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  • Created photo thread Pelican Pole
    A little something different for you guys!
  • Classic. Kitty playing banjo I love it! :-D
  • Replied in Color vs WB
    For this one in particular as at first glance it is merely a clinical and frank photo of a taxi bike...IMO, colour works best. If the bike was more dilapidated and abandoned...B&W Both look great ...
  • Created photo thread A morning tour
    First shot of the day. Always wanted to take a photo of this. I see it everyday as I drive under on the freeway home from work. heavily cropped Just letting security know I had arrived! Security ...
  • With the exposure comp, what actualy gets changed to compensate? Obviously it's not the ISO because it stays at 100 throughout. So it must be either shutter or aperture right?. Forgive me as I am ...
  • Yeah they dont like people going into the old haunt so much they would rather waste money patrolling. Then again, it does stop me from certain death just for a kodak moment. I like the colour ...
  • Wow Chiue! Lovely. This is such a beautiful and well composed shot. Frame it!
  • Created photo thread Country run
    A few snaps from out past the black stump. Second one is my favourite. This one I will be taking into lightroom and printing.
  • After looking at the speck you had on the rear element of your Sony and the size of the dark spot on your image I have to agree that the issue I have is likely dirt on the sensor or rear element. ...
  • Replied in AZ901 or S-1 ?
    Chuck an f1.8 M.Zuiko lens on that baby and will have no problems shooting indoors. The thing that puts me off buying into one of these new Kodaks is that for some reason I don't "feel" that it's a ...
  • I'm ok with dust in fact I quite like the specks especially during night shots. To me, the "smudge" doesn't look like dust. Looks more like human fingers are the culprit. Will try the sky shots at ...
  • Created question thread What is it and can it be removed?
    Noticed the exact same smudge today when uploading images Previously I had assumed the smudge to be just from accidently touching the lens but after cleaning I realise it is still there. I wonder ...
  • Replied in Smile
    Well composed shot. Nice colours. Interesting subject. The dads hat is great! The girl in pink with the hand bag adds more interest. Yes they look like olives but are they? And the Smile!
  • Created photo thread Old Power Station
    Set out early for the old power station to see if I could get inside for a few moody shots. Unfortunately they have 24 hour patrol onsite and cameras. Turns out some poor fella died there not to ...
  • Replied in dog portrait
    Lol. You two jokesters
  • Nice. I like all the different faces. My favourite is the girl with the dust mask. You can just see her smiling eyes. Crazy Bus. never seen anything like that before!
  • Created photo thread dog portrait
  • Created photo thread Random Snaps
    A few randoms taken when having my drivers fatigue breaks. Rockingham North Coogee North Coogee South Yunderup White Australian Ibis Naval Base Old power station Coogee South Yunderup This old guy ...
  • Replied in CX6445
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