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Jan and his Camera: Why would I fund something on Kickstarter that I can buy right now on Amazon for less?
And why does DPReview report about this?

Oddly enough the link to the kickstarter is not a referral link.

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I wonder if I could get an aftermarket upgrade to my R4.

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I was thinking about this, but decided against it after finding out that you're left with a brick after using it 5 times, unless you register the device on a phone.

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Zerixos: The procube is a product from Hanhel and has been around for a while. It seems to be the exact same charger as the Hanhel Procube 2. Anyway, I do like mine and its the only charger I use for my Sony.

Manfrotto and Hanhel are distribution partners, through Vitec (Manfrotto's parent company). The Manfrotto product pages actually have Hanhel in its HTML source, and Hanhel's German site has a Vitec footnote. I have not come across anything that states that Vitec owns any part of Hanhel though.

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On article Opinion: Camera names are getting ridiculous (706 comments in total)

At least it's not as nuts as some of the monitor naming conventions.

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ttran88: Kodak is now worth 700 million. Were they ever worth this much during their film days?

Kodak was one of the largest companies in the world, by market cap, back in its prime. Digital photography and videography simply killed the company, as it was heavily invested in film production and processing. Ironically Kodak itself invented the digital camera, but sat on it knowing that it would kill the company. And while it did produce digital (still) cameras, it's products were just good enough compared to the likes of Minolta, Olympus, Canon and Nikon, nor the more (then) prosumer oriented Sony. After all has been said and done, this was a failure of the company's leadership to shift it's focus to digital and rely too much on its film history.

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My travel kit (as a hobbyist) currently includes a USB charger with multiple USB ports (including USB PD). I use multiple cheap USB battery chargers, including one that charges NiMH AA\AAAs. And I have several power banks of various sizes (large in a bag, small in my pocket). Each of these cheap USB chargers are about the size of the plates included.

While this device is versatile, I'd rather have a USB PD based charger, than bringing along this bulky block and another AC adapter.

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Mdayonline: Unfortunately the strap is still designed so that I cannot use between my camera and RRS plate.

A7R4 with the 2-piece L plate. I tried putting it underneath the plate. The curve of the plastic will either block the QD hole or have part of it stick out past the plate. The plate actually has a way to attach a traditional strap webbing, which would offer a better solution for my specific situation.

My normal carry style is a BR sport strap on my left shoulder (camera hanging on my right side) with a sling\messenger on my right shoulder (hanging on my left side or back). I actually looped a Magpul QD onto my bag to see how it would work out for how I prefer to carry last Fall. The magpul straps look uncomfortable. So far I prefer to put my 70-200 GM with the RSS foot QD'd to the bag strap, while carrying my camera (with other lens attached) as I have always done.

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Mdayonline: Unfortunately the strap is still designed so that I cannot use between my camera and RRS plate.

I attach my camera to my strap using an arca swiss clamp onto the RSS plate, which also makes it more straight forward to mount onto a tripod. How the plastic strip mounts to the bottom of the plate prevents that from working. And it won't fit between the camera and the plate, since the plate has a lip.

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Unfortunately the strap is still designed so that I cannot use between my camera and RRS plate.

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cheesesteak: I use a generic battery tank for astrophotography - it powers the mount, laptop, and camera(s). Its larger than a power tool battery, but with several times the capacity and only around $80. There are also a growing number of USB-C PD battery options.

Is this more for powering the video equipment and happens to also have output for the camera? I don't shoot video.

More for video than photo, since video requires more power due to the continuous use of the electronics. That said, if you were shooting remotely, and used continuous lighting at all, then it's good to have those power ports available. USB was limited to 5V, which means stepping up to 7.2, 12 or 14.4 Volts, which could cause issues with high current draw. The dewalts are 20V and are designed for high current draw, which makes this a better solution for continuous lighting and strobes. It's by no means great for the wallet since Dewalt charges quite a bit for its batteries. I have yet to see USB PD photo\video accessories that take advantage of the higher voltages that USB PD can offer (up to 20V).

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jwalling00: First of all I understand the audience is camera people, but come on. The iPhone is by FAR the most important change to photography in the last decade. Maybe even in the last 100 years. It introduced selfies, took social media mainstream, and captures more photos than all other cameras combined. Sure its not as good quality as the other ones, but its way more significant.

Instead of arguing about the iPhone, I'll say this. I had the Original iPhone in 2007. Are you saying that 2007 was in the 2010s?

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Orion09: Ever since iPhone has been invented, it's growing bigger and bigger. Since the invention of mirror less, the cameras are shrinking in size. We measure a phone, whose main purpose is to "talk"; by how "big" (MP wise) and good it takes a picture. And argue about the cameras; by how smaller it is becoming... I wonder if this is what is "progress"?

Instead of arguing about the iPhone, I'll say this. I had the Original iPhone in 2007. Are you saying that 2007 was in the 2010s?

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kodacolor: The higher the ISO number the more noise appears in a photo, same as film.

@noirdesir The amount of light reaching the sensor (aside from external-to-camera variables) is controlled by aperture and focal length (as well as other optical augmentations, such as filters, lens geometry, etc.). ISO (on digital sensors) has nothing to do with how much light reaches the sensor. ISO has to do with some of the processing that is done (amount of light amplification) to the signals from the sensor once image\data capture is performed, hence impacts the image that's saved onto a memory card, on a per-pixel basis.

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Serious question, why link a reddit post instead of their actual video?

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On article How do you know you need a new camera? (402 comments in total)

I went from a Canon 20D (Fall 2004), to a Sony a77 (Spring 2012), to a Sony a7rII (Holiday 2015). The Canon 20D was showing its age, having used it for so many years. I was waiting for a 7D replacement when I decided to get the a77. It was a big deal for me to switch mounts, but the a77's features were enough, including the 10-11 fps and AF. My decision to go with the a7rII given what I shoot most of the time, and I wanted to go full frame.

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