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On article VSCO launches $1M artist initiative fund (10 comments in total)

acronymns have been around before hipsters. It stands for Visual Supply Company. It's apt for their product offerings.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 review (373 comments in total)

I have this camera. Hadn't seen a need to get a new P and S since my Fuji F31FD until this. In many ways the ol' Fuji is still all I need but this RX100 is worth it. It's a joy to use and produces fabulous results. Go ahead and parse away, that's what these boards are for. But rest assured, this is THE pocket cam. Also, remember that within this parsing, there is a huge difference between paper parsing and having it in your hand. Nothing compares to trying it out. For example, I have zero issues with the lens ring lacking audible/tactile clicking. The smooth action doesn't phase me in the least. If anything it would be nice if you got further with each degree of dial turned but that could easily be resolved in the firmware.

First 14 pics on this site are out of my rx100. the rest are various pocket film cameras.

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X10 in-depth review (145 comments in total)

Fellas. You gotta get your homework in on time, no matter how good you do on it. Hoping for a review of the RX-100 before Xmas.

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toomanycanons: Did all the major camera makers get together and agree to be done with viewfinders? Is their consensus that us buyers don't want them (WRONG) or what?

I love my DSLRs, don't find them too bulky, love their IQ and versatility. A camera such as this Sony comes along, looks great...but alas, no viewfinder so I immediately cross it off my list of potential next buys. Pentax just did that as well. What gives?

If you define your artistry as a photographer by how you frame shots (i.e. a VF is vital and a screen won't cut it) then I can only assume you never ever touch the crop tool in post? C'mon. You're bored and splitting hairs. We're all a bunch of dorks on here.

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Reg Natarajan: If Sigma wants to play in the high-end P&S segment, their cameras need to not look like bland generic boxes like the one above. They clearly haven't learned from the success of Fujifilm's X10 and X100.

I disagree Reg. I think the minimal, rectilinear, mostly black design is right in line with the others in this segment. My design criticism of this is that the lens being mounted on the left looks more like a Sony. The Sigma P&S's looked better in earlier versions when the lens was in the center. In general, while I'm drawn to the mildly retro/nostalgic designs, I'd rather see all new classics that speak to the different design potential due to different camera tech. Which means I had camera designs like that fuji x100. It's nothing but a copy of old styles. At least this sigma and the fuji's released since then, are styled in a Cartier-Bresson way while embracing some subtle modern twists. I guess my point is, how do you see this design as really any different from the s90-s95 or fuji x10, etc?

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On article Buyer's Guide: Enthusiast raw-shooting compact cameras (283 comments in total)

I love reading the comments as much as the educated reviews. What other forums have such well informed and opinionated people? I'm always left thinking that everyone has their own criteria so a combative tone (sometimes found here) is a little silly.

...the criteria I'm left with after all of this is shutter release speed. At the end of the day, you should be able to get a good image from any of these but it's the ongoing issue of shutter lag that still gets me. It's avoided with DSLRs and I'm still gonna always take the most shots with my iphone (best camera=onya) even though it's delay in the new OS and when you've got a lot on the phone kills me.

So who's got some real world thoughts on which of these as quickest shutter release/bursts/record times. Didn't see it in there (maybe it is).


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