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I agree with Backayonder. Can't understand their logic. My only criticism is the very suspicious way I received this email notifying me of this "amazing offer." Just click here and download... then launch the installer..." Come on! Does this sound like some Trojan Horse or some bot installer???!!! You didn't even go to an https site, and there was no Nik logo in the window, nothing. Too suspicious! I refused the great offer until I did some search and found out it was legit. Very strange.

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I suggest everyone on this discussion of MIL vs DSLR read "The Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton Christensen. The Harvard Biz School prof's national bestseller explains exactly what's going on here: disruptive technology (DT.) To those of you so sure that MIL will/will not replace DSLRs, read the book. We probably can't predict it right now.

At first, DT is never as good as the technology it will soon replace. So it often gets applied in areas not originally foreseen- where the negatives aren't important but the positives are the solution to a critical problem of that market. That gives DT economies of scale and increased quality - then it may come back to dominate the market for which it was originally intended.

Polaroid & Kodak failed to embrace digital photography because it was first seen as terribly inferior to standard film technology- they couldn't imagine it getting better!

Canon and Nikon are in the EXACT same boat right now - will they row safely to shore, or sink?

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