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JJBerlin: For me as an m4/3 user this lineup is really frustrating. None of the 4/3 sensors is backside illuminated, not to mention the lack of the stacked sensor technology. No wonder a RX100 V can outperform a m4/3 camera.

FF and u4/3 are different formats as FF to medium format. Each system has its benefits and drawbacks. Once using APSC DSLRs, I was happy to switch to u4/3. The gear is so much more easy to tote around and I don't feel I lost image quality. In fact, I think the lenses are better which helped to mitigate the smaller sensor.

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JJBerlin: For me as an m4/3 user this lineup is really frustrating. None of the 4/3 sensors is backside illuminated, not to mention the lack of the stacked sensor technology. No wonder a RX100 V can outperform a m4/3 camera.

Using the studio scene comparison tool to view same ISO raws, the RX100 series cameras show both a noisier image and has less detail captured than the MFT cameras. Please can the bunk.

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princecody: Now if Sony made one with a 1 inch sensor 😀👏🏻

To get the equivalent field of view would require a focal length of 1111mm and if they used f/8, the front lens element would have to be 139mm across (~5.5 inches). The lens would be enormous, heavy and expensive. Although the image quality would be a couple steps up, you would still be fighting diffraction and atmospheric effects.

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Incredible damage. That drone must have been expensive ; )

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anticipation_of: The increase in high-ISO noise would not bother me personally. I spend much more time at low ISOs than high ones, and have literally never used 25,600 or above. It may matter a lot to others, though.

I agree with this. I never shot above 6400 and it looks fine there and below.

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Bobthearch: 259 deaths over a period of six years, out of a population of 7 Billion??!?!?

They could just say, "Relax, practically no one dies while taking a selfie."

There are things in the world that are real problems. This isn't one of them.

I was thinking the exact same thing. I'd bet more people died from riding a bike or mowing the yard among other things.

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On article Panasonic S1 and S1R: What we know so far (892 comments in total)

Looks like Panasonic is going for the pros while Canikon's first FF mirrorless is aimed for the enthusiast market. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

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On article Canon RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM sample gallery (186 comments in total)

This lens looks pin sharp and contrasty to me. Strong lateral color at 24mm should be correctable in camera or in the raw converter. I'm surprised by the amount of ISO 100 noise in the images.

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LessMirrored19: That's what micro43 IQ looks like

What is that speckle stuff in the background of the first pic despite ISO 100 and f2.8? Yep it's called noise. Just because you shoot FF doesn't mean your immune to it. I'm not dumb enough to say u4/3rds is better. It would be worse because of the smaller sensor.

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On article CIPA: Sizable drop in camera shipments for July (236 comments in total)

Besides the drop in July, ILC look pretty stable when compared to last year. Perhaps the big drop in ILC camera sales is over. I wonder if the drop in July is because of people holding off making a purchase due to the FF mirrorless announcements from the big two.

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princecody: Leica $8k or car 🚗 for $8k?

These comparisons never make sense. Most people looking to buy these cameras are not driving beaters. This camera and a set of lenses could set you back $20k.

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I like these entry level cameras. They have the same sensor and deliver the same raw files as a higher end model for people who just want to take some photos and don't need the latest and greatest wiz-bang AF and deep confusing menus. Battery life is outstanding on this camera. It should be a hit around the holiday season.

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Ivan Surikov: Sony uses the first "A" letter of the alphabet for their series. So did Nikon, but the first one from the end! Coincidence? Wondering why they didn't pick letters like O, J or B...? This intrigues me more that the specs of this new "piece of Innovation"

I see what your saying, however, "J" was used in the N1 cameras, like the J5. "B" is used in the superzoom bridge cameras.

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Copal Fit: Funny all these "digital medium format" size definitions which have nothing in common with the traditional sized medium format films. The article unfortunately did not mention the size of the sensor - it is 53.4 x 40 mm, so a bit larger than full frame which is 36 x 24 mm. But far away from shooting "real" medium format film like 60 x 60 or 60 x 70 mm.....

A bit larger? You have to look at sensor area which is 2.5x FF. Have to wonder how many good dice they can get off one wafer. No wonder the price is so much.

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While I'm personally not interested in purchasing this camera, I hope Nikon scores big time. Anything to give the photo industry a shot in the arm.

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photoac: Looks very good. Possibly even better than my Canon EF-S 55-250 STM. Sadly, neither are able to eliminate heat haze.

Agreed. My copy of the 55-250 STM is amazing for its price at 250mm. It is sharp at 55mm as well. Its weakness is in the mid zoom range, but isn't all that bad. This new lens is full of strong lateral chromatic aberrations, soft corners and lacks punch at 200mm.

Link | Posted on Aug 13, 2018 at 16:30 UTC
On article Canon 70-200mm F4L IS II sample gallery (146 comments in total)

Perhaps a bad copy? Really soft on the left side at wide zoom and generally not that great in the corners all around at the zoom extremes. Heavy lateral chromatics at zoom extremes. At 200/4 the image lacks any punch. Highlights look bloomy and contrast is weak. I've been really impressed with Canon lenses, but this is a dog. APSC users should get the STM version of the 55-250. It is remarkable compared to what I see here.

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Franz Weber: The problem with this clip is it is severely underexposed. They should have engaged somebody with knowledge about exposure and imaging.
Maybe the new sensor is faulty?
But apart frim that... well done.

It's called low key and I'm sure it was intended.

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Holscen: Looking forward to your next article "aperture - the truth, the hole truth, and nothing but the truth!"

"The hole truth". I see what you did there.

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On article Nikon counts down to new mirrorless (1050 comments in total)

People getting worked up over an electronic gadget. Imagine how an iphone forum would be.

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