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Russell Evans: People not familiar with Sony might not know that the cameras can upload directly to Sony's photo site, Facebook, and Flickr, over WiFi. With that it makes perfect sense for Sony to put more post processing features into the camera in an attempt to compete with the conveniences of smart phone photography.

The APS-C cameras are still pretty small packages, so it also isn't that hard to beleive that the market for these cameras would appreciate not having to carry a filter set to do the same as this app. The people commenting about using a filter set instead are likewise probably not part of the market for these cameras and haven't considered this in their posts.

>As well SONY's FFs are not bad at all.
Nice understatement.

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bobfonte: The failure of the powerful Samsung shows that the market of photographic equipments is not limited to the camera body. This is the easiest part to manufacture. In the near future only the complete photographic system manufacturers will survive: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm and Panasonic/Leica. After having invested millions of dollars, Sony will also fail, but will keep still trying…

>Sony will also fail, but will keep still trying…
Wishful thinking? Don't hold your breath.
BTW: It's common knowledge that most consumers buy Canon and Nikon to get that "big boy" brand name. They rarely invest in good glass or systems.

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Daniel from Bavaria: Ok, nice lens. But I'll stick to my Fuji 60mm lens.

1. I own it aleady
2. It's not that pricy
3. IQ is lovely, cannot imagine the Zeiss is realy better
4. it is a bit brighter and longer AND much smaller and lighter
5. for me 1:2 on APS is most of the time good enough

But choices are always good to have.

I really think that on the x-mount side with the really good Fuji lenses it's a tough run for Zeiss.



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Photo Caption: A Nikon DSLR in a fish tank starts its dive under the water. [Photo: Digital Camera World]

Note to DPR: No matter how slow the news day, resist the temptation to link to random articles like this. Or put a smiley in the title so we know you're not serious.

Note to Digital Camera World: Congratulations on the perfect Rube Goldberg solution on how to destroy a pretty nice camera.

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forpetessake: It was clear to even the most dimwitted individual with a science degree that this was an absolutely unworkable and stupid idea. The only reason for the existence of that project was to fleece the investors. Investing in such projects usually summarized as 3F: family, friends, and fools. Amazing how many investors are in the third category.

Sir, as right as you may be, you come across like a pompous boor.

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On article Pentax announces Q7 with larger 12MP BSI CMOS sensor (229 comments in total)

>120 eye-catching color combinations
When this selling point tops the list on a press release, it makes one wonder...

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it photo: Welcome to the beginning of the end of photography. Cameras will merge with videocameras and phones and PC's. Buying a Nikon you will first need to install Windows (with a code of course), then login with your username (or if you let your wife use it she will login with her own password and have her own personalized menus) . Then you will install your lenses, then the filters and finally the... camera strap (because it will also have something proprietary built-in). Built-in GPS and WiFi will transmit photos to the cloud. This is not photography, this is COMPUTING!

"It photo" doesn't sound like a technophobe. Instead you sound naive regarding the appropriate application of technology. In addition, your attack of someone you nothing about weakens your argument considerably.

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Worst idea ever.

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wakaba: A.) take a camera that can hardly resolve 1200lpm
-slow AF
-no viewfinder
-supersmall sensor
-heavy incameraprocessing
-hardly enough battery power to run a "big" AF-lens
B.) stick an adapterring on
-that has additional glass in it
- lots of electric leads
-is generic to lenses
C.) stick an expensive lens on
-that can resolve 2000lpm
-is hardly compatible with the ring

...and get what exactly? Better pictures? DoA.

I find your smug and know-it-all attitude quite refreshing. Please keep sharing your vast and thought-provoking photographic knowledge with us.

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