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milkod2001: I have Godox V860V2 flash for Nikon. I wonder if it would work as external flash when used with Sony camera with wireless flash trigger for Sony (GODOX – X1-S). Would they still be able to communicate?

As long as it's not the TT350, and as long as the firmware on your lights is up-to-date, cross-brand switching shoyld work over radio. Hotshoe/foot, tho is dedicated to the single system.

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Guys, this is old news. FlashHavoc has the announcement back at the end of May! What's better and more informative news, is the release of the AD-B2, the Bowens-mount dual-bracket that adds LED modeling light(s) to one or two AD200s. You can effectively gang two AD200s together for 400Ws output.


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Jacques Cornell: How does this work??? Is it RF, IR, do the triggers have wifi built in, or what?

The A1 communicates with the phone via bluetooth, but with Godox X flashes over their 2.4 GHz system. You don't need an A1 to use Godox flashes, just if you want to use your phone to control Godox flashes via their built-in receivers/transceivers.

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Is the 6s and newer compatibility a known factor, then? The Godox website itself only says those were the models tested against, not that it was a complete list. I was really hoping I could use it with my 5s, since their TT350-O compatibility list didn't include my GX-7, but it turned out to be just fine. Please, when you're testing, can you check compatibility with older iPhones?

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I don't think it's about whether you'll have your ILC with you. It's that you'll always have your phone with you, and that some OCF shooters want to be able to trigger an OCF with any camera they use. Not to mention the phone is the entry level camera for most folks these days. Likely you'll have an X1T for the ILC, but share the light(s) with your phone via the A1. And who wouldn't want to be able fire an AD200 for a phone selfie just 'cause you can? :-)

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Anybody interested in the Godox system should take a look at Flash Havoc's overview.


The nice part is that micro four-thirds and Fuji X are getting added to the Canon/Nikon/Sony list, and that after firmware updates, the TTL lights should be able to autoswitch to take TTL/HSS signals from all five systems; so if you shoot mirrorless as well as dSLR, and you're using everything off-camera, you don't need to rebuy your lights to get TTL/HSS--you just need one dedicated transmitter per system.

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tbrianjones: If you are familiar with lighting and don't need TTL for live action like sports (which you generally don't if you are using wireless), everyone should check out the YONGNUO YN560 IV WIRELESS FLASH. I got a set of three, plus a controller for ~$200, and they all work as a controller and flash if needed. They are robust, powerful, and fantastic. I've written a brief review on this post: https://www.tbrianjones.com/art-and-engineering-blog/2016/11/17/what-photography-gear-do-i-use

Godox makes a analogous super-cheap manual-only 4xAA battery flash: the $70 TT600. And in the X system, it does wireless HSS. Much better buy than a YN-560III/IV/-660 and YN-560-TX. Particularly since Yongnuo has no analogous lights to the Godox Witstros (AD200, AD360II, AD600) or monlights (QT-600II, SK300II, SK400II, QS600II, QS1200II, etc.).

Also, Godox has begun adding Micro four-thirds and Fuji X compatibility to the X system. The AD200 already has a firmware update to enable TTL with those systems.

Godox makes five speedlights in the X system: the mini TT350 (TTL/HSS for mirrorless which uses 2xAA. The TT600, the $120 TT685 (4xAA, TTL), the $150 V850II (manual, Li-ion), and the $200 V860II. All of which have X transceivers built-in and do wireless HSS. Obviously, only the TTL models can do HSS on the hotshoe, since the manual lights are single-pin. And all these lights can auto-switch TTL/HSS RF functionality between Canon, Nikon, and Sony. And within a year or so, MFT and Fuji X.

That YN-560IV and Yongnuo's three separate triggering systems that don't let you mix TTL and manyal flashes, shoot mirrrorless HSS, have TTL/HSS with manual lights or studio strobes (well except for a YN-300) still looking good to you?

There's a reason a lot of folks are shedding Yongnuo gear for Godox, even if unravelling all the rebranding to Cheetah/Flashpoint/Neewer/etc. is a PITA.

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On article Godox to launch AD600 battery-powered mono-block heads (40 comments in total)

Interesting there's no mention that this isn't just a monoblock, but can also be converted to a pack and head with the $70 AD-H600.

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Kali108: I'm pretty embedded with Fuji Xpro1, but I'm jealous of the 1/320th sync speed.

Don't be too jealous. DPR got that number wrong. It's only 1/250s with an external flash--it's 1/320 with the built-in flash, from the Panasonic press release.

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