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Catallaxy: Just got mine from Stephen at (I put down a deposit a while ago).

The lens is small and lightweight. Perhaps a tiny bit smaller than my Voigtlander 40 f/2 (new model) and the focus ring is very smooth and damped. I am putting it through testing now, but so far it is a joy to work with. Inside shots look good with nice bokeh. It is easy to focus on my D700. The light is just getting good so I should be able to tell more about the lens after shooting it outside this evening.

What is your opinion on the 28 today?

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sillette: A 28mm lens on any APC sensor camera makes for a perfect standard lens. The only problem I have found with my Voigtlander 20mm SII lens on my Canon DSLRs is the fact I have to crank the focus back from infinity a smidgen to sharpen the photograph.

I have found all my Voigtlander lenses must be focused from near to infinity and when the focus indicator first hits, focus is bang on. I have tested on a D700 and D7000 with the same results. I just find my old eyes have a difficult time focusing without a proper split screen. Try using the focus indicator, focusing from near to infinity.
I am curious to know if Canon is similiar.

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