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deep7: This wasn't a surprise but I actually stopped giving them money even earlier. It bothered me that I seemed to need a newer version of Lightroom every time I got a new camera, so I never bothered getting LR6. The other problem is that they kept adding surplus functionality (while quietly either taking other things away or making them hard to find) and the programme got slower and slower. Right now, running LR5 on a late MacBook Pro, it's quick enough but I'll bet LR1.4 would have been super-snappy!

Anyhow, the DNG converter works just fine, the file management still integrates well with the Finder and the RAW processing is still very powerful and effective, so even grumpy people like myself will keep using it. However, when a change is forced, I am quite sure Adobe won't be getting my money. After all, Adobe's business model correctly predicts grumpy people aren't a good target market!

I use Lr 5.7 and have (so far anyway!) been able to convert .NEF to .dng (with cameras that have come out since Lr 5.7) and they open just fine in LR.... So far so good, anyway.

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