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When I saw this article in the newsletter, I just had to come and read the comments. They haven't disappointed - lensbaby products always guaranteed to divide opinion!!

I have the composer with a range of optics and love it. I also love my pin-sharp primes.

I tend to agree with some of the views that a few quid on a legacy lens is a better investment in this case. I got a Vivitar 135mm for £8 in a charity shop the other day that exhibits a similar range of qualities, as does my £15 SMC 50mm and £10 Hoya 28mm. They can look a bit odd on my dslr and MFT cameras, but I would have to pay 50-60 times as much for the marginal and aesthetic benefits this lens would bring.

Having said that, I would definitely pay £200 for the lensbaby Edge 80 optic - that one is quite good value and pretty unique at the price. If they find a way of making the lens for a similar price or less then they'll sell shedloads.

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On article Lomography adds Lomochrome Turquoise film to lineup (91 comments in total)

Stunning rendition. I wish I could afford it but 50 quid for 5 rolls is steep. 10/10 for innovation though lomography. This film rocks! I can't believe there are photography enthusiasts knocking it in this forum. Are you nuts! Something new and original like this..

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On article Olympus PEN E-PL7 First Impressions Review (510 comments in total)

Apart from the control dial, it's not really offering me much more than my epl-3, which I love. Looks like I'll be waiting for the epl-8 or maybe getting a secondhand omd5. C'mon Olympus ... It's high time you started innovating again or I might just jump ship to panasonic or Sony.

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Agree with all comments. I had to stop watching after 20 seconds as i was feeling sick. If this effect has any merit it would be better deployed with a curved gliding dolly contraption of some kind with a single decent videocam. As an ad for the Nokia phone, this backfires spectacularly.

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I've just been to the lomography website and it's only available in Canikon mounts :-( .

I'm a bit less keen now

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Oooh.. I want one! I'll probably need to wait 10 years until I can pick a battered one with a dented filter ring on ebay for £100, but the sample pics and videos are just gorgeous. In the meantime, I'll have to stick with my lensbaby composer which gives a very similar effect, and swirl that bokeh in photoshop. This lens appears to give the swirly bokeh right into the sweetspot though - anyone else notice that? Now where did I put that lottery ticket I bought last night..?..

I love the way a 19th century lens could be innovating digital photo/video-graphy, and its getting made in Russia.

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (628 comments in total)

There are some very angry and bitter posts on this stream .. lighten up people! I thought the CC pricing structure was pretty parasitic initially, but this latest offer of £8.78/month for PS & LR is just about affordable for me, so I've taken the plunge.
I've never been able to afford the software until now and relied on some very old versions of questionable provenance. Now I'm using the very latest software that I read about in the mags, an ACR that reads my camera's RAW files, and, as I spend about an hour a day in PS, paying about 30p/hour for the privilege. Not a bargain, but not a ripoff either.
Hopefully they won't hike the price too much after 12 months, but if they do, I can always go back to CS2.

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On article 2013 Waterproof Camera Roundup (123 comments in total)

I was on a Cornish beach recently and a young lifeguard/surfer dude took an interest in my waterproof camera, a Canon Sureshot A1 35mm camera that I was using while swimming with the kids - £5 on ebay and takes cracking pictures. He asked me if it floats - "of course" I said. Why wouldn't a waterproof camera designed for this sort of thing not float? Apparently the digital equivalents don't. How hard would it be to incorporate buoyancy into these cameras? Just a thought .. sounds like the surfing community would be a guaranteed market.

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I recently bought an LX1 off fleabay for 50 quid. It's probably the best compact I've owned for usability and lens quality. A bit noisy above the minimum ISO but it takes fantastic pictures. I thought I wanted an XZ1 next, but the LX1 has hooked me into this model. If I can't afford an LX7 next, it'll be an LX5 which should be much more affordable new or s/h soon. The LX7 looks like just about the perfect compact to me knowing what I know now about how gorgeous an LX compact is to use in the field (and I take a lot of pictures). If the much derided LX1 was this good, how much better is the LX7?!
All this talk below of sensor size and aperture is a bit pointless at the end of the day. There will always be a better camera on the market or around the corner, but the relative differences some folk below seem to be fixated on seem a bit marginal to me when a camera provides so much in such a lovely little package.

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