and understanding the tonal scale. I've found it deepens one's ability to "see" and appreciate tonality, especially for black & white imagery, and is a useful guide for making post-processing adjustment decisions and evaluating print quality. Most of the time the DSLR + histogram + post-processing are adequate, but there's something satisfying about recognizing a specific zone, spot metering, shifting exposure and seeing the results!
Maybe it's like shooting in Raw w/o presetting WB, just tweaking in post processing, or maybe shooting with higher megapixels using only one lens... after all, you can post-process crop/stitch/filter(lens distortion) to create a wide range of images!

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I'm glad they didn't go forward with their announced change to upgrades for now. I own PS-CS3 on a Vista based PC and plan to upgrade after CS6 is released. I typically upgrade every 2 to 3 versions of whatever software/hardware products I use unless my work evolves to need something sooner. I've been considering trying LR now that it's been tweaked through nearly 4 versions, but am still very disappointed that it can't interchangeably share and update RAW file data with ACR in PS. But when Adobe announced their new policy I was upset about being forced to buy stuff I don't need and considered switching to something else just to avoid these Adobe products in the future.
The more recent versions (PS-CS4 & CS5) didn't have enough new features that I really needed to get work completed, even though some looked interesting. CS6 should have enough changes to warrant the upgrade as I may find some of the new things useful even if they're not "essential".

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