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On article Just posted: Nikon D5200 in-depth review (229 comments in total)

When does DPR changes it's page setup. When I press "read the review, i find back on this page, and when I press the red review rectangle, I end on a page with dozen of pages of different reviews. All you, that live in Europe or US, do not imagine how funny this is when you need often 3 to 5 minutes to open a page. In the jungle there is no 10 mb/second internet. So, I would like to see a direct to review or preview link. Opening 3 pages to end where i want, makes me lose 10 minutes of time and often I resign when Internet speed is at lowest.
I have mentioned this often before and many have agreed with me on this level. DPR is like Lightroom, it needs 5 corners to turn around befgore you get what you want

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luigibozi: Should we understand that Photoshop remains the profi app and Lightroom is the solution offered by Adobe for non-profi users?!

What Gregl61 enumerates here is the reason for me to avoid Lightroom. I can give my files a default program line to PS to open and it does that right away. The eternal importation in Lightroom, the space eating catalogs, and so on. Lightroom is too much, it remembers me Ms Word, has too much you don't need. Tell Adobe to make a standalone version of Camera Raw, that is all I need. what Photoshop does, other softwares can do also. I prefer CR over all other raw tools. Raw Therapee is as versatile, but not as fast to use as CR. On Linux I use darkroom, works fine as well. Lightroom is absolutely a too heavy software, time eating at it's best. Don't always try to do too much at one time, too much of something, kills something, Lightroom is made that way. It's like DPR, you need to click around 7 corners to find and read what you look for.

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (607 comments in total)

The real deal was to sell NEX-7 the way it is with Hassie logo on it, put a wonderful lens on it and sell it at same price as Sony. That is the way to make business. If you buy a chinese lens, you don't care if it is marked Samyang or Rokinon, you buy it for what it is and what it does. A NEX-7 form Hassie with different rubber grip colors and glue that sticks on the grip, a rubber that you don not lose after a month would be a bargain. Sony's NEX-7 grip rubber sucks.

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (607 comments in total)

First, it is a Nex with different skins, not only the NEX sensor, and this story of future modification on the sensor is bluff, the same bluff than Nikon's own made Sony sensors. So, stop fooling people with that yuppie luxury objects made for suckers. Maybe we look dumb, but appearances can miss-lead you in error. The appearance of this Hassy gadgets doesn't lies, anyone with knowledge in technology knows what's about. Hassy never has build any digital part of it's cameras or modified any sensor. The mid format sensors where Kodak, same as in Pro One cameras or any Mamyia back. Here, Sony is the maker and Hassy sews the dress and makes the pricing for it, nothing else.

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Same as we know, just an apple in the red Dot. Why does he not has a look at Hasselblaad, they produce exciting cameras together with Sony

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If I read this interview, Leica includes in their camera now the same stuff that all other brands have to be able to do what all others do. Now, screw this thing down to 2100$, what it is worth, and I will buy one, promise, even if it has no AF. For me there is already too much in it.

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gustabod: didn't ask if they thought their cameras are overpriced?

Well, it is easy. If you have 20000 customers world wide, you just produce 15000 at beginning to see if your customers follow the trend. If you have more demand you produce more. But. imagine we estimate to sell 15000 and suddenly the demand is bigger at issue, then you will have a problem to deliver it right away and you have no choice than set up a waiting list, a thing that makes you lose some of those interested.
Now, I doubt that the demand for this new Leica is that big when I read the comments on all Leica forums about this new "like other's" camera. But can be that Leica will find new customers that seek for a more modern and common camera with video and manual functions. But then, I do not know why to find that at Leica. The only legend in Leica for me is there overdriven prices, lenses included. But, as long as there are suckers that want to pay .......

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(unknown member): I am afraid that the DSLR will Very probably be an overpriced and re-branded Sony SLT-A99. A product aimed at snobs...

This camera looks like an A99 all in all. The VF looks like ancient interchangeable Nikon F or Pentacon Six visors where you could put a vertical matte on it and use it like a medium format camera. This option is not a bad idea, you can use magnifying glasses, manual focusing screens, and so on. The development can be good, all is about pricing and for sure, replacing this fancy Gibson Guitar style knobs nobody needs by serious design. We are photgraphers, not bling bling yuppies.

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Anastigmat: I have been predicting that one day Sony will try to make medium format CMOS sensors. Right now, the medium format is limited to Dalsa or Kodak CCD sensors, which are a lot more expensive to make than CMOS sensors. These CCD sensors also lag behind in development because of their lower volume. Therefore a medium format CMOS sensor would be both cheaper and less noisy. This recent agreement is probably the first step towards seeing a medium format CMOS sensor, because Sony may not want to go out on a limb to develop these sensors without a customer. The agreement also makes sense because Carl Zeiss makes lenses for both brands of cameras.

It is reported about sensors here, not about lenses, dude
Fuji will fume about Zeiss coming in a greater market range for lenses, what means that they will not remain the only ones offering great lenses with there system, despite that not all of them can be titled as "great" as well. If Zeiis can get a bigger market, there prices will get more competitive too. With all the mirrorless systems on the market they should think about issuing their lenses with more of the common mounts. They are manual and need no electronics anyway, at least most of them.

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Edmond Leung: This move....
If we ignore the terms and conditions of the agreement made between these two parties... then, it is
good for Sony, but not really good for Hasselblad!
Sony can strengthen its brand in digital camera by cooperating with Hasselblad. But what does Hasselblad gain from this cooperation? Technology? Financial support? or others?
Professional is professional. I don't see there is any chance for ARRI to cooperate with Canon to develop a camcoder. I don't see there is any chance for Mark Levinson to cooperate with Sanyo to develop an amplifier.

Sony should issue stickers for all cameras, "powered by Sony". Reminds me the usual "Intel inside".

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Jarda_Houdek: Sony will bury Hasselblad as they buried Ericsson. The damn swedes will never learn.

If I look progress in digital picture taking and technology, Sony is the one who hase lead the game. Those that step back from buying a Sony DSLR today ignore all about fine and reliable technology. Canon and Nikon are a big step behind them and all of them are dancing on the spot. Look the way the D600 looks like, look the technology and the body, there are light-years forward in time in the Sony. Nikon's D600 is old fashion, and having downed full size samples, the new A99 Bionz does a better job up to 6400 Iso than Nikon's inner processing on the same sensor. From 8000 up, Nikon does it better, but even then, the shot is hardly useable for anything. Sony is the company that makes 75% of all cameras become true. From the others, only Fuji shares real market parts.

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(unknown member): What the market really needs is a high end, compact, well built, lightweight, DSLR with a large optical viewfinder!

Currently, no one, absolutely no one, offers such a machine.

And its not even as if its technologically impossible because it was all done years ago. Take this baby, a full frame camera with a large, ok very large optical viewfinder, an alloy body and weighing in at just 520 g and with the diminutive dimensions of just 136 x 83 x 50 mm...


Yep the year was 1979 and the camera was the OM2N.Why is it that 33 years later the industry considers putting a FF sensor in such a camera is impossible. Clearly it is not.

the first larger demand for mirrorless system was starting in 2004 when Nikon issued the first viable D70 digital. I have been at PMA and Photokina and so many people asked for a mirrorless simple camera. It took 8 years before a real viable model came with the NEX-7. Now, let's wait another 8 years for a NEX FF. But, the appearance of VG900 camcorder with FF E-mount gives us hope that it happens soon. I bet that the NEX-9 is ready to go, the problem is that we have actually no lenses for FF E-mount. VG900 is sold with an adapter for A-mount. On my side I would take a FF NEX with an adapter as well, there are enough adapters and lenses on the market and NEX users take this option anyway. So, let's then wait that Sony takes Leica over to see a NEX with M-mount.

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Uaru: I am sorry. There is no loyalty which would force me to buy that monstrosity they just created.

Leica is expensive - but it is at least different from anything else. But this is an externally pimped up copy of NEX...

The NEX in Hassy clown dress is on another article of DPR, you post in the wrong article here.

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Probably the Alpha99 with different skin and 8500$ pricetag, hahahaha. I laugh because i have still the NEX clown model in mind that I have seen on the other announcement about Hasssony.

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So, the future will probably be Hassony or Sonylblad or what. It is just a question of month until Sony will eat up the whole Hasselbald industry. I do not see this as bad news, maybe it rings the times of affordable mid format and since Sony is supposed to work on the square sensor since a longer time, this confirms this in a simple way. So, on my side, i consider this as good news. The evolution of Minolta under Sony is a positive thing, I doubt that Minolta had gone that far alone. Only black point is pricing policy, If Sonny-Hassy stick to the Leica pricing policy, there is not much hope. But, let's wait and see.

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you can put a 20000$ suit onto a monkey, it still remains a monkey. So look at this one and laugh, it's a funny day today, hahahahahaha. Where is the modell with text fragments of the Qu'ran?

Great thanks to Hasselbald, hahahaha, you really made my day, i do not even see the rain falling anymore after that, ahahahahaha.

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1133$ that is the price of a NEX-7, doesn't matter how fancy the look is, if it is a clown model like this one or a serious tool. Sony is now involved with Hasselbald to produce a common dslr, but, if they follow Hassy and Leica price policy, it will probably remain symbols. Obviously you pay here 3860$ to have the privilege to ow a Hasselbald, whooooow. And like always, every second a sucker gets born ...... I will buy a NEX-7 and take the 3860$ to shoot pictures on huge trip to somewhere on this globe. Sorry, I have a NEX-7, so let me think about all I can do with 5000$, maybe buy the economy Leica...mmmhh

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We will have at least the satisfaction that in any test we will not read anymore that the D600 or A99 make a better shot, it is the same sensor. Remains the absence of mirror, this can give it a serious advantage, the lenses can be used on the other brand with adapters too, so all plays on the mirror absence. But, I will not pay a surplus of 5000$ for that only. Bet all you want that NEX-7 with same lens makes the same good or even better shot. I have seen A99 and D600 shots. Up to 3200 Iso, A99 is cleaner and better than D600. Also the A99 body offers much more working comfort and the price difference is justified, it is an amazing piece of technology and D600 looks a bit poor compared to it. I do not compare this Leica to it, that would be waste of time. Starting by the price, all comment is useless. The day Leica sells it's cameras at a real value price, one can consider doing it.

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If we wait 3 or 4 generations further, we get one at 1800$, just like at all other brands. A bit expensive for a FF NEX with a 24 mix Sony sensor.

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I do not estimate it necessary to give any comment about this, It is a Leica at a Leica price, end of citation. Any more words would be insulting anyway. 22 Grant...sick.

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