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"YouTube videos showed the pilot operating in controlled airspace without obtaining LAANC authorization..."
The videos showed that he didn't have authorization?
YuoTube must really be amazing.

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photomedium: When I think of Daniel Loeb, I think of Gordon Gekko.

and Mr. Pink

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zeratulmrye: I want that case...

yes, looks like rich Corinthian leather

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contadorfan: "You've got this thing sticking halfway out."

Quelle horreur!

And if you have to buy a SD to USB reader, then you've REALLY got a thing sticking out.

"You've got this thing sticking halfway out."

Hmmmm, but yet it dosen't seem to stick halfway out of any of my cameras?

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I mostly use PSE 11. Any chance that 15, or any of the more recent versions, includes a 'layer alignment' feature?

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graybalanced: The first two comments are ranting on about subscriptions. Why?

This is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION people!

It's an INSTALLMENT PLAN. Three payments of $33 instead of one payment of $99. As far as I can tell you are buying a perpetual license.

Come on people, read before reacting. I have seen this strange pattern of comments, rants, and complaints on threads about other products that are NOT SUBSCRIPTION, yet everybody with a fanatical opposition to subscriptions wants to come in and let out all their feelings just because they're offering a more flexible way to pay. Payment options are all-American! This is the same kind of multi-payment plan that helped make houses and cars affordable to all. Except this is better, because as far as I see there is NO INTEREST either.

Please, read for comprehension...

Yes, but somehow it doesn't seem much like news.

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jerryfl1: No to PC users

...and not for all mac users either - requires 10.9.5

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Everlast66: Large optical zoom pocketable cameras is where tiny 1/2.3" sensors are still relevant.

There is just no other option if you want to have 24-700 mm in your pocket!

And the EVF is another big plus and will differentiate from mobile phone cameras.

In my opinion the megapixels are a bit too many, 8-12Mp would have been a better compromise, but perhaps they need them for effective distortion correction and noise reduction.

If you don't need the 700mm reach or the EVF mobile phones are certainly a better option and alternatively if more control or better IQ is needed - larger sensor/body cameras, but why bash them for giving people this pocketable option.

Another camera where 1/2.3" sensor is still relevant is Nikon P900, not pocketable, but with the insane 24–2000 mm reach.

"...the EVF is another big plus and will differentiate from mobile phone cameras."

Yes, and I believe the flippy screen is another feature that sets it apart. I haven't seen much mention of it in these comments.

I was disappointed that Panasonic didn't include it in their most recent pocket zoom.

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hellocrowley: Casio did this many years ago. The camera took "photos" before and after the shutter is pressed.

The Oly E-100 did something like that many years ago as well. But, I forget what that feature was called.

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Thauglor: I don't believe Lightroom's catalog feature is adequate, or appropriate for my needs. I bought LR3 for some of its editing capabilities... distortion correction as an example.

It's terribly frustrating that LR won't allow me to simply "open" a photo, edit and save as I see fit.

I understand that the catalog is very nice for a lot of folks, but there's no 'good' reason, that we shouldn't have the capability to also simply 'open' a file without adding it to the catalog.

We should have the option. There's no real excuse for it, IMO.

I expect that Adobe's business model is designed to be as inclusive and proprietary a system as possible to "lock-in" the customer.

If you dig the cataloging that's fine... no argument, but really, is there a good reason anyone can think of to PROHIBIT the user from editing one file on the fly if they want to ?


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