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Debankur Mukherjee: 30 Minutes and above in one shot is only required if you record any Concert Performance otherwise very few people need more then 30 minutes in one shot....

Or any other live performance. Yelling "Hold" during a Kid's play will make you hunted. I solved it by using 6 cameras (, but it's annoying running around and making sure the cameras are all recording.

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Klipsen: Just add the duty and tell customers it's the price they must pay to have video in their SLRs - whether they want it or not.

In any case, how often do you really record more than 30 minutes in one take?

And if you do, wouldn't a dedicated camcorder be a better choice?

No, I have interchangeble lenses and filters for the u4/3 Olympus camera. You don't get ND compensation or interchangeable lenses until you get high $ camcorders, and until you get over $2k, you don't get the large sensor of DSLR's, which enable shallow-dof-shots (singer in focus, others out).

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