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larrytusaz: Maybe I'm weird, but I like the old "grid/thumbnail" view better, especially when conducting a search & browsing the results. I like seeing lots of entries per page without scrolling through icons or previews that are massive in size.

Agreed Larry, looks great for random viewing but I used Flickr for my own reference point too and it's a pain now- it there are 'revert to old look' button?!?

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Sergey Borachev: About time!

I assume it can play MP3 and video too using Android applications, if Nikon does supply them.

Let's see what Samsung can do next. It is already an Android phone and mobile device maker. The small P&S market will disappear as phones get better cameras in them.

Not mentioning an MP3 player? I think they're missing out on that- makes a ipod the way to go instead- if they'd add a zoom lens.

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Hilmi Murat: They are playing Russian Roulette and the bullet is on the way while the gun points the Canon. I am a canon user for more than twelve years and announced products didn't satisfy me yet...

Agreed- seems like Canon is out for the video market while leaving the still photographer to wonder what's next. I'll be waiting for a 7d replacement while Nikon jumbles their lineup with a D3200?
It reminds me of the car companies when the Japanese started shipping compacts. Detroit stuck to the money making big cars and when the demand went for compacts, they lost out.

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Debankur Mukherjee: Nikon and other companies should relocate their factory to places in Thailand where the recent flood did not effect.

What about the hard disk manufacturer ( WD and Seagate) - are they manufacturing ??

There weren't too many areas in Thailand that weren't affected.

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Khizer: Are Nikon cameras manufactured in Thailand up to the same standard as those made in Japan? The same does not hold true for so many other electronics goods. Canon still manufactures in Japan.

Yes. Generally most camera companies keep their high-end products in Japan but that doesn't mean the other lines aren't built well. It just means that's were those factories have been for years.

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D200_4me: It's still not in the crazy Leica territory. I see a lot of better cameras in the M9's competition, but look at the price they get for that M9. Yikes.

Boy, ain't that the truth!

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