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Greetings. I'm a 16 y/o High School boy who takes photo often for school sports.


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On article Should you upgrade? New Sony a7 IV vs a7 III (301 comments in total)

Very great and detailed comparison! Kudos to you.

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Gesture: Do you think Kodak shares the Z protocols with these companies or do they have to reverse engineer?

Kodak is long dead... I thought you mean Nikon. No, the mount system and protocol is closed, just like Canon RF mount. And F-mount and EF-mount are closed as well, but because they were super, super old (especially F-mount) they were reverse engineered long ago.

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On article Sony ZV-E10 review (303 comments in total)

Looked at my NEX-F3 and found that Sony changed nothing on the plastic grip for eight or more years. That's damn similar.

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Funny to see animal-protectors rushing every comment section they can find, as human life is superior to anything else. There are no points to point out how many sharks are killed each year to show that humans are evil and should get attacked by sharks, the idea is ridiculous. If I change sharks to mosquitos, I doubt not many people still care about them, even I believe much more than 10,000 mosquitos are killed by human every hour. So please no more keyboard fighter argues about sharks and slaughtering and this is just a video about human fighting with sharks getting rescued after found by a guy using his drone, period.

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Ad12: Is this a manual focus only lens? Not an issue just to clarify.

Yes, like most of Voigtlander lenses, they are manual.
On the website, it also reads, "Voigtländer Classic Collection lenses have a fixed focal length without autofocus."

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irax73: I really want to see other manufacturers uses those massive batteries, in a changeable way. It’s hateful to see new cameras get constantly lower shooting time.

Very good point! Thanks for the explanation. Also, I thought smartphone battery usually drops voltage quite a lot, so maybe it won't be enough at some point.

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I really want to see other manufacturers uses those massive batteries, in a changeable way. It’s hateful to see new cameras get constantly lower shooting time.

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Time Capsule is just like Nikon F, long enough in an electronic history to be disappeared.

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I'm thinking about sensor image processing -
the dead for Sony and Leica -
or what about Fujifilm film simulation, does it count

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On article Head to Head: Apple Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro (272 comments in total)

Consider RTX 3080 is sold $1099 (but usually out of stock), and much more expensive bought with an external GPU unit or as in a laptop, the results of M1 is just mind-blowing to me. It was a long time for apple to fix every component on the motherboard. The SoC, the drive, memory sticks (no longer sticks). But M1 just meets every standard. Simply impeccable in video editing.
It's also impressive that M1 does not fly into 70dB fan noise, does not chew hundreds of watts of power, does not make your aluminium laptop body a fry pan, nor makes huge batteries out of juice in seconds, while giving highlighted results. I'm really looking forward to seeing what can be done with the newer generation of ARM chips, and how Wintel and Nvidia can improve their performance. It's just like GFX100 for the medium format camera market, literally a dinosaur comes and hunts in the forest.

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On article DPReview TV: Our favorite $1000 camera kits (286 comments in total)

Always give second-hand a try. I do not open B&H or Adorama for a while. Also, the $1000 cap is way too low. It will be much better at $1500 cap because $800-$1200 is the price point for the enthusiast tools from the manufactures. Also, in that cases a EOS RP (if there's great deal) and Nikon Z5 (better in most category) will be a way better choice as an approach to a full frame camera.
I understand why Chris or Jordan does not talk about used ones. The price is varied highly, it takes some knowledge. But if someone really tries to look for a camera under $1000 they should definitely look for them.
X-T200 with XC 15-45 was priced US $499 last Thanksgiving and that was the best choice to stuck with brand-new ones.
Some not bad second-hand models are OM-D E-M5 II, X-T20, X-T2, X-H1, a6400, a7r2, etc.
Not ILC: RX100 III, IV, VI, X100-X100F.

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On article DPReview TV: Our favorite $1000 camera kits (286 comments in total)
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Halftrack: I didn't find this comparison very relevant. In my view, if you're shopping for a camera system without a huge budget, you would have to be a complete idiot to buy new. You can get much, much more capable gear if you're willing to buy stuff that's lightly used but still in excellent condition. To be honest, none of the new options at this price point are at all compelling for me—they all come with major compromises in one or more areas. I wouldn't even consider buying new unless I were looking to spend $3,000 or more.

Buying second-hand stuff can be extremely challenging for completely novice users, especially for ancient canon 5d2 or other DSLRs. But with some prior knowledge used camera is way better than the brand-new one. For newer mirrorless cameras most of them are in reasonable price and much better than what you will get for brand new.

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