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On article Opinion: the Sony a7 III could be the new Nikon D750 (1232 comments in total)

Alot of stuffs in today's world looks perfect specs wise on paper until you try it, you may just dislike the handling , the ergonomics, the color profile, the contrast. The specs hardly makes up the buying decision if one does not feel like using the "perfect" camera on paper for more than a few minutes.

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epambos: I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the Huawei P line after owning a P9 and P10.

The B/W sensor was a delight to use, the organic noise and excellent detail allowed me to shoot personal photo stories despite owning a treasured Fuji X100 (one very portable and capable camera).

What a lot of reviewers fail to point out is that, anyone familiar with the colour profiles used by various companies finds a lot of the knowledge and character of Leica within the image files of the P9 and P10, and the same applies to the treatment of the images that the monochromatic sensor produces...

It is my humble opinion that in the case of the P20 Pro usable zoom, excelent low light performance and dynamic range, ability to shoot high resolution and true monochromatic images really do make this a groundbreaking imaging device, one that is worth having when compared to other current smartphones, especially if taking photographs with your mobile is something you consider important.

The thing is there is an issue with the tone of the article "Don't buy...Buy XXX", while I agree there are people who favor features over image quality, but the contradiction is the article mentioned most of today's high end smartphones are good enough image quality wise, but aren't the high end smartphones also good enough features wise? And most importantly, it's all about being autonomous for choosing one's priority, and I would assume some if not most people on DPreview site would put a slight favor of image quality over features when choosing a smartphone over another given DPreview being a photography and photo gear oriented site, and suddenly one should not buy a product because the site's staff favors features over image qualities for some strange reason (never before when Samsung and Google Pixels were the top dogs) ?

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Indeed very suspicious timing of this article, There have been many years Samsung and Google Pixels were considered the top camera phones previously, but it was never mentioned that we should not buy the phone with the 'best camera,' but buy the phone you like as a phone. I suspect it was paid by the competitors to attack Huawei when it's seemingly on the rise and at a point really threatening both Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. But as a whole bashing other brands is not never a good way maintain market share, you need to look outside the box why your are losing the market, hint: Innovation/product design/practicality/ and of course cost. Brand name cannot carry your business forever. And who are you to tell consumers their priority is for choosing a smartphone over another? If my priority is to choose the best image quality possible for my smartphone purchase, why would a review site tell me not to buy it simply because the site thinks it's not best for me?

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Both Sony and Samsung are too late to the game, Huawei owns the future of the smartphone market, you can see it from its forward thinking triple camera setup ahead of everyone with the main camera sensor being 1/1.78″ which is twice larger than the next competitor's large sensor. They are currently already the world's number 2 in terms of smartphone units sold, I see them dethroning Samsung in the next 5 years with more innovative products and designs.

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Looks like he knew Sony's run in the mirrorless market is soon coming to an end and just saying this to save face in case Sony exits like Samsung once did in the future.

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This signals the big run from Sony is soon over.

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So it's official, the days of larger sensors designs (Panasonic CM1, Nokia 808 etc.) are fading away, somehow they are trying to convince you that a 1/2.6" sensor can score better than those 1 inch or 1/1.2" sensors by paying Dxo, then they can keep giving you smaller sensors in these premium flagships that cost $1,000 which used to be $500-$600, and make you believe they are actually worth $1200, $1,500, $1,800 in the next generations. More power to Dxo to make it happen, smaller is better.

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I guess Samsung did not pay DXO enough like Apple did, 1/3" sensor could get you a 94, while the best 1/2.3" sensors out there like both HTC U11 and Google pixel barely cracking 90? It's just way to obvious, don't tell me software makes up for it, there is no reason a 1/3" sensor can be anywhere close to being 80 let alone 90+. It's like saying m43 sensors can be 100+ with good software to beat full frame sensors.

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I wonder how much Apple paid DXO, really a combination of 1/3" and 1/3.6" sensors gets you a 94 nowadays while dual cams with 1/2.3" and 1/2.6" or 1/2.8" gets well below that?

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On article iPhone 8 Review: Pushing the limits of photography (43 comments in total)

Pushing the limits of reusing the same 1/3.6" and 1/3" sensors as previous generations as Android competitors have moved on to 1/2.3" senors years ago, and adding a flashier price tag of $1000 to make it more "Appealing", Apple surely knows how to maximize shareholder's profit well.

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After a $11,000 price drop to $14,995, it's still $10,000 too expensive, enough said.

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It's about time Sony test the water with their 1' sensor in their next gen smartphone like the one they used for RX 100 V, Panasonic tried this before and I'm sure Sony could use a much better design to the advantage, their current offerings do not sell well, so might as well try that to dethrone Samsung and Apple in an unique way.

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Another half-baked product by Google, if you have an usable camera app, might as well stay original and be happy.

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It's possible for Instagram, but I doubt Snapchat will still be listed in the exchange at the current rate of loss of 400 millions of per quarter loss, stock price has dived way below of IPO already currently, I see it disappear on the face of earth in 5 years instead.

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NZ Scott: An acquaintance bought $20,000 worth of Bitcoin two years ago.

It's now worth $250,000.

And another two years later, the same $20,000 will be worth $2,500,000, they could keep repeating this,so 10 years later the same $20,000 will now be $25,000,000,000. Yes, that's right turning $20,000 into 25 billion, smartest scam ever.

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I honestly don't know who is more trustworthy in this case, DPreview or the LG that has had the famous boot-loop for generations of the G series along with well known QC issues, but I will avoid LG even if it scored 90+, what's good for a high score if it won't last anyways?

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Not having an iphone is the best thing I have done to my life, just like I would not buy a Leica camera ever, there are simply too many better options out there at a much lower price nowadays to chase after Apple.

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They are basically saying for the intended purpose of this camera: Sports or wildlife, we do not have the telephoto lens for it, yet you can't off-brands from Canikon, so stick with Canikon for now until the Sony A9-II.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2746 comments in total)

Tried it in the store alongside the D500, egonomics and build quality is way better with the D500, plus as soon as you put any decent sized lens on it, the balance and handling are way off compared to the D500. I would imagine Nikon D5 would be far better for the audience it's targeting. Decent specs on paper though.

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On article Lenovo Moto G5 Plus camera first impressions review (67 comments in total)
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noflashplease: I wonder how much longer Samsung and other Android OEMs will be able to maintain iPhone style pricing for flagship handsets? I'm impressed with how well Lenovo has maintained the product cycle at Google's former Motorola subsidiary, as well as the aggressive pricing.

Why pay more? You pay for the privilege to get the "burning" experience from Samsung which is an unheard experience you only get from the Koreans, this "premium" experience is alone is well worth the double premium price it bundles with.

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