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On article Canon PowerShot G9 X II sample gallery (108 comments in total)
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John McCormack: There's an error in the caption above where it states " 24-80mm equivalent." It should read "28-84mm" equivalent. Images look very good, especially the RAW output. I don't think you can get a smaller 1" sensor camera than this. The lens' range is a bit narrow, but still impressive.

What cell phone has a 1" sensor? I think you'll find that there are none.

Link | Posted on Mar 2, 2017 at 19:13 UTC
On article Sony SLT a99 II Review (1559 comments in total)
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Hellraiser: tip to Sony - make a proper DSLR with A mount and stop beating this dead horse (SLT)

Hellraiser, No, proof that you are right. I would be surprised if you can.

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Fujica: That kickstarter project was a kick in their butt.

But now, what do you think what is the best alternative remote trigger app with the same or more possibilities?

Pluto Trigger has much more possibilities. Not cheap at $119 though

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On article Sony SLT a99 II Review (1559 comments in total)
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Hellraiser: tip to Sony - make a proper DSLR with A mount and stop beating this dead horse (SLT)

OSPDAF is still nowhere as good as a seperate PDAF module. Try focusing in low light (-4EV) or tracking moving subjects moving to or away from the camera. The SLT has the best of both worlds.

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William Krusche: A review of a Chinese mirrorless camera is posted and in a couple of hours time there are several hundred comments.
A firmware update of a semi-pro DSLR of a top camera make is posted and after two hours there isn't one single comment.

Possibly because 5DmkIV owners are too busy installing the new firmware!

Link | Posted on Nov 29, 2016 at 21:48 UTC
On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1360 comments in total)
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Andreas Voigt: "...and the Mark II's Four Thirds is small in comparison to the D500 and other APS-C cameras and tiny versus full-framers..."

ok, full-framers such as the Nikons & Canons, but what about the Sony 7series... ?!

I think he is referring to the sensor size.

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kadardr: In the past the real tour de force was to build lenses with the least glass elements possible. There were normal and normal-tele lenses with 4, 5 and as a maximum 6 elements. Even the wide lenses were very good with max. 9 elements. If you check the old AI lenses you will find this. If you check the present day "magical" M-lenses you will find this (very few glass elements). I know I know the glass materials got much better, and the nanocoating is superb, but somehow I want to understand why does a 50 mm lens must have 13 elements (Sigma Art) and why this new 85mm ART lens consists of 14 elements?

Look at the results of one of the old 50mm f1.4 lenses. They will be soft wide open, generally be very soft in the corners and will have horrendous CA.

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Deorum: 500mm f4 price is pretty steep if you ask me. why not stick to canons that is similarly priced?
Im sure the newer sigma gonna be a bit sharper, but canons is already sharp enough and reliability of AF (even just for the peace of mind) is critical

The Sigma is 2/3 the price of the Canon. $3,000 is no small lump of change

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Spectro: 79 AF points on its dedicated PDAF sensor.., just wondering if it is closer to canon DPAF or same tech as the older a6300. Granted I don't do much video, and usually manual focus when doing so.

the A6300 has only OSPDAF. The A99ii is a hybrid with both 79PDAF points and 399 OSPDAF. These work in combination to give 79 cross detection AF points

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PanchoVilla: Is the Alpha line up even still relevant? Sony is all over the place throwing whatever sticks on the wall! Nice camera if it was 2008!

I can't recall any 42Mp cameras, with 12 fps output in 2008. Let alone 4K output, 79 crosspoint AF etc. etc.

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ssww: Does anyone know If the GPS function is still around?

No, that's gone.

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shutter2013: The spec sheet for this looks great on cursory glance until you dig a little deeper. I'm sure it will score well on DXO as the sensor is fantastic as demonstrated in the A7rii however a system is much more than a sensor.
Dual SD card slots of UHS1 is ridiculous for file sizes the sensor puts out and I feel that Sony should have learnt from their A7rii camera where responsiveness and ability to clear the buffer is concerned. The type of photographer who shoots 8+ fps cares that the buffer can clear quickly and the camera can start taking the next burst. With a max of 95mb/s this will likely be the achilles heal. Why not use XQD or CFast. Hell even UDMA 7 compact flash can transfer significantly faster.
Battery life is also quite disappointing. For event photographers this matters.
Autofocus will be interesting - I feel that it will be a step up from Nikon in video but below Canon dual pixel technology. In stills I expect Canonikon to still lead.
Interesting camera all the same

At 8 fps the buffer is 56 frames, reducing to 54 frames at 12fps (compressed RAW). For uncompressed RAW the buffer are 26 and 25 frames respectively. Which I believe is better then the 21 frames of the 5D mkIV

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HFLM: The thing which interests me: does it do the 12fps in 12 or 14 bit mode? Compressed (lossless?) or uncompressed raw?

Both uncompressed and compressed RAW have 14 bit output, no mention of 12bit anywhere in Sony's announcement

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ZeneticX: this thing have a joystick, something E mount owners have been yearning for years. AF control and selection in E mount cameras aren't the most convinient out there

The A-Mount cameras have had them for years.

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linzdoctor7d: A lot of e-mount butt holes hurting about now!

Mike99999: This is what makes the continued survival of the A-mount more likely. The E-mount and A-mount cameras share sensors, EVF, shutter, processors, and IBIS. Development costs can be split between both ranges, making lower production numbers more viable

Link | Posted on Sep 19, 2016 at 15:27 UTC
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ProfHankD: It's an A7RII in SLT A-mount clothing; awesome, yes, but actually exactly what I'd expect -- zero surprises, which is itself surprising from Sony. ;-)

The wacky thing here is the numbering. Why is it a "7" in E mount and a "9" in A? Strange as it might sound, it feels like Sony has inverted it's view of the A and E mounts so that E is now the higher-end mount. Of course, the A-mount bodies use the same numbering scheme for APS-C and FF, which E-mounts don't. In any case, the message sent by this model is at least clearly "we will continue to support A mount."

PS: By my count (e.g., counting KEH offerings), largely thanks to Minolta being the first with AF and lots of 3rd-party lens brands, there are still more old A-mount AF lenses than there are native AF lenses for any other mount. They're mostly screw drive, but they are fantastic price/performance.

The old lenses are screw driven and are not ideal for video, However the majority of their CZ and G range lenses are SSM (most of which have been upgraded over the last 3 years to become optimized for video use)

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majorpaul: Does anyone know if it has fully articulated screen like the a99? It's so important to me and here it looks like it only has a tilting screen like the emount cameras

It has a 3 axis articulating screen, which I find excellent

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Nikonandmore: I just talked to some hardcore Canon users' friends & despite none of them liking Sony, the general consensus is this camera is everything the Canon 5D MkVI should have been. Sony made a great move and though we'll hear endless "this camera is pointless" or "no one will buy it", in my opinion this is easily one of the most exciting DSLRs (form factor) of the year.

An absolutely killer sensor, 42MP at 12FPS, 4K video w/a real usable codec, a seriously impressive AF, in-body 5 axis stabilization.. this alone shatters the 5D MkIV into shreds, bits & pieces.. and for much less money!

Just imagine, if this was the real 5D MkVI, would be the most talked about camera of the year.. an epic meltdown!

..of course it would kill 50% of all other Canon cameras' business & a chunk of their Pro Video Gear Line. That's why they don't dare do a camera like this, innovate & advance at turtle speed & loose market share. We wont see all these features combined in a Canon 5D not even in the MkV or VII:)

er...... Have you ever used one. The translucent mirror cuts out 1/2 a stop of light, it has no effect on the DR range, and as it's a Sony sensor it blows the Canons out of the water.

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RedFox88: meh. and how is lava "wildlife" ? It isn't.

Please enlighten us with your fabulous wildlife photographs, which obviously will relegate these to "meh".

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Contra Mundum: It's time to release this lens in Sony E-mount. Yes, it's likely the same as Sony 90/2.8 macro, but it's much cheaper.

Seeing as how they have totally different lens formulae, the Sony and Tamron lenses are not the same. However I wouldn't be surprised if Tamron designed the lens for Sony.

Link | Posted on Aug 20, 2016 at 12:19 UTC
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