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Ink or paint that can only be seen by a camera flash. Open Talk Oct 4, 2016
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How many girls are in this photo? Open Talk Mar 23, 2016
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Lots still to like in the 1DX - baseball with Sigma 150-600 C Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Feb 2, 2016
It's not Just Lenses and Cameras. It's also Light. Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Jan 28, 2016
Do I have the right equipment? Portrait and People Photography Dec 9, 2015
The Creative Vision Hoax in Nature Photography Open Talk Sep 29, 2015
When do you start charging for your services? Open Talk May 10, 2015
Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary, anyone else have one besides me? Canon SLR Lens Talk May 4, 2015
Why is it "mostly" canon and nikon? Open Talk Apr 30, 2015
Do you usually put watermark on your photos? Open Talk Apr 29, 2015
Where is the dust in my camera? Open Talk Apr 28, 2015
Photo used for front cover of Magazine, from stock site (Question) Open Talk Apr 15, 2015
Why do people believe MTF charts from random sites. Open Talk Apr 15, 2015
What is the equivallent aperture on different cameras with different sensor size? Open Talk Apr 14, 2015
6D + 100-400 MK2. Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Apr 10, 2015
NatGeo thinks fish eye lenses are gimmicky? Open Talk Apr 8, 2015
Which cameras are capable of focusing at a stopped down aperture? Open Talk Apr 3, 2015
What is your personal never-exceed ISO value? Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Mar 21, 2015
Rebalancing the way we shoot. High ISO is a wonderful tool. Open Talk Mar 18, 2015
Sensor size and lens for serious landscape? Open Talk Mar 16, 2015
one advantage of film - not image related Open Talk Mar 11, 2015
Self portrait Portrait and People Photography Mar 4, 2015
Thinking about picking up a medium format, looking for help Pro Digital Talk Feb 27, 2015
Constant lighting portrait. Cowboy Studio. Portrait and People Photography Feb 24, 2015
Decent low-light point and shoot under $300? Open Talk Feb 11, 2015
I need a light meter that will work well with 5D Mark III Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Feb 5, 2015
Trouble with Tungsten light - what to do? Open Talk Feb 3, 2015
Can you help out with a Psych experiment I'm running? Open Talk Feb 2, 2015
Do you think it is a mistake to sell entry level ILCs with kit lens only? Open Talk Jan 31, 2015
Not one Canon product among the best in DPR Readers' Polls 2014... Open Talk Jan 29, 2015
Nikon d610 or Canon 6D for first full frame Open Talk Jan 29, 2015
Tape on your camera logo looks like garbage Open Talk Jan 27, 2015
Best canon lens for outdoor full body potraits ? Portrait and People Photography Jan 26, 2015
Petition For A Left-Handed Camera? Open Talk Jan 23, 2015
Why do people always assume the answer to any problem is more/new gear? Open Talk Jan 21, 2015
Vertical pictures get no respect (?) Open Talk Jan 17, 2015
Anybody else shoot under high pressure sodium lights Open Talk Jan 16, 2015
Less Megapixel's is more Open Talk Jan 5, 2015
Taping over camera name/de-badging Open Talk Dec 30, 2014
What makes a good photograph, and who can tell the difference? Open Talk Dec 21, 2014
SAMYANG 85mm F1.5 problem mounting on nikonD5100 : "lens not attached" Open Talk Dec 20, 2014
those who prefer primes--do you have a favorite? Open Talk Dec 19, 2014
Lenses: Buy New or Used? Open Talk Dec 18, 2014
Smartphones aren't hurting photography, they are helping it. Open Talk Dec 17, 2014