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On article Panasonic officially unveils 50-200mm F2.8-4.0 ASPH (300 comments in total)
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dpfan32: :D :D :D LOL
Too expensive!!
Way too expensive!!!
MFT never ever will match a DSLR image quality!!!!
MFT should be cheap!
MFT should be small!
Otherwise there is no market for overpriced low quality toys!!!

LOL it is smaller, it is less than 1/2 the weight and length of my Nikon 80-400 f5.6 VRII. It is also a $1,000.00 cheaper and better quality than Nikon 80-400 f5.6

Like APS-C closing ground on full frame, look closer the MFT is closing in on APS-C sensor image quality, especially with good glass. Low light is the weakness of MFT's. I shoot with a Nikon D810 and a D500 for my wedding, event and portrait work. But I have to say I have been impressed with the new Olympus OMD EM1 mkII, and I have a feeling I will also be impressed with the Panasonic G9 when I get my hands on it.

I have seen plenty of pro's that have either gone Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus for their system. To me that says enough.

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armandino: which sums up that the 1DX is easily the most all rounded camera. It is nice to have the amazing 3D af tracking, but how much further does really get you? 1DX AF is already incredible. Let's not forget flicker detection. Battery life, ISO performance and the other nice additions are consolation prices to make sure that the cameras score exactly the same.
Dual pix with touch screen is massive, 4K 60fps+ frame grab is massive, effective 16fps against effective 12fps is massive. DR is massive.
Lead in AF tracking and low light AF might be worth for very few out there, and makes the D5 more appealing to a minority, which indeed can be read between the lines of the politically correct DPR review.
Sorry Nikon

One persons opinion, that and $3.95 will get you a nice hot cup of coffee.

You love the 1Dx mkII because you own one. You don't need to justify your purchase to the rest of us. As I say to D5 owners, enjoy your great camera.

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coody: If one has to pick one, D5 probably is favored by most people.

Really there shouldn't any kind of a argument here. As each photographers needs are different, some need the best FPS, others want best dynamic range, or certain lens that fit there shooting style best.

The best camera is the one that fills the needs of each photographer. I have shot Canon, Sony and Nikon.

Loved several things about each. In the end I picked Nikon because the D810 and D4 filled my needs best at that time. Though I loved my 5dmkIII, and before that my Sony A700's. The D810 is very easy to customize to what I need and I love that.

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bed bug: Do they support ETTL as per the Flex TT5 and Mini TT1?

Kind regards

I have used both Canon's eTTL and Nikon iTTL, both are good systems but I have experienced limitations. I found out back with a shoot in 2010 during a family shoot on a very sunny day. Both my SB900 and SB800 missfired several times.

I also know that Canon's new proprietary system won't work with my studio lights, so I would still need another radio set to fire them. So that is not the answer for me either.

Finally in November I purchased 5 pocket wizard TT5's, with a TT1, AC3 and AC9's. Now I can use my Nikon flashes with my AlienBee lights. Was it cheap? No but it gives me the versitility I need.

The new PW Plus III's even though they are not TTL, they give me 4 zones I can control manually. I currently have three with the TT5's. When I am shooting several subjects with different skin tone ranges and different colored outfits. I don't have to worry about constantly fusing with TTL getting fooled.

Yeah there are cheaper systems but durability is one reason I choose PW's.

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