Bas Veerkamp

Bas Veerkamp

Lives in Netherlands Netherlands, Netherlands
Works as a Wedding events portret and Landscape
Has a website at instagram
Joined on Apr 9, 2015
About me:

Professional Artist weddings portrait and fun things

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Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
Nikon D5
Nikon D850
Nikon D4S
Leica D-Lux 6
Other gear:
  • Nikkor 105 F2,5 AIS
  • Nikkor 28 mm f2,8 AIS Analog lens professional mf lens floating lens elements and cru close correction 9 blades 7 lentes inside turn to the right and is Sharp espacialy Great landscape lens also very easy to use with the pro line and better dx Nikon camera's above the 5xxx series you can use it for everything filter ring 52mm it outpreforms many other newer lenses

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Nikon D50
Nikon D100
Nikon D200
Nikon D300
Nikon D7100
Other gear:
  • Nikon f801 It was master than the FM2 with Finder the f801s was the first speed camera for me i Used it with the speed flash sb28 i was to use it with extremly high shutter speed above todays 250 and had good outcomes the flash with Rolls of film was a different error this is stil a beatifull camera i would take it out today no Problem and shoot a wedding the only downhall is the higher cost of film shooting and devolping film
  • Nikon FM Black Same as the FM2 only shutter Goes from bult to 1000 sec and x125 sec flash i took it along with my fm2 to be safe flash sb16
  • Nikon FM2 n Analog camera can run without any battery shutterspeeds Bulb 1 0.10 sec to 4000 second x250s flash i made a lot of wedding shoots with this camera wat is Great nothing breaks i wouldnt go back to this anymore don't het me wrong love the camera and the Analog outlay and handling the cost are to much and you have to devollope time consuming today everything is faster not better but easier the only downfall today is especially the new age taking too much pictures
  • Olympus OM2 Olympus OM2 Olympus OM2 This was the first real camera i Used for shooting events and wedding real Great build better smaller than nikon even better than the FM2 its smal really wel made and cool Olympus zuiko lenses there a real treasure sadly i dint have the Same feel of Quality today of Olympus only the the looks are the Same the digital error today of the Fourth third sensor of today's Olympus they lost it if they would make serious fullframe sensors i Think it good keep the Same pas as Nikon and Canon maybe even better the lost it for me and aim still waiting but i know the wil not make such a change so i stick with the next best thing Nikon or Canon they are both Great