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On article The new nifty fifty: Canon RF 50mm F1.8 sample gallery (285 comments in total)
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jpeghorror: A great basic lens whose perfect match is a Nikon Z5 equivalent that Canon doesn't make. Yet.

jpeg horror -- Canon makes 2 great cameras, the R5 and R6. Trying to impugn them is juvenile. Impugning them in a Canon lens article is beyond silly.

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On article Fujifilm X-T3 vs X-Pro3: Which one's right for me? (240 comments in total)
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pentaust: "Fujifilm X-T3 vs X-Pro3: Which one's right for me?" Well, the very best way to answer that question is to order both cameras to try them out, keep the preferred model and return the unwanted model, which is possible via amazon return policy (if ordered via amazon).

It's not an appalling attitude. Since most local camera stores have either gone out of business or or those in big cities still don't carry sufficient models to demo, then the customers are forced to "demo" them or try them out this way. That is what the internet age has forced upon consumers. In return, the big internet vendors have huge sales volumes with comparatively little brick infrastructure. Thus, returns are easily folded into their sales margins.

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Johann3s: Con for DPP:

'Only supports Canon cameras'

Is this a joke?

Mikey -- You're wrong. Most people don't have multiple camera brands. I have numerous Canons. My brother has numerous Nikons. My brother-in-law has 2 Sonys. That is typical of most people with DSLRs that I know. In your position at DPR, you have a unique and uncommon experience. Also, are you BRITISH, which is always a problem. :-)

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crsantin: I far prefer Adobe Camera Raw over any other RAW processor. DXO Photolab 2 is a close second for me and it's reasonably priced. I never warmed up to Capture One or any of the others.

CR Santin, Tom N, and seri_art -- Perhaps the relevant question is "what camera brand do you use"? Are you shooting Canon, the subject of this article, or another brand?

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Fotoni: I'm using Rawtherapee which is free for all, but this is about Canon camera post-processing or what? Darktable is another free one, but I haven't tested it. Maybe include these two in the future. Japanese make horrible editing interfaces with their camera softwares. At least Nikon and Pentax are just terrible. It is like they are stuck in 90s with their interfaces and features.

Mike -- "Most people" would not have multiple camera brands. Thus, having a mfr's brand only (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc) is NOT a "Con", nor is it an advantage to have Adobe Raw/Photoshop/LR that can handle multiple brands. That is an advantage only for Pro photographers with multiple cameras and brands. Pros are not "most people".

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Slideshow Bob: O.k. A long time ago I shot a product for use in promotional material. I shot it with a 5Ds, and the product was pasta in a box with fairly thin blue blue writing on a white background. Not being a native Canon user, I used DPP to process the shot, thinking that would give me the best result, but all the blue writing came out in a really muted grey in DPP, and I couldn't get the saturation back. I asked around, and everyone told me I was using the wrong settings, so I changed some setting according to what I was told, but still had the same problem.

I loaded the same raw file into ACR, and bingo, the writing was blue!

Now, the interesting thing is that the DPR test scene provides the same scenario. The playing cards have a thin blue line around them (you could also use the King's sword as a good example). You know what? I still can't get freakin' DPP to make that line blue! If I'm still doing something wrong, then please, someone put me out of my misery!

Any thoughts?

Bob, basically you're saying that you've experienced color accuracy problems with DPP that are the opposite of what everyone else has experienced. It seems apparent that there is some setting wrong with what you've experienced, but it's difficult to nail down without full view of all your settings. One thing that is certain though, is DPP has much more accurate colors for .crw files. Personally, I have used both programs for ~15-18 years. I start with DPP for renaming (more flexible and faster than Adobe); then cropping (DPP rotation provides preview, which Adobe doesn't); then white balance and accurate colors. ACR's colors and white balance are awful, so then I switch to Adobe Photoshop or LR for shadows/highlights, dynamic balance, or portrait touch-ups. Because that workflow is time-consuming, I use it only for the most important photos. But I always start off with DPP.

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On article Best cameras over $2500 in 2021 (227 comments in total)
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Slapstick Noir: 5DIV: "Ability to focus on subjects that move around the frame lacking"
- Stop moving, you're ruining the shot!
What a great camera...
They've put in it an AA filter, as thick as the polar ice cap, and it still has moire in video... rofl
Oh' Canon, thank you for all the entertainment:)

Slapstick Noir -- Your fan-boy exaggeration of other cameras that aren't your favorite isn't accurate or helpful. The word juvenile comes to mind. The 5Div is an excellent camera, period, as are most of the Pentax, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony competitors.

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On article Best cameras over $2500 in 2021 (227 comments in total)
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MyTZuS: Nice cut off point on price, keeps from showing how the Pentax K1 can go head to head with any of these, at a fraction of the cost.

Butoa -- dxomark is a specialty review site that focuses primarily on resolution. Handling, ergonomics, features, jpeg colors, native lens line-up, etc. are not focused on there. I use dxomark and primarily for lens reviews, rather than camera reviews.

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On article Best cameras over $2500 in 2021 (227 comments in total)
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Jon555: I'm confused...
The Leica SL is described as "very heavy" but is 847g with battery vs 1005g for a D850 with battery, which doesn't get criticised for its weight?
(BTW a D750 is 750g so not that much lighter.)

Doc - Perhaps you've just noticed the bias that DPR has long been known for. I look at DPR occasionally out of curiosity just to see the lists and Amazon prices of latest Apple, Nikon, and Sony products. For meaningful and astute reviews, I look to Fred Miranda, Rob Galbraith, the Luminous Landscape, et cetera.

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mr.izo: actually, i welcome super wide lens on the phone, would need that on daily bases, since i'm in architecture bf profession, and it would come handy surveying interiors and exteriors of the buildings etc. a lof of times now with regular phones you run out of space to capture enough wide fov.
but agree on "telephoto" could be something around 75-100 mm equivalent or even more , if we really need that. but i guess it's impossible to done that without something sticking out of the phone.

I'm an architect. The 27mm equiv wide lens adequately covers many building exteriors. However, it isn't adequate for full room interiors. Nonetheless, I think a moderate telephoto would be immensely more useful.

Link | Posted on Feb 22, 2019 at 04:22 UTC
On article Sony launches the Xperia XZ3 high-end smartphone (97 comments in total)
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MySimplePhotosToday: Take that Nikon, What are you going to do NOW! A, A, Beat this!!!
I'd like to know is it the XZed3 or the XZee3?

And just in case (yes I know you shouldn't start a sentence with "and" or have capitals after commas or multiple !!!!!!!!!) Hasselblad is King, all hail Cannon the almighty MFT lover and seat for Fuji.

The proper way depends on geography. In North America, it is "zee". In Britain, it is "zed".

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On article Sony launches the Xperia XZ3 high-end smartphone (97 comments in total)
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Inkjetartist13: The issue with Sony phones is not how good they are, it’s that there service is nonexistent. I purchased a new $800 Sony phone and the touch screen failed in 61 days. They have run me in circles for months trying to get service. They keep trying “software” fixes yet they don’t work. I ended up just buying another (not Sony) phone from a company that offers good service.

I had a similar experience with T-Mobile's first Sony Z phone. I liked the phone in most respects, hated the glass back, hated the low-light photos, and found the customer support non-existent. I couldn't get it fixed by Sony or T-Mobile when the glass back broke. An independent shop replaced the glass back with an ill-fitting back from China designed for a similar, but different model. The Z1 glass back was not available at all. The replacement back leaked moisture in and killed the phone. I used to own Sony stock, but sold that when I realized they had good products, but simply have no leadership to "close the deal", so to speak. Sony executives are idiots.

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Ramchi: After using my A6300 and RX 100 IV I forgot using mobile phones for taking photos. They offer decent performance, convenient to carry, high quality images, lens options pictures look nowhere near the digital camera images, nevertheless I use mobilephones occassionally for taking pictures and for scanning documents.

Qaz ... I have multiple dslr's including full-frame with good lenses. I've been a slr and dslr owner/user since 1970. Camera phones cannot compare on IQ. Also, Apple camera phones are not unique. You speak as though the exist in another galaxy, so to speak. Samsung Galaxy Phones are frequently proclaimed the "best", but by a hair. However, it's really splitting hairs between the Google, Samsung, and Apple phones .., and even other Chinese phones. Please stop posing as an expert, when you are obviously not. Camera phones are more convenient, but they are not as good as DSLRs.

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On article The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 takes aim at the iPad Pro (241 comments in total)
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Artak Hambarian: Photographers need resolution. Apple seem to understand this point better... Samsung is at the same resolution platau for already more than 5 years...

Artak, don't be silly and insecure. I'm a photographer too, but then again, I've only been doing that for 40 years. A high number of pixels is desirable up to a certain point for a certain size screen. Beyond that, more pixels is just a bragging and marketing point. Contrast, brightness, and color accuracy also are as important as resolution. To top it all off, many different brands turn out very good products in different price ranges. Hewlett Packard, Dell, Eizo, and Asus make excellent, large desktop monitors that are color-calibrated for professionals. Based upon your juvenile and ignorant statement, you probably are not aware that other companies besides Apple can make a good product.

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On article The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 takes aim at the iPad Pro (241 comments in total)
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ScanSpeak: I'll be buying the latest, largest iPad Pro when released latter this year.

Rumoured no bezel with the Face ID like my iPhone X


It's strange to read an article about a Samsung product, and all of the Apple cult who will never try this product come out of the woodwork and start beating their chests. First, this article is not about Apple, and Second, why are the Appletons so insecure as to yell out for validation. It's OK. Calm down. You can own your iPad and others are allowed to choose something else.

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On article The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 takes aim at the iPad Pro (241 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Why bother with an Android tablet? Even Google has given up on competing with Apple when it comes to tablets. You'd be buying into an ecosystem where actual tablet app support is tiny compared to the iPad and hardware performance is poor. Samsung has also showed no serious focus when it comes to tablets. They'll put something out there or you'll hear rumors of something coming that gets some people excited but in the end they have shown no real dedication in competing with the iPad. It’s no surprise that a lot of Android phone users have iPads. Android is simply not viable competition for the iPad. The cheapest iPad, for example, is an outstanding deal. Very powerful and pencil support.

It's stunning that Apple users can't understand that it's a personal decision. I don't want to be stuck in a proprietary closed Apple system with overpriced hardware and overpriced services. I personally would prefer a Korean tablet over the Foxconn tablet or a lightweight 11"-13" notebook. I could easily beat and have easily beaten the specs and performance/price of any Apple product in the Windows or Android universe. This Samsung tablet sounds interesting to me.

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On article The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 takes aim at the iPad Pro (241 comments in total)
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FoxShutter: The main negative thing about it is Android OS.

I believe that's a personal thing. The main negative for me about the iPad is being locked into the Apple operating system and services. I prefer either the MS Surface, Samsung tablets, or an 11"-12" Windows notebook.

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Like others have noted, this seems like an odd article for DPreview, despite the explanations given. Secondly, I was wondering how heavy it was. 1592g? What? I'm American. I'm not ignorant, but we simply don't use metric although I could do a conversion. My first reaction was to look up to the top of the article to see if this was a british website. No. DPreview is based in Seattle, but with a bunch of British writers. I thought good writers are supposed to take into consideration the intended audience. I've noticed this before with some Europeans. Please aim your articles at the readers and don't be angry that the US uses SAE or Imperial.

Link | Posted on Feb 21, 2018 at 19:12 UTC as 31st comment | 13 replies
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ozturert: I did not understand one part. The photographer took many photos from her hip with silent shutter. Does it mean that the girls/women did not know that s/he was taking photos? Did they all consent to photos?

I believe that was clearly answered in the article.

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Einride: Had this been tested on other software the Mc advantage would have been crushingly obvious.

Adobe software is painfully slow. Most obvious when comparing Premiere with Final Cut Pro X

This is NOT just about video (Final Cut Pro), but also about stills. The $1600 PC results look not only competitive, but if spec'd more closely to the more expensive Apple models, the PC results might be the winner hands-down. It all comes down to whether you are glued to the Apple software.

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