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rondom: oh well, the first picture tells it all: everyone (but everyone) looks sad. and the saddest one is the beautiful and elegant receptionist who looks completely out of place. i think she is kind of trying to hide behind flowers.

She's sad because the camera is being given to her for her services, in lieu of money.

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On article Photokina 2012: Hasselblad Stand Report (47 comments in total)
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rmbackus: Calm down. The Photokina is a consumers market and they exhibit Boyz-Toyz meant to sell by the millions. Making a picture only takes 1/1000 of a second on any camera, creating a picture is an art and takes hours and mainly talent. The type of camera only plays a minor role.
A real photographer doesn't care about the looks, that is only eye candy and fun for the masses.

And that's why you're not in marketing.

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On article Photokina 2012: Hasselblad Stand Report (47 comments in total)
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psn: Whoa! So many negative comments from so many people who clearly won't or can't buy this camera...

Whoa! I don't need to have money to comment.

Look at you - with your negative comments.

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love_them_all: I know the NIKON factory accessories are overpriced. And I am looking at this with an open mind. People who buy bodies in the prosumer range would like something a true substitute, meaning something just as good in functionality and durability, or better. I don't mind spending the money, but I am not in the market to buy something in less quality, because the last thing I want is to see something just fail after a few months of moderate use.

This is better off for lower end cameras or they should be innovative like making it wifi 3G GPS ethernet or even a back up storage SD slot.

Prces for accessories are high because they CAN be. The OEM's aren't concerned about competition like they are when pricing out their DSLRs, because you've already bought their camera - for example, Nikon doesn't have to worry about owners of their cameras buying Canon accessories. Captive audience.

Along comes companies like Pixel. The big makers MAY be concerned at some point but not yet - until these third party accessories are better made and more reliable, the big boys are safe.

I need my accessories to work, so I'll be opting for the OEM gear until the "knock-offs" can do the same to my socks.

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Comalv: I think this review is good, but it should be noted that original Nikon MB-D12 does not have weather sealing around the control points or battery compartment either.

Mine does. Maybe you got a counterfeit.

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Yukihyo: I have both a 1D Mk 1V and a 1Ds Mk111, and I can't see any reason why I should change these two reliable marvels of technology for a (supposedly) more sophisticated pseudo-movie camera! We're too quick nowadays to jump on the newest bandwagon, and tend to forget that, just a few years ago, cameras (such as the two mentioned) were considered the epitome of technology.
Just to give you an example; a store here in Tokyo currently has 24 used ID Mark 1V and 17 1Ds Mk111 bodies, mostly in first-rate condition that have been traded on the 1DX....... bloody madness if you ask me! I'll stick with my two until something really worthwhile comes along.

No one is asking you or requesting you to buy it.

It's a strange comment - what's your point?

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Rooru S: Very very good lenses...!

Not so good about the overpriced bodies. There are cheaper and better alternatives.


Yeah, the 75-300 f/4-5.6 is an outstanding example of optical quality....

Just because it says EOS, it doen't mean "very, very good lenses". And BTW, how did it suddenly go from "very, very good" to "good value"? if you're challenged again, will it go to "reasonable value" or "worth a look at"?

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