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They are basically saying for the intended purpose of this camera: Sports or wildlife, we do not have the telephoto lens for it, yet you can't off-brands from Canikon, so stick with Canikon for now until the Sony A9-II.

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Tried it in the store alongside the D500, egonomics and build quality is way better with the D500, plus as soon as you put any decent sized lens on it, the balance and handling are way off compared to the D500. I would imagine Nikon D5 would be far better for the audience it's targeting. Decent specs on paper though.

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noflashplease: I wonder how much longer Samsung and other Android OEMs will be able to maintain iPhone style pricing for flagship handsets? I'm impressed with how well Lenovo has maintained the product cycle at Google's former Motorola subsidiary, as well as the aggressive pricing.

Why pay more? You pay for the privilege to get the "burning" experience from Samsung which is an unheard experience you only get from the Koreans, this "premium" experience is alone is well worth the double premium price it bundles with.

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mar2jeter: The United States version will not have Quad Dac audio on it. Major fail already LG. Korea and other Asian markets will have it. Also the United States version will only get the 32GB version while the Asian markets will have the 64GB version.

They shot themselves in the foot with the famous boot-loop problems in the G series. Too bad, they are not Samsung who can burn you alive and people still blindly go after their phones or Apple who has not had any true innovation since the first gen and still manage to shamelessly charge people close to $1000 like they are Ferrari of the supercars.

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