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The format is 6x9 "cm" not "in".

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stormy_weather: Can I somehow block "drone" content?

Cool - thanks a lot!

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Can I somehow block "drone" content?

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Beautiful gallery - you have an eye for compositions!

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I am not impressed either. Partly because I cannot imagine using a camera where I have to constantly press a button to see a bright finder image. I understand their logic but it just seems awkward .

I see two more (rather fundamental) problems:

One is the tolerances that come from the two added interfaces between lens module, body and film magazine. Rollei went a long way to design a film magazine for the SL2000/3003 where the film plane is on the body (!) to avoid these, and here we have yet one more.

Also, I wonder how they expect to reach 1/4000 with reasonable shutter efficiency. With the additional structure needed between body and film magazine and with an added dark slide in between, the shutter will move several millimeters away from the film plane, which is very bad at larger apertures and short shutter speeds.

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Magnar W: Just a side note: Advanced, but not a hit. This cute 35 mm Rolleiflex camera had interchangeable film magasines, and straight and waist level viewfinder.

If the electronics worked for such a long time, chances are they will continue for another 100 years. The SL2000 cameras had electronic problems in the beginning but these all surfaced rather soon.

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timberedplum: Who makes/designs these lenses? I know it was zeiss with V mount, fuji w/ H mount, but who makes these? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Are they in-house?

No way. As per Wikipedia, Hasselblad has 210 employees (Canon has close to 200,000). That may be wrong but designing lenses is not simple and Hasselblad has never ever done that, not even when they were a relatively big company.

Who is behind Hasselblad (technically and economically) is a mystery,



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What the article is missing is that possibly there is a customer base that has very limited knowledge about photography but a certain creative urge and a liking for retro styled products.
If you have only used your smartphone so far and If you think an old rangefinder camera looks nice and cool and would like to use one, but do not wish to start with film (you may be to young to have ever used film...), you may not be buying an X100 that has loads of buttons you don't understand - but you may become quite happy with the new Yashica instead.
Certainly, this is not a serious camera. But it may become a quite successful product.

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Brilliant - I would buy an android version at once.

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Nice, but Cambo is not the first company trying to use the TS/E lenses’ wide image circle.

Even I did (on film) ;-)



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Photograhy is about making pictures, two dimensional representations of reality. Your photo will be a good one when you successfully manage to bring this preception of reality into those two dimensions. A feeling of "being there" as optical viewfinders indeed offer it sometimes, does not help. This is not a virtual reality game nor is it a Disney Land visit - "being there" may be a nice feeling but does not help assessing if what you are in, could be a good photo.



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Frankly, I have trouble believing much of what the Hasselblad man said. For all I know, Hasselblad is a very, very small company now and should have nothing like the resources needed to develop a new camera system. Also, Hasselblad has not designed lenses in the past, so why would they start now in an area where they never had expertise?
This "Made in Sweden" sounds much like marketing speech to me and my feeling is that in fact engineering and manufacturing were done elsewhere (on the other side of the globe), same as the business decisions leading to that camera were taken by the investment company owning Hasselblad now.

Which doesn't make the camera worse, for sure.

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I am probably not the target audience ... but I think this is a waste of resources and complete nonsense.

And it will not change my attitude towards drones as a nuisance



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Very nice, very beautiful - Thanks!

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Dpreview should stay out of this rumour business, always and entirely.

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Another thumbs up for the nice play on words in the title!

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"The a7 II is the world's first full-frame camera with in-body image stabilization" ... really?

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HL48: From what I remember of an article about this lens (about 15 years ago, perhaps in Sky and Telelscope). It is somewhat radioactive because of the thorium, "it can't focus blue worth a damn", it is in fact an apochromat in infra-red, red and green.

(I'd keep this lens away from young children,)


dpreview, you are going the wrong way - can you leave the nonsense to other sites, please!



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Nothing wrong with the picture and also nothing wrong with being inspired by an great American painter, but this indeed looks like an Edward Hopper painting.



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