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Contra Mundum: It's time to release this lens in Sony E-mount. Yes, it's likely the same as Sony 90/2.8 macro, but it's much cheaper.

Seeing as how they have totally different lens formulae, the Sony and Tamron lenses are not the same. However I wouldn't be surprised if Tamron designed the lens for Sony.

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notnaff: Oh, goody. Does anyone know who sells a laptop with usb-c and usb-A ports?

Most modern laptops are coming with both Type A and C USB ports.

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nunatak: perils of the marketplace ... and the Samsung S 300mm f/2.8 ED OIS DPreview was teasing us with at that Samsung junket in Hawaii ... never even got the chance to be continued, less discontinued.

Tedolf, they most likely know they won't make any money selling cameras.

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flipmac: I find it odd that Canon opted to put in an ethernet port and making wi-fi optional via a $600 adapter, as opposed to having built-in wi-fi (direct) for wireless transfer/control out of the box, especially it already has a USB3.0 port - meaning it's somewhat redundant.

But then again, I don't think this camera is aimed to someone like me.

Plenty of cheaper cameras have WiFi, so a single SKU seems to work for them.

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crashpc: Grrrr, and where is Canon? :-D

Crashed: Lost somewhere in 30-2, Shimomruko 3-chrome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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ms18: Just wondering.. Is this fast enough for BIF?

Birds in flight

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kpaddler: Similar statement will come from some of the others sooner or later, including Sony....

Nonsense, Sony is still updating it's A-mount lenses and has just announced the A-68. Better try next time.

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Clyde Thomas: How does Samsung fail with mass market high tech prosumer offerings, but Leica and Pentax survive and even announce new luxury and/or boutique offerings?

Also, most mid and upper range system cameras are sold to people who already have a stake in mount. Getting people to leap into a new system was always going to be difficult.
The E-mount has adaptors to allow people to use their existing lenses, reducing the cost of buying into the system.

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GoneMirrorless: Sales down.
Last time they said sales were up but quoted 'value' instead of units sold to hide the lower sales. (they were selling more A7 cameras and fewer APSC and P&S) Looks like they are still doing this.
They made a smart move to mirrorless FF where there is virtually no competition, and are selling cameras and lenses at high prices for good profits.
But at the same time they've been dumping APSC and P&S at low prices and somehow sales are still down.
"continued shift toward higher value models " - So rumors about Sony moving away form APSC seem to be true. It might another year before it is completely abandoned, but that has been the direction for two years now, and every press release and statement from management backs it.
The goal is to be more profitable and moving to FF and dropping APSC (they'll keep RX) is what is working.

Hachu, that will be the A77ii, as a 7Dii competitor.

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Salah: Why no GPS receiver in Sony cameras! Who needs NFC!

Because some markets (China) don't allow cameras with GPS to be sold. Sony used to have to make two models of cameras. One with GPS and one without. Rationalized production with a single model makes economic sense.

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Michael Thompson: lets see how a F8 image with sharpness from front back looks, I bet that its max sharpness is at best F4
after that defraction kicks in so all sharpness and details is lost as you close the aperture down, even FF suffers at 42MP from F8 so this?

It is FF

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GRUBERND: clever. straight pure oldschool photographers look away - i will deliberately include myself to this group. but for someone starting anew, fresh and with no baggage - this is a very very clever tool to switch between supports to help with taking images. no matter they be static, moving or both.

and damn, a russian accent *does* sell things! ;)

He's Turkish, not Russian

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tkbslc: I guess this is good news if you like 35mm, since there are no other f1.4 AF lenses.

Sports Dad, nearly all the lenses that will handle work well with the A7rii are SSM. The only lenses I would like to see upgraded are the CZ 85 and 135mm screw drive ones. the only Sony SAM A-mount lenses that are full frame are the 85mm f2.8 and 28-75 f2.8. The HSD and PZD sigma and Tamron lenses are reported to work okay.

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tkbslc: I guess this is good news if you like 35mm, since there are no other f1.4 AF lenses.

Sports Dad, this will work with all the modern SSM lenses, without needing the SLT adaptor

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BigShooter: Great IQ, but still a not-so-great lens selection.

Are you saying Canon don't have a good lens range? 'Cos they seem to work great with this camera

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Mariano Pacifico: $948.00 vs RX100 III's $679.00
Same lens
Same size
Same tin can body
Tad heavier than RX100 III
Can anyone really tell the diff between 2.4 mil vs 1.4 mil dots?
Very few really use EVF. So it does not really matter
I drool over focusing ring design
No thread for filters

Am i sour graping or what? Let's wait what Canon and Lumix have up their sleeves comes Photokina.

There is a noticeable difference in the EVF. The RX100 IV has the same EVF as the Hotshoe mounted version for the RX1, it is much better.
Sony sells an adaptor to allow filters to be used.

Link | Posted on Jun 26, 2015 at 22:00 UTC
On article Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review (478 comments in total)
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BigOne: "Canon's EOS Rebel T6s (760D) is easily the most advanced model yet to enter the company's beginner-friendly DSLR lineup."

Just don't ever forget the well hidden "company's" part.

The beginner's camera market is fully dominated by mirrorless models of which Canon has none. This monstrosity lacks in every single aspect you can think of. It's heavier, slower, less advanced, has worse AF than ANY competitor in this category. Even Nikon's D5500 drives donuts around it.

I just realized I could say it much shorter.


Tachyon: and the vast majority of Rebel buyers will never buy another lens

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steelhead3: There is only $50 difference in price between the Rebel and Sony's superb 77II; should the Sony be moved to the beginner cameras or should the Rebel be moved to semi-pro?

And yet Toyota will sell far more Camry's than Mazda will sell 6 series. Volume doesn't mean it's the best.

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On article Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II (1118 comments in total)
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Helena777: I see too much fear & envy here jajaja...(talking about haters).
For me there are great news, Sony is doing the photography walk forward with great new technology. that cameras are AWESOME!!!. I cannot afford that gear, but at last it exist now, and in a few years that tech will be more accessible.

Applauses for Sony ;)

Have a tip for you. Buy some spare batteries

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On article Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II (1118 comments in total)
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lensberg: Wish Sony would swipe a few of Canon's or Nikon's engineers... They have amazing technology... but their overall image processing still needs a little catching up to do compared to these two stalwarts...

And with Sony corps money its really shouldn't be a problem...

Think it's more likely that Canon or Nikon need to poach some Sony engineers.

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