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  • Early on, I shot Adobe RGB JPEG -- this was in the days when a 512 MB memory card cost almost $200 and Raw was a luxury. One day I scanned through a few thousand travel photos that I'd shot that ...
  • Replied in Eye AF
    PDAF for Face/Eye detect was added to the X-Pro2 with firmware 3.00. In a portrait setting as described by the OP, contrast-detect would probably be fast enough anyway.
  • Replied in Eye AF
    I haven't seen that particular video, but you'll probably find the Eye Detect AF in your X-Pro2 to be satisfactory for portrait work, provided the subject isn't wearing glasses. If no face/eye is ...
  • Is it truly hunting -- jump to near focus, move outward until focus starts decreasing, then move back and forth to find the exact spot? Or is it triple-jumping -- jump to near focus, jump to ...
  • I think that "digital Holga" vibe was what the backers of this camera wanted. What they got, however (for the ones that have actually received one) apparently doesn't come even close to meeting...

  • If the camera is still under warranty, then it might be worthwhile having Fuji do it. But I found the Chinese skins to be very simple to install, and now my X-T10 looks like new. No tools are ...
  • The skins and thumb rest are held on with double-stick tape, not glue. The same is true of the thumb rest, but you've already permanently glued that on, so there's no going back on that now ...
  • Shutter speed has no effect on laser damage to mirrorless cameras and video cameras, where the sensor is exposed essentially 100% of the time. A DSLR probably wouldn't have had a problem.
  • The "0" value indicates the default level for the current configuration. The default levels of a number of parameters very much depend on the film simulation that's selected. As an obvious ...
  • Replied in AF-C settings
    I'm assuming this is for the X-T20 mentioned in your gear list. If you leave AF on the shutter button, and do the "full press without stopping at half press" technique, you don't need AF-C unless ...
  • For most users, 91 is plenty and makes it a lot faster to change your AF point to a different area of the screen. 325 probably exists mainly to make the specs look good. I'm sure there are a few ...
  • Replied in X-T20 vs X-E3
    With only a few exceptions, Fuji's zooms all have OIS and Fuji's primes don't. The current exceptions are: (1) 8-16 f/2.8 zoom doesn't have OIS (2) 16-55 f/2.8 zoom ...
  • Replied in X-T20 vs X-E3
    You're aware that there are two conversion lenses you can attach to the X-100F -- wide and tele? A zoom almost certainly wouldn't have been pocketable.
  • Replied in WB Shift
    It sounds like your WB Shift setting for Custom WB isn't centered.
  • Replied in X-T20 vs X-E3
    X-E3 has the following firmware features not present in the X-T20 (as far as I know): (1) fancier AE bracketing, with up to 9 shots, single shot per press option, selectable order
  • All updates for the X-T3 will have the same file name. Be sure you haven't accidentally put the new file in the same folder with an earlier version, resulting in the new one being called something ...
  • I suspect that the X-E3, like the earlier models, uses double-stick tape, not glue. The skin apparently is intended to be removable if needed for service or, more likely, just to replace a worn skin. ...
  • Manual focus can be rather challenging with a modern AF-oriented viewfinder. You don't have the standard assist features. It's very hard to tell what's in focus and what isn't. Mirrorless cameras ...
  • Dumb question, but I've got to ask it: what's your shutter speed compared with your frame rate?
  • YouTube provides automated transcripts.

    1. Click on the big word "YouTube" in the bottom-right corner of the video above to take you to the YouTube page.
    2. Beneath the video, to the right of the...

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