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gati: I have a X10, a Olympus xz1 and a Ricoh GRD4. I only shot jpg because I find it boring and timeconsuming to postprocess on computer. I have compared the photos from the three cameras and the X10 stand out as a clear winner. The JPGs from the Fuji X10 are magic, compared, especially to the Ricoh grd4, the diffrence is enorm to Fujis favor. The olypus xz1 is not bad but x10 is in a class of its own. (talking about jpgs straight out of the camera). The ricoh grd4 has a whole lot of ways to control the photos, sharpness, colors etc but in vain, the photos still looks preatty terrible compared to X10. I will keep the X10 because it gives the most pleasing colors on jpgs I have seen so far. The white orbs are ofcourse not a good thing but I have not seen it in any photo so far so for me its not a big deal.


Hi Gati & DPR, I would love to choose X10 as my preferred DSLR sidekick in this size & price range, with its largest in class sensor, 2nd fastest lens, famed jpg processing together with fast focus & low noise even in low light, plus unique EXR sensor tech & Fuji colour & have been eagerly waiting resolution of this orb issue. But issues still confusing me even besides orbs are: 1) why are dpreview crop comparison results so noticeably poor (esp in sharpness & noise at base ISO) for X10 even vs smaller sensor, slower lens compacts (esp look at paper clips and watch sections) contrary to all +ve comments and reviews on IQ 2) do RAW files actually benefit from EXR pixel pairing DR/NR HARDWARE technology, especially in PASM mode and when taking RAW only shots on the fly when defaulting to JPG mode 3) is there vignetting and flash blocking issue at 28mm, easily confused AF, slow start up, poor stabilisation esp in low light and 1/5 of LCD taken up with data that cant turn off, as reported?

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From this comparison it looks like orb fix has been at expense of overall sharpness/resolution. Dpreview, is this actually the case, particularly at base ISOs where existing crop comparison test here already gives surprisingly bad result for X10 in sharpness & noise vs even competitors like S100 let alone others in same group test including XZ-1, G12 and P7100? (See especially paper clips and watch sections). Given the predominantly very positive reviews & forum comments on X10 image quality, sample pics from numerous sources & X10 specs (particularly sensor size, lens speed, jpg processing combo relative to competition in class), how representative was that original X10 sample in the crop comparison in fact? When writing up the long awaited full review, I will be particularly interested to see IQ comments (incl. sharpness & noise details) with the new sensor relative to latest versions of the group test (especially XZ-1 which seems closest on image generating spec and samples). Thx.

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