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There is no such thing as "RRP in the US". I assume you're referring to the "MSRP". Brits seems to have a problem understanding that Britain is not a world-wide standard.

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On article SLIK introduces SLIK LITE tripod line (35 comments in total)
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Rod McD: I like their 634CF for a backpacking tripod and these look closely related. I can't say that a light in the bottom of the center column looks all that exciting. Once you've set up the camera, there can only be one place the light can be shone - downwards. It'll be quite useless for illuminating camera and lens controls. Is there anyone who sets out to do night photography who doesn't take a head torch or handheld torch with them?

And would somebody please inform Slik USA that the internet is an international phenomenon - showing both imperial and metric specs in their site might just help potential buyers consider their products.

Rod -- Perhaps you haven't noticed, but showing "both imperial and metric specs in their site" is not a courtesy practiced by the LARGE MAJORITY of non-USA based companies. In an ideal world, I would hope that all manufacturers show specs that are relevant to their customer base ... but they don't. Thus, it is only natural that some US-based companies commit the same mistake that non-US companies commit.

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Digital Suicide: They can make even octa-cam system, I'm staying on single lens cameraphone. Hopefully not all of the makers will follow this ridiculousness.

It would be great to see a Sony Xperia, LG, HTC, and Moto approach to this topic. One or two of those mfrs would have a great permutation.

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Kevin DiOssi: I find it odd that instead of comparing directly to its competitors (D4S/D5) and predecessor (1DX), it's compared to a totally different camera - the A7RII. That isn't a fair fight in terms of resolution and overall camera performance. It's not like you compared the A7RII with the 1DX on buffer and shooting speed...or autofocus...

So the ISO performance is excellent compared to pretty much every camera but the new D5, which has horrible dynamic range - something that DPReview slams Canon on but downplays this attribute when it's a Nikon? And we're talking JPEGS? Really? RAW performance between the cameras is very similar. I truly wish there were a greater measurable high ISO improvement, though.

It's just disappointing to see the fires get fanned and the DPReview comments section filled with ignorance over such small differences. This camera has a very specific target audience and I don't believe a single real-world buyer has made a post. haha

This isn't anything new for DPR. Their bias and incompetence has been well known for years. 1st, Canon's DPP should be used for raw conversions because it produces much more pleasing and accurate colors for their cameras. Then additional manipulations, including shadows & highlights, should be done in Adobe. Adobe ALWAYS botches Canon's colors. Secondly, DPreview not only botched it by using jpg conversions out of the camera, but they used the "standard" jpg settings. "Standard" jacks up the contrast to high contrast, creating very dark shadows. I NEVER use Canon's "Standard" jpeg processing, but almost always use "Neutral". Now why would DPR darken the shadows & then try to retrieve shadow detail? They are either incompetent, ignorant, or very biased. I believe it's a little of each. DPR really doesn't know that Adobe screws up Canon's color balance & DPR really doesn't know that "standard" jpg processing jacks up the contrast and creates very dark shadows.

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Tasslehoff: To check if a smartphone is usefull for me, I put it in a bowl of water and see if it still works...

OK, obviously I am not doing this, but I would never buy a phone that is not water resistent. I love hiking and use my phone as a GPS device and being water resistent is a must-have for me. Thus, no Apple or Microsoft phones for me.

Android probably isn't the best smartphone OS, but it is good enough and at the end of the day I am not using many apps and the ones I use are available for Android and I like them.

I think there are zero reasons for me to buy a Windows smartphone and I think there are lots of other people that see no point in buying Windows smartphones.

Maybe Windows 8/10 is good as a smartphone OS. I tried Windows 8 on my desktop and hate the new interface.

The only truly waterproof phone I know of is the Sony Xperia Zseries. It is also one of the best Android phones and has top notch cameras. Still, these cams in the new Windows phones appear amazing, and their camera apps are the best, bar none. I wish I could install the Windows/Nokia camera software on my Sony phone.

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On article ZEISS goes wide with Loxia 21mm F2.8 for Sony E-mount (224 comments in total)
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biza43: Expensive? Check the prices of Leica glass... the Nikon 21 f1.8 G is a great lens optically, the Canon 20 f2.8 is a lot worse.

the nikon/canon comparisons SHOULD include the Nikkor 20mm f2.8 and Canon 20mm f2.8 ... NOT a Nikon 21 f1.8.

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shoomer: I think HTC phones are good but their focus seems to be on making a great camera not the phone....which I don't think they can do better than the iPhone. A feat that needs experts on image processing on software and hardware which I don't think HTC has.

Actually, your implication that the iPhone is the competition and makes the best camera phones is incorrect. There are many good phone cameras out now besides the iPhone, and the 3 Sony Xperia models, 2 Samsung Galaxy models, and the latest LG are all rated higher by DPR and DXo than the iPhones (but only slightly). The idea is, you shouldn't keep holding up comparisons to the iPhone as the be all and end all. That's just silly hysteria.

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On article Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners (467 comments in total)
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Gary Goodenough: Bullies

While "bullies" may not be quite accurate, except for the emotional tone, "predator" would fit nicely. Basically, most all monopolist companies are predators in this respect.

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On article Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners (467 comments in total)
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DCSteve: I got the cc: subscription for $100. $8/month -- the cost of a sandwich. Or, put another way, 1/1000 the cost of my camera gear. For that, I get regular updates, a mobile app that allows me to download and edit on the road (with automatic syncing of full-size images when I get home) and a well-established, cross platform software suite. I don't think it's a bad deal.

You can always rationalize why something isn't too expensive. Insurance agents and cable TV providers don't talk about the yearly cost, but rather cents per day. Starbucks has no problem rationalizing how affordable their expensive habit is. Nonetheless, Adobe is raising the price, and many commenters are so addicted they think that any price increase can be rationalized because no alternatives are acceptable. That is a fallacy.

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On article Shooting with the Canon PowerShot G3 X (322 comments in total)
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sdh: The G3X zooms 50% farther than it's next direct competitor, the Pana FZ1000. I still can't wrap my head around how the author can minimize the G3X's extra reach. If I want tighter framing, I think it's always better to get it via lens reach than cropping, assuming I have the choice and assuming comparable sensors.

50% more lens reach is substantial. What am I missing here?

G-D, you TOTALLY miss the point in minimizing the diff between 400mm and 600mm. While you and I may have little use for this length advantage, it is enormously important for some shooters, such as aircraft, birders and wildlife shooters.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (278 comments in total)
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Pandimonium: Only for cool people with iPhones who also get layed more.

Interesting ... connecting bad grammar to nazi-ism? I don't see the connection, but I think bad grammar is amusing and doesn't reflect well on the speaker. Also, calling BlueBomber a "grammar nazi" doesn't reflect well on "Pandimonium". BTW, it is normally spelled pandemonium, but you probably think this makes me a "grammar nazi".

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (278 comments in total)
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chrid: Panasonic's cm1 seems like a better solution

Two pieces, one piece per hand is an awkward solution. Considering the weight of two pieces, the awkwardness, the cost of two pieces, the lack of any zoom range including anything appropriate for portraits, a relative lack of conrtrols, and the limitation to one brand only, this seems like a terrible concept that relies solely on the apparent willingness of Apple-holics to spend endlessly on anything Apple-related. This doesn't say much for where consumerism is headed.

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On article Manfrotto introduces new lens filter lineup (125 comments in total)
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DonnaRead54: I see this as just a result of a brainstorming session with the marketing people who said, "hey, let's do filters! We'll slap a stencil on some good filters, get DPReview to reveal them for us and let our name do the rest! It'll be brilliant!" LOL No thanks, Manfi .. I'll just stick with my good old B+W and Hoya. Been fine for years, will be fine for years to come.

Donna -- Now that is what I call an open mind! A better approach might be curiosity as to whether Manfrotto's filters are very good, but at a lower price than B+W or Hoya Pro. BTW, I have both B+W and Hoya filters, but more competition is welcome. Another, and perhaps more relevant, question concerns the survivability of the DSLR industry in the face of constant improvements by cheaper and smaller cameras.

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On article Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera review (206 comments in total)
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GlaZZ: Thanks for the review.
It's amazing how 8MP 1/3-inch sensor camera can beat other higher pixel larger size smartphone cameras such as 20.7 MP 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS on Z2 and 1/2.6-inch 16MP BSI CMOS sensor on S5.
How much difference does the software make in this case?
Look forward to Z3 and Note 4 reviews, though I already decided on Note 4

Perhaps I missed the analysis that says the 8MP 1/3 inch sensor is better than the 20.7MP Sony sensor or the 16MP BSI S5 sensor. There were statements throughout that said the Apple 8MP sensor compared favorably or held-up well to the 13MP sensors on the market. It's preferable to not twist the reviewers words and conclusions.

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On article Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera review (206 comments in total)
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Scott12345: Excellent article, thanks. I've found that in bright conditions where I want depth of field, the quality and color from my iPhone is better than the jpg output from my Canon DSLR. In other words it takes several minutes of work to extract similar attractive images from RAW. The iphone video mode is simply far superior to my Canon DSLR in terms of detail, motion and aliasing artifacts, and sound quality.

Basically, I agree the iphone takes amazing photos and video and should be considered by photographers.

Your comment about the "Canon DSLR" doesn't apply to most modern Canon DSLRs (or Nikon equivalents). It's interesting that you didn't mention what model camera it was, because without that information, your comment is meaningless and cannot be scrutinized.

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On article Walmart sues photographer's widow over family pictures (164 comments in total)
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joe6pack: The article is written by PPA and they are advisors to the photographer's wife and play an active role in the case. Their opinion is biased.

Joe6pack -- Exactly what part of the article do you think is opinion or bias?

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