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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review (517 comments in total)

I would have liked to see the original RX100 in the drop-down comparison options, especially in low light, where the RX100 II is supposed to have a noticeable advantage.

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On article Olympus announces Stylus XZ-10 enthusiast compact (198 comments in total)

I thought "Wow, this looks like a worthy alternative to the RX100-- wider angle, more zoom, brighter lens at tele," until I got to the sensor size. What was Olympus thinking in not doing at least a 1/1.7' sensor? I suspect that the users this camera is aimed at (digitally informed, not invested in the megapixel race, interested in RAW formats and manual options) will notice that "feature," and be unimpressed. It seems short sighted on Olympus' part.

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On article Canon Powershot N first impressions (108 comments in total)
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Kevin Chao: is it just me or do the filters look really bad?

It is not just you! That's the way I feel about all the Instagram type filters. It's as if someone in a back room somewhere said "let's take photography back to when most folks owned lousy cameras with cheesy lenses, offer it as new 'apps,' and convince the users that this is the cutting edge of creativity!"

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Richard Franiec: I'm saddened seeing so much negativity and hate posted in reply to the news regarding my new grip but on the other hand I'm not shocked.

The idea behind my accessories always concentrate on the voids left by original equipment manufacturers: be that poor handling characteristics or adding missing functions like implementing remote shutter release adapters.

Maybe my press releases published by DPReview (as well as other prominent photo sites) are not newsworthy for some but welcomed by others who look for the solutions that my accessories provide. My experience based on actual users feedback clearly shows that the balance is overwhelmingly positive.

Accusations about business relationship between myself and DPReview (as well as other photo related sites) are utterly baseless, tasteless and untrue.
What I do provide is the news press release, that's all. It is up to the publisher of the news to decide if it is worthy publication or not.


Richard Franiec

I am saddened too, Richard. I have used your grips on two of my cameras, the Sony RX100 and the Olympus XZ-1 before that, and you sent me a free replacement part for a third camera when I wrote to you and said the part I had seemed "sticky."

Your parts look and feel like they were made for each camera, the metals match perfectly, and the grips greatly improve the feel of holding the camera.

But if someone sees it otherwise, why must they cast aspersions on your integrity or on that of the person who sells the products on his website? It seems like some folks are in need of a place to lob cheap shots.

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JamesRW: You need:
Sticky Threads
Mobile version
Ability to flatten threads

Re moderators: I wish there were an express statement here that people are expected to be civil and helpful. I find it pretty disconcerting to read snide, disrespectful replies to innocent questions. Yes, this is the internet, where apparently some people think normal rules of courtesy don't apply. But must this be accepted as with an "oh well, what are you gonna do?" attitude? I had a post deleted because I jokingly referred to global warming, while rude and sarcastic posts remain in place.

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inevitable crafts studio: sadly the major issue why i never used the forum, not even for reading through posts, is the cascading design of the threads, if i cant click on a thread and then just scroll down to read it, i will not use it

i cant understand why you dont make a normal forum like all other pages.

you cant read a forum like on your pictures, where you can only see the first post and a "norton commander view" of the threads

thats pointless to read

also, no mobile version in 2012? i only use the dpreview site on my ipad.

i dont read camera forums as a job, i come to this site when allready bored, and if its not streamlined for reading i cant see why i should generate clicks for you ^^

You currently do have the option to view it threaded (the way you don't like) or flat view (the way I think you want to). Open a thread and look to the right of where it says User. There you can choose the view. In my experience, if you're logged in, your reading preference is remembered.

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On article Samsung releases 12MP EX2F 'Smart Camera' (370 comments in total)

In inbuilt HDR and/or panoramic functions?

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