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On article Variation Facts and Fallacies (227 comments in total)

One reason I like primes. Zooms are obviously more complex with the extra movements and elements that are necessary to make them work. This, coupled with plastic parts that seem to require wider tolerances, make for a better chance to get a dog. And that I have.

I love the silky smooth focus rings of the old metal lenses and the no wiggle when you shake it rigid body. I must say that after collecting numerous types of these lenses, sometimes two or three copies of the same lens, I never had one that was soft on one side or had some other quality issue.

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (374 comments in total)

I used to be an IT manager for an engineering company. This is the way nearly ALL the software was licensed: It required some sort of USB dongle or a license server or still needed to be authorized like Windows OS or MS Office did (or does?). With most of the engineering software, you paid to use it for a year. If that expired, you paid to renew or lose use of the software and are charged full price of the software if you wanted to use it again.

Depending on the software, we figured it cost us $15,000 for a workstation, but that is still small compared to the cost of the human running it.

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On article Just published - a quick Pentax 645D sample gallery (131 comments in total)

The studio comparison tool here on DPR shows just how amazing this camera is. Compare it to any FF SLR. It is just not the megapixel count, it is also the sharpness and clarity of the images at full view.

Unfortunately it comes at a price. The cost and weight of the camera and lenses.

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On article Just Posted: Sony SLT-A65 review (159 comments in total)

I agree with DPR's assessment. Shoot this thing RAW to get the 24mp resolution expected.

Noise at higher ISOs is a disappointment. Low noise at high ISO is part of the attraction of larger sensors. Compared the other cameras RAW noise is two stops worse and nearly 3 stops vs. the K5. The Sony 16mp sensor seems to be the current APS-C champ. This camera is a victim of the megapixel race. RIP

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On article Fujifilm X10 Preview Samples Gallery (110 comments in total)

I'm impressed! First, it has a good lens that stays reasonably sharp into the very corners. Full res shots are not as soft as I was expecting from this type of sensor. Noise is not too bad at higher ISOs even in high res mode.

I like the X10's handling of noise. A little is allowed to show rather than attempting to smear it with strong NR. Low contrast detail in darker area shows.

I had the S95 and while it is a fine camera, I was never "at home" with its jpeg rendering. To me, the X10 is the camera to move on to.

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On article Report: Nikon at PPE 2011 (42 comments in total)

"The T300 combines the P7100's 10MP CMOS sensor with 'luxury' styling and a small form-factor."

Can someone clear up the confusion here? Either the T300 is some new model or this is a P300 and the sensor is not the same as the P7100 nor is it CCD.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V review (72 comments in total)

Why 16MP? The images are soft and lack detail. Noise reduction destroys lots of low contrast detail even at low ISO. IMO, the compacts using the small 16MP sensor are the worst I've seen to date. MP race at the worst.

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On article Olympus shares suffer as former CEO goes on the attack (188 comments in total)

There goes money for new product development. Down the road when the PEN E-PL7 comes out it will have, you guest it, the same 12mp sensor...

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On article Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera (195 comments in total)

Sony's low shadow noise on this sensor has Canon's engineers scratching their heads.

I must admit though, the E-PL3's JPEGs are nothing short of beautiful.

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On article Introduction to Travel Photography (44 comments in total)

The article started well and then descended into a name-brand this, name-brand that grocery list of gear. I think that part could have been generalized and without the branding.

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On article Nikon J1 real-world samples gallery (335 comments in total)

Pretty decent I'd say. The zoom lens does show falloff near the edges, but nothing serious. High ISO performance is pretty good. Looking at the last pic of the neon lit scene at ISO3200, I was expecting mush, but There is a pretty clean image with sharp details. I'd guess this camera has a Sony built sensor.

The shot with the candy signs shows pretty good detail. I'd like to see this camera with a good prime.

I'd say Nikon made a neat little system that compares with 4/3rds quite well. I applaud them for going 10mp to stay out of the pixel race. Prices are a concern, but they will hopefully drop.

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On article Sony SLT-A35 review published (16 comments in total)
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Simon97: "Conclusion-Cons" says ghosting is a problem, but under "Photographic tests" DPR stated the the internal reflection off the mirror that caused the ghosting in the A55 is pretty much a non issue in the A35. Did DPR forget to remove that from the Cons?

Not sure. Perhaps it was cached or something. Anyway, it is gone now. I'm glad Sony was able to fix the mirror ghosting issue that was my only reservation against the fixed mirror design.

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On article Sony SLT-A35 review published (16 comments in total)

"Conclusion-Cons" says ghosting is a problem, but under "Photographic tests" DPR stated the the internal reflection off the mirror that caused the ghosting in the A55 is pretty much a non issue in the A35. Did DPR forget to remove that from the Cons?

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On article Just Posted: Sony NEX-7 pre-production samples gallery (105 comments in total)
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Stephen_C: The photos are amazing given the size of the camera. I was wondering when Sony would start to pass up Canon in sensor quality. That day appears to have arrived. Canon had a big head start, but Sony is a much bigger company.

Sony moved ahead of Canon with their 16mp aps-c sensor that is amazing with noise performance. The difference is more than marginal.

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On article Just Posted: Sony NEX-7 pre-production samples gallery (105 comments in total)

Very nice but I'd like to see this with a better lens. 24mp aps-c will favor lenses that can deliver sharp images at wider apertures. Small aperture softening (diffraction) will be quite apparent. I noticed softening with my old 6mp SLR when shooting smaller than f/8, so this camera will really show it.

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Low ISO softness and smearing is a disappointment. Lens is not bad unless zoomed all the way where it becomes very soft. Unfortunately, this camera is just a numbers pleaser with no real image quality to back it up.

I have not seen any camera with the tiny 16mp sensor that is worth a darn. It is a bridge too far for this sensor size. It is better to down size the images to 6 to 8 mp range before they are of any use.

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On article Nikon shares rise as Nikkei suggests mirrorless launch (114 comments in total)

Canon and Nikon aren't dumb. They can afford to sit back and watch the market on a new system to see its success or failure. With the huge customer base of these systems, the name alone will sell lots of these cameras if and when they produce them. Smart business if you ask me.

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On article Just posted: Our in-depth review of the Olympus E-P3 (81 comments in total)

Despite the 12mp aging sensor, the PEN series produces some of the most loveliest jpegs right out of the camera in the 100-400 ISO range. It has a pleasing grain-like structure to the noise at higher ISOs if the NR is turned off.
Unfortunately the samples for this model don't do it much justice as they did too many high ISO shots and art effect shots. Check the older model samples to see what I mean.

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I guess you give up image quality with water proof designs. Although the Panasonic looks best, it can't even resolve the detail of the face etching in the studio scene. Most ordinary 10mp compacts can! Some of these cameras look as bad as cell phones. IMO, they are not worth their asking price.

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