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Geez, People complain about everything! A 1" sensor in a compact with this zoom range very nice but there is compromise. If you want fast at the long end, you can't have it in such a small package. That's why they make interchangeable lens cameras where you can choose the lens for your needs.

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Simon97: Sure its no DSLR but I wouldn't mind this sensor and lens combo in a compact camera instead of those noisy, smeary compact cameras they push out now.

Because it could be a sub $200 camera. A G7X and RX100 aren't exactly cheap.

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Sure its no DSLR but I wouldn't mind this sensor and lens combo in a compact camera instead of those noisy, smeary compact cameras they push out now.

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Photato: Big pixels magic !
Really liked these shots.
Wish there was an APSC body with big pixels like this camera.
10 Megapixels is plenty resolutoon except for Lanscapes or extreme cropping.
Folks that need higher resolution there are plenty of other bodies out there.
Glad Panasonic is offering this option.

You can always resize a camera's image down. For example, resize a 24mp APS-C image down to 12mp. It will reduce the noise and the pictures would look sharper than a camera with a native 12mp Bayer array sensor. For still photos, more pixels are better to an extent.

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I'm not an Apple fanboy. In fact I don't own any Apple products. But I think it is cool when a big industry would use "common folk" gear to generate an end product. Now, it would be really funny if he used those cheap dollar store clip-on lenses for different focal lengths.

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Michael Berg: I wonder how much camera weight it can support in the "chair" configuration? When I shoot with a tripod it's because I want the camera to be absolutely stable so I won't be in the chair when I trigger the shutter, rather standing beside the contraption. Looks to me like it would just fall over if the camera is even slightly heavy.

With 600mm f/4 monster glass attached it probably would tip over even with user seated :)

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+1 to lens reviews and hopefully more of them.

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dpr4bb: What a shame. Another Canon compact with a poor lens.

The review over on Image resource shows a decent lens if you examine their test shots. Could be a duff lens here which is an unfortunate inconstancy. I'd buy this camera now if it were $300. The price for admission at over $400 at reliable retailers is nuts.

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canonpro: ****To all those haters, who say his work is poor, etc. Your just out of touch, Cooper really is an innovator, the firey trash the dress shot for example is from 9 years ago, seriously think of photos 9 years old and show me something from then that was this well done. How many photographers out there have tried to immulate his trash the dress themes. To the haters, look at your photos from 2006, and post them, to show us how great your work was.

Haters have nothing to show. In fact, look into just about any hater's gallery and, yes, it is empty.

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Very good quality. One must consider that many of these were shot with a 51 MP camera and that asks a lot from the lens.

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$1 a shot can add up quick. I always thought the film packs were like the printer ink racket. Lock 'em in with high dollar supplies. No thanks, not for me.

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Songline: Why is it so brutally ugly?

It is not a consumer toy. And no, it doesn't come in pink.

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lemonadedrinker: Are these all the people who walk around with their heads bowed down in supplication to their electronic Lord and Master and who walk into bus stops and trip off pavement edges ?
400 million, well now, the Darwin effect is really taking hold.

Good. Anything to help control the human population.

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You can color me impressed. Most of these small sensor cams have smeary details even at base ISO, yet this one looks so good. The lens is wonderful. It remains very good even to the edges and without fringing. Full zoom is not bad either.

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McLuhan: Hi Dpreview staff,
Great review but is the luggage tray on your bike sturdy enough for a full bag of lenses and camera? I plan to carry 6 lenses in a bag, plus a tripod, 8kgs in total. I am thinking about getting one for my Giant too and wanna know your feedback on that, thanks !

I was wondering about that as well.

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A family of twits who would be no-one if not for a name & wealth (inherited and certainly NOT deserved) !!

This is the most asinine of human activity, a given family of land owners, makes them special - how & why & STILL ?

The epitome of arrogance, and some buy into this and almost worship this utter silliness, even in other nations !

If ANY thing, their wealth should be taken and distributed to the poor of the UK, the land used as a park for all those 'commoners', and a law making it a crime to pay homage to the family name and the individuals - forever.

Very repulsive in the current age, or ANY age actually.

Only small & sad minds of individuals pay any importance to this family, sad!

String, Trump is just a side show. When things get serious, he'll go away.

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Photato: Consumer junk as always with tiny pixels.
Canon S120 with 12MP despite using an older sensor shows the importance of large pixels. Even after considering the sensor size difference, the S120 still comes ahead.
Olympus and Sony, thanks for the carbon emissions and the landfill material.
I can't wait for next year model with even smaller pixels !

They did manage to pull a bit extra IQ over to competition. I do agree. Why can't they use a 1/1.7" sensor for better IQ at this price point?

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Very nice sharpness and detail. A little disconcerting is the shadow noise at base ISO and rather strong at ISO 800. Oh well... if you want the MP race, you have to take the noise along with it.

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Sounds like they wanted to quit when they were ahead. As stated, the owner wanted to get back to his photography and explore the globe. That isn't a cheap hobby. The problems they had with the carriers was just an incentive to get out of the business now.

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