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On photo Leopard in Tree, Tanzania in the Leopards challenge (4 comments in total)

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. This leopard was photographed mid day in relatively deep shadows and a bright background so the flash was necessary to even capture the image. Other shots taken without flash were too contrasty and the leopard was so underexposed as to be worthless. The flash is a standard on camera Nikon unit (?SB800). I personally like the highlights in the eyes as they bring attention to the stare. Likewise I tried to keep the leopard's colors as natural as possible. Too many leopard photos are over saturated and unnatural.

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Joao Sobral: Get a life. I didn’t cheat. I only posted on my facebook that I was entering a Dpreview challenge. If some of my friend voted on my photo them I’m proud, I didn’t ask for their vote.
You have to learn to loose.

So you "only" posted on Facebook! If that isn't an invitation to vote for you I don't know what is. Why don't you wait until the voting is over to post to FB, or don't you have enough confidence in your photographs? This image only OK and certainly didn't deserve 13 fives. You are the one that needs to learn to lose.

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On photo Kennard Nebraska Star Trails in the Startrails (FULL COLORS ONLY) challenge (5 comments in total)

Very nice image and it should have been in first place. It appears someone obvioulsy manupulated the voting. The "first place" image received only one .5 vote and seven 5 votes. But images 3-10 received four to six .5 votes effectively lowering their averages. The negative votes were an unethical way of lowering the averages of these images. The first and second place "winners" were by the same photographer and were not of the same quality as many of the others in the challenge. The challenge host should have picked up on this.

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On photo Antarctic Iceberg in the Ice challenge (18 comments in total)

No filters of any kind. It was mostly overcast with spotty filtered light. I was lucky with some of that light hitting this iceberg. The only thing I did was bump up the contrast a little to match what I recalled seeing at the time. One of the things I like about this photo is the water dripping from the dark blue (dense) part of the iceberg. This can be seen by enlarging the photo and looking in the upper right hand portion.

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On photo Antarctic Iceberg in the Ice challenge (18 comments in total)

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments about my image. This was taken on our second trip to the Antarctic. On the first trip I got preoccupied with penguins, whales and seals and took very few iceberg photos. On the last trip I purposefully spent more time with the ice formations, bergs and glaciers. This was one of my favorites although I have a few others that I like almost as well. Antarctica is a great place for photography.

Again, thanks.

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On photo Angry Leopard Seal-Antarctica in the Be Veg Go Green 2Save The Planet challenge (3 comments in total)

This was our second trip to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica. Each was a spectacular trip both from photography and just being with the animals. Highly recommended trip, especially with Cheesemans group.

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On photo Under Attack! in the The Butter Battle Book - Dr. Seuss challenge (16 comments in total)

I am sorry I haven't been able to comment on the comments but have been away from my computer for the past week. I was amused by some of the comments as this photo is definitely not a "fake"! The only significant alteration to the image was cropping some distracting elements from the bottom. This photo was taken at the Miramar Air Show near San Diego during their simulated warfare exhibition. The helicopter is real and was flying behind the bombing run (which was really timed explosives set in the ground). I can't see what is "wrong" with the hills in the background which are part of the landscape around the base. They certainly weren't added or manipulated. Because of the anticipation of claims that is was a composite I stated in the entry that it was not a composite. This spectacular scene lasted for only a second or two and I was lucky to catch it with my camera. The helicopter in the scene was pure luck.

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On photo Breaching Humpback in the Mammals challenge (2 comments in total)

Wrong. Whales are mammals.....Whale is the common name for marine mammals of the order Cetacea.

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On photo Red Eyed Tree Frog in the Depth of Field in a Macro! challenge (9 comments in total)

Thanks for all the favorable comments and votes. I have been admiring other photographers' tree frog photos for years so was happy to finally try my luck in Costa Rica. The image was taken at a serpent farm where they also had a number of frogs and butterflys. The frog was on a broken branch and positioned so that it was parallel to the camera and the aperture set for maximum depth of field on the frog but blurring out the back ground. An on-camera SB800 flash was bounced off the low lying ceiling. If you zero in on the eye you can see the reflection of the ceiling. The Nikon D3's ability to photograph at ISO 1000 and above still amazes me.

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