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With an interest in 3d photos, i went down the rabbit hole of how holograms encode the interference pattern of the image onto the medium. The "playback" of the interference pattern is what recreates the 3d light field. Lytro took a different approach by capturing the lightfield in hundreds of sub images, allow computational recreation of the 3d image. Currently Apple and others are using lidar to create the depth map, allowing the separation of the image planes to allow background blur etc. I would love to see an article investigating what the future is for "3d" photography... and dive into tech like parallax barriers, and the Looking Glass display.

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This past year I scanned over 1000 old family slides using VueScan and a Plustek 7600i. I had used SilverFast in the past since it came with the scanner. In general, Vuescan allows for a very first workflow once you get all of the default settings the way you like them. It also provides additional file formats, including dng and a "raw" scanner image that contains the IR dust removal layer. Another added benefit is that it gave new life to my old Epson Perfection 2450 which while no longer supported in Windows 10, works great with Vuescan.

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You can use other USB Midi Controllers like the Behringer XTouchMini for a much lower price if this looks expensive.

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I like the new test scene... covers all of the bases. Since everyone misses the old scene... you should include a small photo of it in one of the empty areas... that way everyone will be happy. One thing I do miss from the old test are the thread spools... which gave a good picture of true shadow noise.

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I'd add another mantra to this article. Buy last years camera when it goes on closeout. The GX1 is an extreme example of how low you can go when it dropped to around $200 for the body. While other cameras may not drop as drastically, 40-50% reductions are pretty common. The X100 is a great deal now... and the X100S will be a great deal next year.

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Garbage? Samsung is kind enough to offer the stylus to those that need or want it. The S4 can't be owned yet, and the iPhone 5... no sd card support, smaller screen, and you can't change the battery like you can with most Samsungs. The Note 8 is what I'm waiting for... That is the killer s-pen platform for me. Choice is a great thing.

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Based on Nikon's recent lens releases, I expect the image quality of this lens to be outstanding... looking forward to seeing the reviews. To those complaining about the price... check out the prices of Nikon's used higher end lenses... they usually hold their value much better than Tokina and Sigma.

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I tried to use an iPad for basic image editing. While I'm sure there are more and better apps since I did my test run, in the end I went with a low end MacBook air. It weighed only slightly more than the iPad + portfolio case. It ran all of my desktop software, and in the end was just more productive. I do think Microsoft is going to shake up the tablet market with the Surface Pro... Microsoft One Note will be the killer app.

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JesperMP: New game:

For the 5000€ asking price for the Lunar, what camera(s) would you get in stead ?

I start:
NEX-6 + 35mmF1.8 + 24mmF1.8 Zeiss + 55-210mmF3.5-6.3
plus an RX100

Fuji X-E1 + 3 lenses
plus an RX100.

@nicolaiecostel Except in this case it is 20 big macs with a foie grass bun.

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Considering the money they got for Instagram, I wish I had come up with the idea. I hear-by claim a patent on a file format with deteriorating pixels. These pixels will slowly deteriorate over time, clearly showing their age based on the recorded image capture time. Different camera manufacturers can specify their own fade curves, so Fuji can replicate faded Velvia etc. Scratches and water stains will also randomly appear as the photos age.

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Wow the canon tolls are on a roll. software has bugs. always has always will. the key is that Nikon is fixing them... just like Canon will tape up your leaky mkiii's... if you ask them to.

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