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steviewa: Just add some time for acclimatization
It's completely free and for most the time factor isn't a issue,
Looks like an item that'll end up in landfill eventually when one wakes up to realise what a waste of money it was

These have been in use for decades by amateur astronomers and astrophotographers. There are used when the night temperatures fall WHILE the equipment is in use to prevent dew forming on the objective lens.

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starbase218: What about regular bicycles?

Depends on how fast you pedal.

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WhiskeyBeforeBreakfast: Question: Does Sony actually manufacture and design its lenses?

And what about Panasonic?

It is well known that Nikon has a glass factory, and maybe Canon does too. Considering that both Sony and Panasonic have been making video cameras for a while, it would not be surprising if both did have in-house lens manufacturing, but maybe not.

a6600 user.

Remember Sony bought out Minolta’s camera business, and Minolta had very good engineers.

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panther fan: Seems like both Cosina (Voigtländer) and Tamron no longer want to pay for the name. Let's hope Tokina doesn't ruin it

Ted do an, though it is noticeable that Sony hasn’t released any ZA lenses for a few years. It’s premium ranges now appear to be G and GM only.

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bluezurich: smh how it can be a flagship w/out a vertical grip. Maybe I just have long arms and don't want to poke out your eye

A built in grip is a dead weight when you don’t need it. I’d much rather have a removable grip.

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MrALLCAPS: Looks Ridiculously Cramped. Maybe the specs will make up for that.

@The Silver Nemesis: have you used the A7Siii? Well......

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hidden1: The silver lenses are really for the Pentax die hards. In the film days Pentax had line of silver fa* lenses. Canon had their white pro glass , Pentax pro lenses were silver eg 24/2 , 200/4 etc

It’s great to see that Pentax is still alive and releasing new products. It can only be good for the industry to have more choice. Hopefully this will continue to be a sign of things to come.

Reckless Cooling. Sony didn’t copy Canon. Their first white lenses were rebadged Minoltas, Who had been making white lenses back in 1988.

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madecov: This doesn't bode well for the industry in general. Photography with dedicated cameras is dying and there probably isn't anything any of the companies can do. The masses are happy to use phones and that's it. We hobbyist are not enough to keep the industry alive. Photo equipment has and will continue to be a niche item or for professional use. Choices will become more limited and prices will become higher due a lack of volume.

So we’re going back to the 1970’s when SLRs etc, were a niche product for hobbiests and professionals.

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kelpdiver: Declining profit isn't nearly the same thing as running at a loss.

Photomedium, not Japanese ones. There are plenty of Japanese Zombie companies, that would have long been bought out or disappeared in the West

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Nikita66: "digital single-lens cameras"
What does that mean, non-ILC?

Single lens camera means exactly that, a camera that comes with a single lens. So everything from cheap P&S to the likes of the Sony RX range of cameras.

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(unknown member): why Canon EOS R not in comparison???

Because in a direct comparison on specifications, it would have come off looking worse. It’s probably kinder to Canon, not to have included it.

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(unknown member): @dpr: why not include others "pro" peers like X-T3, G9, EM-1II ?

Because they are all FF mirrorless. Easier to compare apples to apples. The Eos R likely wasn’t included, because it specs would have left it trailing on most comparisons.

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cyberpi1: Sony, please, take a look here.

Larkhon, All the recently updated Sony cameras have the same processor and the new firmware seems to be dependent . The A7Rii and 6500 had the previous generation one.

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David610: I still say there is a market for a Nikon MILC with a native F mount, I see little reason to buy a Z over a Sony.

Cosinahile, the advantage of MILC is that they are a lot cheaper to make. The profit margins on a Sony A7Riii will be a lot higher then a D850 or 5Dmkiv. Nikon and Canon will be pushing their MILCs hard, to transition away from DSLRs.

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miggylicious: Panasonic should have partnered with Sony and used E-Mount instead. I bet more people would have seriously considered the S1.

3rd part lens makers make E-mount lenses, because Sony had the foresight to make the mount protocols open to an optical company. That’s where Sony’s market share came from.

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Mirror_Knight22: The biggest mistake was Canikon investing in the mirrorless trend and not actually improving their DSLRs with the past 2ish years. Who is dumb enough to buy a camera purely because its mirrorless (outside DPR)? The mirrorless cams sell on AF performance (mostly useless since most won't have the lenses to realize the potential of those AF systems but still its better than having pre-2005 AF systems) and video features, not because they literally don't have a mirror, like that changed something somehow. As Fuji and Panasonic have shown, even sensor size is not relevant, just have good video and good AF. But no, they chose to appeal to hipsters with mirrorphobia and now they have outdated DSLRs and mirrorless that's no better than the DSLRs they stopped working on 2 years ago.

You’re coming at it from the wrong angle. It’s the camera makers who are wanting mirrorless to take over. Look at the complexity of a DSLR compared to a MILC. If you can keep the price the same as a DSLR, the profit margins on a MILC will be much greater. It’s also why they are concentrating on FF, keep the profits up in a declining market.

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Ruekon: Shame on dpreview for never having noted stability issues of Sony cameras. Who is fooling whom here?

Dpreview us? Sony dpreview? Sony its customers?

Care to show us the many threads from Sony users complaining about their cameras instability?

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ron french: JUST A THOUGHT would you or the device own the copyright?

Does Canon, Nikon or Sony own the copyright of your photographs now?

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On article Should I buy the Sony a6400? Here’s how it compares (608 comments in total)
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Duncan M: The answer: NO

The question: ?

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wilsonlaidlaw: From the folks who made such good film rangefinders and gems like the RTS2 and G2, this is just sad. Hipster exploitation.

Please don’t assume that there is any connection between the Japanese makers of the old Yashica and Contax cameras and this heap of junk.

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